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The best tribute to Fernando Gonzalez. From Jenny. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on July 15, 2010


I’m missing the man already.


20 Responses to “The best tribute to Fernando Gonzalez. From Jenny. Thanks.”

  1. M said

    Jenny, thank you so much for this.

    Boy, that TMC final and that AO match … *headshake*
    The only thing they left out was the Olympic Gold and Silver medal match. 🙂

    “I’m missing the man already.”

    Well — it *has* been a long time in tennis time.
    Bring on the USO!!

  2. D.S.G. said

    Thanks, Jenny—this was wonderful. I loved when he threw and broke his racket then presented it ti a woman in the stands. What a charmer. So adorable.

    • Jenny said

      You’re welcome, ladies. The presentation of the dead racquet to a lady in the front row seems to have become part of his act now. Talk about charm the birds out of the trees, he could probably do that with the feathered variety! He and Ferru are regular Dr Doolittles!

  3. Jenny said

    G.S.D. This is for you. I’m not sure if you saw this, another tennista with a natural empathy for the animals and more than just a posed photo shoot.

    • D.S.G. said

      THANK YOU< Jenny! How adorable! Ferrer AND the little cubs. I loved when he was holding that one and petting it. (I love his accent!)

    • M said

      Aww! 😀

      (I don’t blame that cubby one bit. I think I might purr and roll around like that if Ferru were scratching behind my ears, too.)

      • Jenny said

        I’m picturing the scene! 🙂

      • Jenny said

        M, Did you see the interview in Bastad? You can get the link on the cub vid above. See the one comment about the eyes!

      • M said

        “See the one comment about the eyes!”

        LOL, Jenny, she’s totally right! To paraphrase Eminem, you might “lose yourself!”

        Also, red is so much his color. I haven’t seen a member of the Armada yet that didn’t look outstanding in red.

  4. Sol said

    Thanks, Jenny.
    We always hear about Fed’s between the legs shot, but Gonzo has managed some beautiful ones too.

    Unfortunately, the only thing this vid does to me is make me feel sad. It feels like he’s probably never going to play at this level again. I’m hating tennis lately, all the great guys seem to be fading and there’s noone to replace them.

    • Jenny said

      I’m hating tennis lately, all the great guys seem to be fading and there’s noone to replace them.

      I’m glad it isn’t just me that feels that way, Sol.

    • Jenny said

      PS. It saddens me also because, imo, another one who should have won a slam or two. The talent is clearly there. Sheer power, but with variety, finesse, flair and a big personality, my kind of tennis, my kind of player. Sadly, inconsistency, mercurial temperament, injury have been his downfall when it comes to the big titles.

      Get well soon Fena, and play like I know you can 🙂

      • Jenny said

        And feisty too!

      • Sol said

        Jenny, any news about his injury? I’m so bummed cause I bought tickets for Gstaad, which starts in a couple of weeks, mainly because of Gonzo and he withdrew from the tourney.
        Hopefully, Verdasco and Youzhny are still playing (and get to the semis!)

      • Jenny said

        I’ve heard nothing so far from his site, Gonzaleztenis. A note posted in June said he hoped to resume play in Canada. I too would be so disappointed not seeing him in Gstaad if I had tickets, sorry about that, Sol. As you know, Fena has been forced to rest, those knees were getting worse the more he played and he was losing matches he should have won because of it. At least he went to South Africa to watch Chile in the World Cup, the guy needed something to cheer him up after all that’s happened over the past months. [Nice pics of him in SA on his site]

      • Jenny said

        I think Richie’s playing in Gstaad according to the latest news, love his and Youzhny’s tennis. Single backhands Youzhny, Gasquet, Montanes, Bellucci?, Almagro – you’ve got a bit of a feast there.

      • Sol said

        Yeah, I shouldn’t complain. I know. Verdasco, Youzhny, Almagro. But most importantly, Richie!! Hopefully they all make it to the semis, which I have tickets for.

      • Sol said

        Jenny, did you hear about Stan and Peter Lundgren teaming up?
        Wasn’t he also Gonzo’s coach? Or am I confusing him with someone else?
        I guess he dumped Dimitrov.

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