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Who can do to Nadal what he has done to Federer……….

Posted by tennisplanet on July 17, 2010

…………by holding him back from reaching one major milestone after another? I mean what would be the most definitive way of identifying this person? Could it have something to do with Roland Garros? You bet!!!!!!!!!!! That’s the parrot ‘holding’ Nadal’s ‘life’. Once that parrot is slayed Nadal will become as harmless as Roddick. Even though no one appears even in that ‘continent’ today, it can happen anytime. After all, nobody saw Nadal bursting on the scene – out of nowhere.

As long as Nadal is allowed to keep the rich vein open on clay, he will continue to add to the plethora of records – with minor annoyance here and there. Wasn’t Sampras’s and Federer’s domination on the tour categorically pronounced dead after their Wimbledon run?

Bottom line in winning ANYWHERE: Beat the guy at his OWN game – in his backyard. Then not only have you won the match you have broken the man leading to coining of the term ‘owning a guy’ otherwise referred to as ‘your bitch’.

Hasn’t Federer done that over and over freaking again with Roddick? Federer has not only returned the most fearsome of Roddick’s serves – routinely – he has more often than not out aced him for the match.

How about Nadal on Federer? Now you’re talking.


12 Responses to “Who can do to Nadal what he has done to Federer……….”

  1. mircea said

    Silly bird. Federer beat Roddick at what game? Sure he outaced him and returned 140mph serves, but what else? Roddick doesn’t have a game. Only lately has he improved his backcourt game. Nadal never beat Federer at his own game because he knows he doesn’t stand a chance. Nadal has beaten Federer over and over because Federer has tried to outhit and outrun Nadal. Nadal has learned to let Roger self-destruct. Take it to the 5th set and see him choke. Simply put, Federer ran into a player who decided that winning athletically was good enough. No need to play beautifully. Hence, Federer’s frustration. And players are now following Nadal. Just pound the ball back and stop trying to play beautifully or elegantly. You’ll fail and lose. What still amazes me is why Federer hasn’t tried to serve and volley more. Herein lies his weakness. He wants to prove he can bash away too and be a man. Who cares how you win. Just win. That was Nadal learned way before Federer. And though Nadal will not last much longer — he knows it, everyone knows it– at least he will have the satisfaction of having beaten the most gifted player of all time when it mattered most. Adios my friends. It has been a great ride. I will miss you and wish you all the best.

  2. extranjera said

    Well who do you think it will be TP?

    There are a few contenders but I don’t know who will come up next. Berdych is maturing into his talent but he could easily do the same thing as Verdasco and overplay/return to his headcasey ways, similar to Soderling. DelPo was brilliant but he’s been out for so long and wrist injuries can be really complicated. Murray’s not there yet, he seems to have a bit of a glass ceiling he can’t seem to brake. Nole has stagnated, always the bridesmaid…

    Some of the younger players are rising up such as Isner et al and baby Marat, Gulbis. I think next year is going to be really very interesting.

    • Jenny said

      I’m inclined to agree. Right now I’m not particularly excited with many of the upcoming crop of players, the hunting pack of young guns. Consistency is the name of the game and it isn’t happening with a lot of them. Apart from that, I want my breath taken away, and they just aren’t doing it for me these days, I certainly don’t want to see just power without variety, finesse and flair, it bores me. I don’t think Verdasco has overplayed any more than many other top 20 players, Extranjera, not according to the official figures. However, choosing to play in Nice just before the French was not his wisest decision and it showed in more ways than one. I know he has had injury niggles, but imho his disappointing results this season start from his head, he’s gone backwards.

      First set to Nico!

      • Anonymous said

        Agree that just power is boring but looks like it is going to stay thru Delpo, Sod and others

      • extranjera said

        That’s what I meant with Fer (rewrote half of it and missed a chunk), he’s had a good run from the AO 2009 but has lost steam a bit now, I could easily see that happen to Berdych and Soderling – although I hope it doesn’t.

        Power is en vogue but once it really becomes the norm someone else who plays a bit differently has more chance of breaking through.

        I’m giving up smoking in four cigarettes and feeling the frustration already.

      • extranjera said

        Forgot to add he has had lots of niggles unfortunately but he still seems to be giving up like he used to sometimes. I thought he was playing more tournaments than he used to, going deeper in most of them with all the partying must be taking its toll!

      • Jenny said

        Good luck with the ciggies, Extranjera, I know how you feel! I have always rated Fer’s tennis from years back, I think you know it, have said it many times here, infact I felt I was his lone advocate on the site. Now there are times I get frustrated with him. He really shouldn’t be slipping back like this, appearing to give up sometimes as you say. If he isn’t careful, he’ll be out of the top ten.

    • M said

      Good luck with the cigs, Extranjera! You can do it!
      \o/ \o/ \o/

      “DelPo was brilliant but he’s been out for so long and wrist injuries can be really complicated.”

      He’s Tweeted that his doctor is pleased with his progress. They’re optimistic he will be back in time to join the Argentinian Davis Cup team against France, and possibly to defend his USO title (though I do hope they wait till they’re sure he’s healthy).

      “…baby Marat, Gulbis.”

      Hmph. IMO, Gulbis has to earn that title. So far, not sufficiently impressed.

      • extranjera said

        Cheers M and Jenny I need the help.

        While Gulbis is nothing like the stunner Marat is, he’s certainly got the attitude. Let’s see if it’s tempered by success.

      • Jenny said

        I find regular chewing gum helps 🙂 Not that horrible nicotine gum.

        I enjoy watching Gulbis play, I think he has the game to do well, but he hasn’t really done enough for me to go jumping through hoops, we just have to wait and see how consistent he is from now on.

  3. banti said

    Fed a bitch? lol. Are you high? Fed is still the most feared hard court player on the planet. He’s won 2/4 of the last hard court slams and been in all 4 finals. 5 sets were needed to beat him in those losses. Rafa is 1/4 and been in just one final, getting to that final without facing a top ten player before Fed. He got crushed in straights in 3/4 of the previous slams prior to the finals. Were back to the hard court season, in which tennis is played on more than 50% of the season. Get your facts right T.P.

  4. xeres said

    My guess : One of the many Tree Tops
    Yes I’ve been influenced my TP’s speculations 😀

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