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Is Nadal becoming the next Federer? From Claire. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on July 14, 2010


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4 Responses to “Is Nadal becoming the next Federer? From Claire. Thanks.”

  1. Claire said

    I hope this will happen:

    “Judging from the past, the one thing we can count on from Federer and Nadal is that the guy who is being counted out is the guy we need to watch out for. In July 2010 the guy is Federer.”

    I don’t know about this one:

    “..he’ll play at least until 2010 London Olympics, and likely beyond. He’ll be 31 that summer which means he could potentially play for 3 or 4 years after that.”

    TP definitely agrees on this one:

    “If he’s a perennial quarter finalist, over powered by the big men on a regular basis, I don’t see him sticking around for long.”

    • Anonymous said

      Two QF losses in – and what-25, and you are throwing in the towel and calling him a perennial quarter finalist ? That is shameful.

      • Anonymous said

        No, not me!

        I quoted that from the article and thought it reminded me of TP – talking about Federer retiring,etc.!

  2. vince said

    Guys you have to note that the Fed is proud of his record to date and it is exceptional, however 3/4 years of mediocre or poor results will only detract from his legacy which possibly may be all that he has left.

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