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Is this for freaking real? Or is this that ‘Honey, I shrunk…’ BS? Geeezzzzz!!!!!

Posted by tennisplanet on July 20, 2010


19 Responses to “Is this for freaking real? Or is this that ‘Honey, I shrunk…’ BS? Geeezzzzz!!!!!”

  1. extranjera said

    Brilliant picture. It’s amazing the things you can do with perspective and odd angles, it’s like Gulliver’s Travels. I’ve got a picture of me and a friend on a fairground ride and we have really long necks, so strange.

    Has Kim Kardashian had a lot of surgery?

  2. UM17 said

    No need for shrinking, Kim’s tiny. I remember her from Miami…and Serena we all know is not so small, and in heels!

    • M said

      I was going to say, most of the leading tennis ladies are tall tall tall, and then they put on their four-inch heels … and yes, the rest of us can feel like tree stumps.

      (Apropos of the picture — isn’t Kim showing up an awful lot at tennis events lately? She put herself in the middle of the coin toss picture at Roger’s 1R Miami match, didn’t she …?)

      • UM17 said

        It wasn’t 1R (I was there :))but later on they were filming the Kardashian show at the tournament and somehow managed to get her on the court. That’s when the whole gang was there, and she was flirting fantastically with Verdasco. I think all these girls actually live in Miami, so that may have more to do with them partying together.

    • bluechyll said

      Lol, Kim Kardashian is the same height as me 🙄

      Remind me never to stand next to Serena 😆

  3. Vr said

    For the ones with their heads in the sand like me, who is Kim? What has she done to be in the pic?

    • Jenny said

      😳 Me head in the sand too, sorry.

      • UM17 said

        Kim Kardashian. She also has a few sisters. They are wealthy, famous for not having done anything except have a father who defended OJ Simpson, and now they prance around and have a reality show about their lives.

      • M said

        They also have some sort of step-relationship to the Jenners (Bruce, Brody, etc.) but I *try* not to follow them closely enough to know precisely what it is.

        Other than that, UM17 pretty much summed it up. Undertalented, overexposed.

      • Jenny said

        Thanks UM17, M! I thought I missed out on something. We have a few celebs like that here in the UK – ‘undertalented’ ‘overexposed’ and very boring. Back to the sand 🙂

  4. Joy said

    M, I think Kim’s mom married former athlete Bruce Jenner, who also appears on that terrible show as stepdad.

  5. jett09 said

    Wow I can’t believe their size difference 😯 ….but there’s no denying they’re both bootylicious 😉

  6. Raj said

    At least two of the Kardashian girls are married to major sports figures, one to a Laker (NBA) and one to a football star (NFL). Their mother is married to Bruce Jenner, the Oympian.

    • Jenny said

      Thanks Raj. Here in the UK women married to, or are going out/living with football stars are known as WAGS and many have built their own celeb status on the backs of their famous husbands or boyfriends. Of course Victoria Beckham was a Spice Girl before she met David, but her celeb status has grown considerably since she married, I doubt it would have happened without him.

      • Vr said

        Can you enlighten us (head in sand) with expansion of WAGS?

      • Jenny said

        Vr – Burying head in sand – not able to see what’s going on or wanting to, or in denial. WAGS – Wives and Girlfriends.

    • D.S.G. said

      Bruce Jenner won an Olympic gold medal in the 80’s for the decathalon. Now he has had a facelift, plucks his eyebrows, dyes his hair, and is married to the widow of Robert Kardashian, one of O.J. Simpson’s defense attorneys. There is a program in the US about the lives of these people.

      • Bonnie said

        I know, isn’t that pitiful!!?

      • M said

        ^^ This is what I’m saying (UM17 too, I think) — which is why it’s so 😕 that she seems to be showing up at so many tournaments.

        I mean, I watch the lovely tenistas in great part because they give us such a magnificent *break* from so-called “reality TV” (though I will admit to an occasional glance at Top Chef, especially when Eric Ripert is judging … 😛 ).

        So it annoys me more than a touch when the flock of double Ks show up at, say, Roger’s coin toss.

        “Of course Victoria Beckham was a Spice Girl before she met David, but her celeb status has grown considerably since she married, I doubt it would have happened without him.”


        Agreed, and why I think Posh deserves a small break. She at least *did* something to warrant endless exposure (no pun intended given her Armani ads) before she married Becks.

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