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Now that I know it’s RF on the cap, I cannot figure out…….

Posted by tennisplanet on July 16, 2010

……..what RF stands for. Cannot be Roland Garros. Roland Garros, France? Cannot be Rafael Nadal. Rafael @#$%? Cannot be Roddick’s Master. Roddick’s frustration? Cannot be Trapped Father. ‘Restricted’ Father? Cannot be Reader Retarded. Reader Feeble-minded?


18 Responses to “Now that I know it’s RF on the cap, I cannot figure out…….”

  1. TheHumbleOne said

    I always figured that was Roger’s tribute to RaFa! 🙂

  2. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    ON another note ( and I don’t know where else to post this ) I came across this extremely scathing, yet funny comment made by a fan on tennis magazine’s website:

    you are very biased. I don’t care for your Federer bashing. You seem very jealous of his accomplishments. Your only means to attract readers is writing things that are controversial about another player. You must be unhappy in your personal life, desperate or both.


    SHAME on Aggassi as well. His long drawn out farewell speech at the US open didn’t thank his father or Nick Bollettieri.
    The 2 men who have been the most instrumental for the success in his life. With out them he would not have been able to afford the crystal meth in the first place.

  3. Anonymous said

    It’s République Française or French Republic if you prefers ….. mouahahah

  4. Xeres said

    RF= Robert Federer or wait he had it all planned out that he was going to have twin girls and name them Rose n Riva.
    RF= Rose Federer RF= Riva Federer

  5. Not-A-SoreLoser-Fan said

    Really Fucked?

    • Sol said

      Seriously Loser, you’re rude and sound like an imbecile, so whatever is itching your shorts, get over it.

      • D.S.G. said

        Let’s not get bitchy, Sol.


        BTW, I read what you wrote to Jenny about the first time I told you that and you said you were shocked… REALLY? Don’t you know me better than that?? I know, I know…it WAS my first post to you. I’m glad you didn’t take it to heart. You’re one of my faves.

      • Sol said

        Lol, DSG.

        That was BEFORE I realised you were the mother of all freaks (and that’s a compliment) and loved you for it. You’re definitely one of my faves. I keep repeating myself, but I’m so glad you’re back

  6. Carolee said

    Like Sir V.”s posts!

  7. Lobbo said

    Ripper Forehand!

  8. Lobbo said

    How about: “Retirement Forthcoming”

  9. Lobbo said

    “Recent Father”?

  10. Lobbo said

    “Rapidly Fading…”

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