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Top athlete from which sport makes the most money – outside of endorsements?

Posted by tennisplanet on July 14, 2010

Federer is averaging a measly $4.6 million per year – over 12 years.

Nadal $3.5 million – over 9 years.

Sampras a shade over $3 million – over 14 years.

Kobe Bryant is averaging $19,800,000 per year. That’s nearly $20 million every freaking year, for the mentally challenged – over 14 years.

Tiger Woods is averaging $5.1 – over 18 years.

How much do these soccer clowns make?



7 Responses to “Top athlete from which sport makes the most money – outside of endorsements?”

  1. M said


    If “measly” will rent you the JEMS yacht to skim pretty much your whole extended family around Corsica for the better part of a week — with, it appears, few worries about what the bill might run to — I’ll take “measly”, thanks.

    • Claire said

      Ditto! Did you see pictures of babies and family?? The twins are sooo cute but obviously don’t like the water! 🙂 🙂

      • M said

        They are so cute.

        Is it my imagination, or are they already *really* tall and long-legged for (almost) one-year-olds? 🙂

      • Claire said

        I don’t think they are tall for almost 1 year olds. I LOVE those chub legs – always been my fav on babies – only time females are complimented on chubby legs is when they are babies! ! 🙂 🙂

      • Claire said

        I looked again, I think you are right – they are tall. I think the woman in white is Mirka’s Mom and the twin that she is holding hands with looks pretty tall for 1 years old!

    • Jenny said

      I’ll take ‘measly’ too when you consider what most people earn.

    • M said

      I know, right? I’m thinking even the “regular” millionaires would be feeling a little insecure if they compared themselves to somebody like Roger or Juanquí, you know? 😛

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