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Posted by tennisplanet on July 18, 2010

Montanes takes Stuttgart title as Monfils limps away

Winner Albert Montanes

Gael Monfils of France

Nadal’s nightmare? Socks, bottles……….

Almagro beats Soderling to win Swedish Open

Why do you have to freaking press your lips so freaking hard against each other? Is that how you attract a mate as dimples pop up? Geeeeeezzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!

France's Gael Monfils

That’s the best ATP can do for backpack? Criminal. My goats enjoy better perks.

Albert Montanes of Spain

Albert Montanes of Spain

France's Gael Monfils

Albert Montanes of Spain

Albert Montanes of Spain

Spain's Nicolas Almagro

Czech Republic's Barbora Zahlavova Strycova

Agnes Szavay of Hungary


30 Responses to “Photos.”

  1. Jenny said

    Congratulations, Al Montanes and Nico Almagro, well deserved 🙂 I don’t know what’s going on with Robin these days, he was bad tempered during a Wimby match, and was the same in Sweden this week, not a happy bunny, his mood is affecting his play.. He also received a penalty point for racquet smashing in the final today. Imo, he was lucky to reach the final in Bastad. Seppi choked and couldn’t serve it out in the quarters and Ferrer was treated for a painful open blister on his toe in the semis, after easily taking the first set, so his service and movement was hampered.

    • M said

      “not a happy bunny”
      I’m sorry — b/c this is generally a serious post– but this phrase never ceases to amuse me. 😛

      “Ferrer was treated for a painful open blister on his toe in the semis, after easily taking the first set, so his service and movement was hampered.”

      I submit that Ferru would have won had he not suffered the blister.

      • Jenny said

        Let’s say, I try to lighten up the negatives, M. 🙂 We quote the ‘bunny’ phrase a lot in the UK. Admittedly, Robin lifted his game with David in the second set, but then seeing an opponent with his leg and bare foot stretched out over his bag, grimacing and receiving treatment with dead skin hanging off a toe, a fitter opponent will be watching and capitalise, I don’t blame him for that, it happens, the boot could have well been on the other foot [excuse the pun]. However, on this occasion, I do think David would have prevailed with a fit foot.

  2. M said

    TP, your captions are cracking me up today, LOL. I’m thinking Montañes is doing better in the “dimples to catch a date” department, but that’ a matter of personal taste. 😛

    • Jenny said

      Love Montanes’ dimples, toothy grin and back to front cap 🙂 Don’t be fooled, he’s one tough cookie on clay is Albert.

      • M said

        “Don’t be fooled, he’s one tough cookie on clay is Albert.”

        I hear you, Jenny!
        When he beat Roger in Estoril there was all this “Oh, Roger’s level of play has gone down, blah blah” — without enough attention given to the quality of play that his opponent had to produce to beat him.

        (IMO. 🙂 )

      • Jenny said

        That’s how I see it too, M. Clay is Albert’s favourite surface after all, a specialist, and with all due respect to Roger, I think he wanted the Estoril title more.

      • jett09 said

        “Love Montanes’ dimples, toothy grin and back to front cap”

        Hmmm He’s a cutie 😉

  3. jett09 said

    Nadal’s nightmare? Socks, bottles……….:lol: 😆 😆 TP you are sooo funny!!!

    Spain’s on a roll!!

  4. Sol said

    I missed so much stuff.
    Being on vacation is cool (especially being in Corsica and finding out later that I was so close to where Fed was and didn’t even know about it) but then you come back and have to get updated at work and on TP, it’s exhausting!

    Congrats to the week-end’s winners.

    Why does Monfils look so down though?
    And this: ” Nadal’s nightmare? Socks, bottles………” LOL.

    • Jenny said

      Welcome back, Sol – I missed you. We nearly went to Corsica once some years ago, will get there eventually. I gather Monfils retired due to injury, no idea what was wrong. Unfortunately, I didn’t see the match.

      • Sol said

        Thanks, Jenny.
        There was this one place where we went to looking for an isolated spot with less tourists. The beach was wild and untouched, it was beautiful. And we met this guy, Rodolfo, who was living in a shack near the beach with his wife and his 3 dogs. And I actually thought to myself “Jenny would have loved this”!
        That’s weird, I know, but turns out I think of you guys on vacation!

      • Jenny said

        Rodolfo’s place, the wild beach, dogs – sounds like heaven to me!

    • banti said

      Welcome back Sol. We missed you. Off to Costa Rica and Colombia for 10 days in less than a week here myself. I’ll miss Fed’s first few matches back, hope he’s ready to produce some results from all the hard work he better be putting in at the moment! 🙂

      • Jenny said

        Have a great time, Banti 🙂

      • D.S.G. said

        Damn! Here I am sitting in Alabama. HOT and MUGGY.

      • Sol said

        Thanks, Banti.
        Costa Rica and Colombia sounds like so much fun! Have a great time! And don’t forget to come back 🙂

        Jenny, DSG, and others, any holiday plans this summer?

      • D.S.G. said

        I don’t go anywhere in the summer as it is just too hot to travel and connecting flights out of Atlanta are the PITS. Santiago or Paris in the fall, tho. Oh, I can’t wait! What about you, Sol? I know you just got back from Corsica (how wonderfully exotic!) but any other travels in the near future?

      • Sol said

        Wow, Santiago or Paris, huh? Nice. First time in these cities?

        Me, no not really. I was in Israel/Jordan in May and now Corsica, was in Provence (South of France) a month ago and am probably going to Spain for my b-day in September, so I think I’m done this year.

      • D.S.G. said

        No. Santiago would be the beginning of Spring. I like it when it’s cold in Paris: I keep my windows open when it’s cold and last year I woke up in the middle of the night to find snow flurries blowing into my room onto my bed. I loved it. I was as warm as I need under my duvet. It was magical.

        You’re very lucky to be able to travel to all those wonderful places. It’s quite a process for me.

      • Stella said

        we have visitors from now to the end of Sept — Ottawa is nice in Summer and Fall. Then I’m off to the Uk in Oct with a sidetrip to somewhere. I need ideas, somewhere I can fly cheaply from Gatwick. I’m thinking Lisbon or Dubrovnik. really want to go to the Azores but no one from the Uk seems to have direct flights. Then Jan, Feb, Mar in S Carolina

      • Stella said

        DSG– come and visit us sometime in our treehouse in Hilton Head

      • D.S.G. said

        Stella, I have heard from a few people that Slovenia is not to be missed—that it is beautiful. And Prague also. One of my most memorable small trips was to Montserrat in the Pyrenees. It has a basilica carved out of the rock (somewhat) and there is a monastery. Also one hotel with an underground dining room with delicious Basque food. It’s like heaven. So serene. There is a boys choir school there. (Escolania??) And the Black Madonna. You might have studied about her in Art History… you can hike in the mountains. It’s so different and beautiful.

      • Stella said

        thanks for those ideas. I’ll look them up

      • Jenny said

        Split in Croatia is apparently very lovely.

      • Sol said

        Stella, how many days do you have?
        Jenny and DSG have great ideas.
        Like Jenny, I’ll definitely recommend Croatia. It’s just now starting to be popular again but you can still find some places where there aren’t many tourists, if that’s what you’re looking for I mean. Otherwise, there are some great spots in the north sea that you can get to by ferries.
        Or check out on easyjet what flights leave out from Gatwick, it’s the cheapest way to travel in Europe.

      • extranjera said

        Stella you should have a look at this website you can search from Gatwick to everywhere and see where the cheap flights are. I recommend Krakow or Prague, cheap fun cities with so much to do.

  5. Rose said

    God, you guys are really making my day with those captions, specially ‘nadal’s nightmare..Socks and bottles’ is priceless!

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