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Serena steps on broken glass at restaurant – needs surgery. From Dee. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on July 18, 2010


She needs surgery

Click here.


24 Responses to “Serena steps on broken glass at restaurant – needs surgery. From Dee. Thanks.”

  1. Chicago Fan said

    Too bad that she has to have surgery. But I have to comment on the dress. It’s atrocious! And trashy.

    It seems that neither one of the sisters was blessed with dress sense.

    • Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

      My jaw bounced of the floor, socked my uppers and knocked my eyeballs out when I saw this pic! Now I require eye-surgery after watching this. UN-BELIE-VABLE!!!!!

      • Jenny said

        Sorry to hear about surgery.

        Vintage Sir V! 🙂 Urgh! That dress is a

      • M said

        Serena has legs to kill for but that dress is scaring me.

        It looks like one of Shrieka’s on-court disasters before this year when she seemed to get her fashion straight.

    • Dominic Anderson said

      “It seems that neither one of the sisters was blessed with dress sense”

      I think they are both looking great lately, especially Venus, watching pics from 5-10 years ago and now, I think she is looking fabulous.

  2. Winthrop Corey said

    Why was she barefoot at a restaurant anyway?

    • M said

      WC, I don’t think the article said she was barefoot.

      If you’re out and wearing flat shoes, and there’s a broken bottle in the parking lot (or when the valet pulls your car up, by the curb that you don’t see, or whatever) it’s unfortunately comparatively easy to cut the side of your foot on the glass …

  3. Claire said

    I saw a picture somewhere with her “n_ _ _ _ _” showing!! What is wrong with those woman??? What’s that game where you have to guess letters to figure out words! Who knows what the word is?? 🙂

  4. Bettyjane said

    She looks like something out of an R. Crumb comic strip.

    • extranjera said

      Spot on! Can someone photoshop her giving a piggy back to one of the Rochus brothers?

      That’s a terrible, old picture though, she’s looking great at the moment.

  5. Dolores said

    Sir V A, your comment gave me a hearty laugh in this otherwise awful photo of Serena. Yikes……

  6. UM17 said

    How long b4 she gets to practice? Hope it doesn’t mess her up for the USO (although it would be fun to see a new winner :)).

  7. Sol said

    Ouch. That must be painful if it requires surgery.

  8. RafaFan said

    Oh NO I thought my beer tits were something special! 😦 Does Serena wear a wonderbra on court? Huh? I hope Serena gets well soon and please take advantage of the surgery!

  9. Jenny said

    That cut must have been deep and complicated to require surgery.

  10. Dee said

    This is the latest-
    Williams cut her right foot on broken glass at a restaurant shortly after winning her fourth Wimbledon title.

    The 13-time Grand Slam champion said Saturday that she would miss events in Istanbul, Cincinnati, and Montreal prior to the U.S. Open, the last Grand Slam of the year which starts on August 30 in New York.

    “Hey guys I’m doing better,” Williams tweeted Monday. “Thanks for all the love.”

    But WTA tour spokesman Andrew Walker said Monday that Williams is questionable for the final Grand Slam of the year.

    Williams’ World Team Tennis team, the Washington Kastles, said she needed stitches on the bottom of her foot.

    On Sunday night she tweeted that she was anxious to get back to work.

    “Can’t wait to get out of bed & back on the courts & do what i do best!” she wrote.

    • Jenny said

      Stitches to a cut, even a deep one without complications or infection yes, but I would hardly call it surgery. People get stitched up even under a local all the time.

  11. Bettyjane said

    Well the New York Times reported that she’s “doubtful” for the U.S. Open due to this. I wonder if this isn’t a bit premature.

    • Jenny said

      I would guess it would depend on how severe or deep the cut was. I know Sam Querrey was cut very badly when he fell through the glass table, I would imagine that looked a complicated jobbie seeing the scar on his arm, he was lucky he didn’t sever a tendon.

  12. UM17 said

    Also, this is the first time I’ve heard of “World Team Tennis.” Very odd, and I’m surprised to hear that someone like Serena (who usually limits her on-court time) is participating…

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