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Did you know……….

Posted by tennisplanet on July 18, 2010

…………….that Microsoft sends out security patches second Tuesday of every month. If you own a PC it’s vital you get them ASAP to not let the bad guys get in and ruin your computer. Best is to activate the ‘automatic’ download for patches on your PC.


6 Responses to “Did you know……….”

  1. bunnee said

    that’s why, after 15 yrs using a pc, i switched to a mac. all i can say is… i’ll never go back! i use to dread my pc’s… now, it’s the first thing i head to when i awake in the mornings (even before the bathroom)

    • Jenny said

      I’ve heard that, Bunnee. Can you watch live streams [tennis] on a Mac?

      • extranjera said

        Of course, unless you have an ipad as it doesn’t support flash.

        I used to have a mac and it was wonderful, crashed three times in four years. I’m back on XP at the moment as I broke my Linux and it’s really irritating.

      • Jenny said

        Thanks 🙂 It does make sense that you can. The reason I asked was because I’m sure a poster who used to visit here years ago said she couldn’t access livestreams and for a tennis freak, that’s a!

    • D.S.G. said

      I guess you know what they’re talking about, Bunnee, since you’re able to answer the “did you know.” I don’t have a clue…haven’t had troubles with the mac, tho. I just don’t know how to open my address book. haha.

  2. Growltiger said

    Yep, and last Tuesdays was a corker. My computer hasn’t worked right since.

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