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Sampras waiting for the next smack on the head?

Posted by tennisplanet on July 15, 2010

From holding the ‘majority’ vote to being the best tennis player of all time, Sampras got passed – by two – barely out of retirement. Not only is he No. 2 – at least on the Slam ladder – there’s another train headed with even more steam to relegate him to No. 3 if not to No. 5 behind Laver and Borg.

Bridgette better start nailing down anything and everything that’s sharp and hard in and around the house to avoid another beating. And as far as that dog is concerned just book the burial lot in the backyard now as he is not surviving this time. And this is not a good time to be producing the third baby – wait for the train to pass – for humanitarian reasons.

Nadal, even under a hugely slim scenario, can potentially reach at least No. 10 before his 25th birthday – 12 if everything goes his way. Both plots virtually guarantee the ‘surpassing’. And with that will also vanish the cushion Sampras has been ‘tenting’ on lately: GOAT overtook my record.

Agassi better watch out as he is next on the ‘punching bag’ category after ‘local’ thrashing gets boring for Sampras. McEnroe should also start writing a will – just in case.


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