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Did Federer choose the wrong time for vacation?

Posted by tennisplanet on July 15, 2010

Usually the most ideal time to take time off is when you have achieved some ‘hard to reach’ goal or are celebrating some good news, date etc. This way that sweet taste adds exponentially to the landscape at the vacation spot making the hiatus that much more memorable and enjoyable. Sure some profess ‘getting away from it all’ for a while re-energizes the batteries when the going is getting rough but don’t you think that’s exactly the time to double and triple your efforts instead of running away from it – unless of course you are faint of heart and of weak mental frame? Remember my famous adage? “If you are going through hell, keep walking”.

I can promise Federer’s main thoughts are focused on where his career is going and whether he may EVER be able to win again with Halle and Wimbledon as stark backdrop, if not an end to his career. Unless there’s some serious injury this was THE time to panic AND get back on the horse and work yourself out of the problem. And if he is to be believed on the injury excuse for Halle and Wimbledon, instead of vacationing he should have been with the doctor and the therapist 24/7 to stop the bleeding ASAP.

If all that wasn’t enough Nadal winning Wimbledon may have even soured the beach experience that much more. No wonder he is not seen smiling at any of the photos. When what you have done all your life is under siege no matter where you go it will haunt and follow you relentlessly. Don’t believe it? Just take yourself to the time when you had just suffered the setback and relive the choke hold that event had on you for months irrespective of ANYTHING. The ONLY ONLY ONLY antidote to that is getting busy – preferably going back at the bull with even more determination. Sitting and brooding on it will only make it worse – mentally and physically. History bears that out.

Twins, Mirka, beach, luxurious surrounding, nannies with skirts and dirt buster etc. cannot match that force.


6 Responses to “Did Federer choose the wrong time for vacation?”

  1. Sarah said

    He did smile in one of the pictures while holding one of the babies. I think he needed a break and the twins and the beach are a much needed respite from ‘work.’ He will get back on that ‘horse’ soon enough.

  2. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Come on TP Ha ha ha

    • Jenny said


    • Bettyjane said

      I have yet to hear about this mystery MRI that was scheduled for the Thursday after his loss to Berdych. The only reference on the Internet I could find sounds utterly bogus from a Daily Mail column

      I heard an ESPN commentator say that “Roger’s MRI scan showed injuries much more serious than first thought.” We will have to wait for an official statement from Roger’s camp to know the full story.

  3. Ricke said

    As far as I’m concerned there is no wrong time to take a vacation. Sign me up!

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