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Soderling disappointed, angry after Bastad loss. From Blake. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on July 20, 2010


“I See Your True Colours Shining Through….”

from’s Ticker:

Soderling disappointed, angry after Bastad loss

Local favorite and defending champion Robin Soderling exited Bastad upset and angry after losing the final on Sunday. The Swedish No. 1 refused to acknowledge the umpire after the match or congratulate his victorious opponent Nicolas Almagro in his post-match speech, and he left the court before the trophy ceremony was over.

Swedish press reported that Soderling appeared to be close to tears. “I was so incredibly disappointed,” he said.

Soderling received a warning for smashing his racquet after losing the first set and got a point penalty for the same offense in the last game of the match.

“I bounced the racquet and caught it twice,” Soderling said. “If you’re supposed to give warnings and point penalties for such things, it would be 10 warnings in every match.”

And you wonder why Rafa fans (on the majority) hate Robin Soderling? Here’s a clue: It’s not just because of what happened at the 2009 French Open


4 Responses to “Soderling disappointed, angry after Bastad loss. From Blake. Thanks.”

  1. Jenny said

    A copy of my response from a previous thread to Blake’s post.

    Soderling was bad tempered all week, he acted like a spoiled brat and a sore loser, sorry to say. It wasn’t as if any of his opponents, Seppi, Ferrer or Almagro did anything to provoke him. Infact they were very businesslike and professional throughout. I saw all three matches. Robin’s grumpiness started when he was being outplayed by all three and as I said previously, I thought he was lucky to reach the final. I could be wrong, but I think a touch of underestimation was going on there. Seppi is a dangerous player and a fit Ferrer is top tier clay, did he honestly believe he could blast those two off a clay court in straights? Almagro and Ferrer both have more clay court titles, 5 and 6 respectively, Robin at almost 26 has one [Bastad]. He should also know that racquet smashing can incur a warning, if it happens after, a player gets a point penalty which is exactly what happened to Robin in the final set, the umpire was quite right to do so, he wasn’t treated differently to anyone else in similar circumstances. I didn’t see what happened at the end of the match with Almagro, or the reported snub to the umpire and Nico, but he certainly looked very upset sitting on his chair before the ceremony, I think he was close to tears. I did hear a little of the awards speeches and he seemed fine and had recovered his composure and he did acknowlege Almagro in a positive way. Hopefully he apologised to the umpire who was only doing his job.

    • Vr said

      You are so fair and such a ‘tennis’ fan. I am not. I like Sod-because he thrashed Rafa in FO last year. I hated him this year for beating Roger and meekly losing to Rafa in finals at FO and earlier at Wimby. I was there for both at FO. It hurt. He can make amends by knocking Rafa off the next few times he meets him.

  2. Jenny said

    Correction: Almagro 6 clay titles, Ferrer 5.
    Soderling’s clay title 2009 Bastad.

  3. Sol said

    “It’s not just because of what happened at the 2009 French Open”

    Lol, Blake. It’s not “just” because of that, but it has alot to do with that, right?

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