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Possible reasons why Vaidisova married Stepanek.

Posted by tennisplanet on July 17, 2010

-Lets get the most obvious one out of the way first: Added inches.

-Rebound. With the tremendous jilt she received from her tennis career – smack in the middle of her prime – the vulnerability to fall prey shot up exponentially resulting in grabbing the first thing in motion – and growing.

-Love. That ‘eye-beholder’ BS. But shouldn’t it work both ways?

-Stepanek’s promise of millions through his projected potential as a porn star?

-Residual impact from the early divorce of her parents / absence of father figure.

-Promise of one day turning into a mermaid with Stepanek 90 percent already there deep in the fish kingdom?


16 Responses to “Possible reasons why Vaidisova married Stepanek.”

  1. Jenny said

    Poll: What have Isner and Sharapova got to do with it?

  2. Bettyjane said

    On a purely shallow level, this couple is very reminiscent of Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett. They’ve been together several years already though so I can only wish them the very best.

  3. banti said

    where is the lifetime option?

    “Promise of one day turning into a mermaid with Stepanek 90 percent already there deep in the fish kingdom?” Dude too much:)

  4. extranjera said

    She seemed to be one of the pressurised into tennis kids, I think it was Kim who said on her retirement that whenever they hit together she really didn’t appear to be enjoying it.

    I hope she’s happy and has a break then comes back a bit older and wiser. She’s only 20, isn’t she? Her talent and lovely serve and volley is a good thing for the WTA.

  5. xeres said

    I don’t know why but I feel like she jumped into the whole marriage boat at a young age like Henin.
    Maybe she just needs somebody by her side and like Henin when she has matured enough by her mid twenties she wouldn’t need him around anymore ?

  6. Bonnie said

    Sometimes, a person gets treated better by a person who is not “attractive” because they try harder to please the other person. This could be the case here. I’ve known many instances where one partner is much less attractive and the relationship works, because, like I said, the unattractive person is not full of themselves, and has more time and devotion to give to the other person. Personally, I wish them well!

    • Jenny said

      Good point, Bonnie. I’ve seen Radek in interview, and he appears to be a very charming gent, there is a certain charisma too, so completely different to what you see on the court when he’s being tricky, driving opponents mad and showboating. I don’t know, but this to me is all about seeing beyond the outer looks and seeing the real person within. Maybe Nicole is far more mature than we give her credit for. Love his tennis, btw. He was so gracious towards Ferru, stepping over the net to embrace him, after that DC epic final rubber which he lost. That to me is class.

      • Bonnie said

        I agree Jenny. Stepanek has never been my favorite, partly because he always seemed to be so dangerous to my favorite players, and I’ve never been a fan of his looks, but to criticize why Nicole decided to marry him, that just pushes my buttons. He HAS been very charming in interviews, and I believe, just as you said, that she sees much deeper than his outward appearance. Sometimes, after you get to know a person, you see an ugly person as beautiful, and a beautiful person and down right ugly.

      • Jenny said

        Stepanek has never been my favorite, partly because he always seemed to be so dangerous to my favorite players
        LOL I can relate to that one, Bonnie! I was not best pleased when he was whacking out Ferru and driving him bonkers with his droppers and good play in that match, my language at home in private was most unladylike and London street! When I was Nicole’s age, I must admit looks did initially play a big part as to who I was attracted to. I met many a handsome man who have turned out to be ugly on the inside or brainless without sensitivity or refinement, fortunately I walked in the opposite direction in time!

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