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Best of Federer. Look for the Santoro exchange.

Posted by tennisplanet on July 14, 2010


10 Responses to “Best of Federer. Look for the Santoro exchange.”

  1. Somebody Else said

    Wish he’d play this way again. Been a long while.

    • M said

      Well, there is only one Roger, and even the best of athletes only get one athletic peak per body — no matter how far they manage to extend it or how far their natural abilities first outpace their competitor field.

      But …

      Rafa did not have a title for 11 months. And now look.

      Keep the faith. 😉

  2. Stella said

    wish santoro didn’t have to get old and retire. he was so fun to watch

    • Jenny said

      Great clip. So agree about Santoro, especially when he drove the big boys crazy with his unique game, even Roger used to smile at some of his shots, I miss him. Get with the exos Fabrice, can you imagine him and Bahrami in doubs!

  3. Chieko said

    Thanks for the clip. I am glad I came in the game when he was the best. No regret now.

  4. Sol said

    Such amazing stuff. Thanks TP.
    Santoro wrote in his book that Fed was the player he admires the most on tour. Their matches were such a treat to watch.

    • Jenny said

      Fabrice wrote a book? I would buy it, do you have the title, Sol? As you say amazing Rogi stuff on the vid, and thanks TP.

      • Sol said

        It’s a bio called “A deux mains” (= with two hands).
        I didn’t read it but heard an interview he made on french tv, apparently he’s suggesting in that book that there are many players on tour who use illegal doping stuff and that the ATP knows about it. When asked whether Nadal was one of them, he refused to answer. When asked the same about Fed, he said that there was a reason Fed was the player he admired the most on tour and refused to comment further on this issue.

  5. jett09 said

    Thanks TP!! Awesome clip…some beautiful shots from Roger!

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