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Grip (on the racket, geeezzzz!!!!) photos. From Phil. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on July 21, 2010


To illustrate it a bit more graphically, here are some photo links:


A good indicator as to how extreme a grip is, is to look at the position of the thumb. With Fed you can see that his thumb is almost gripping around the racquet towards the bottom. With Delpo and Djokovic the thumb is pretty much at the top of the racquet. They use the full Western grip (as does pretty much everybody else).


8 Responses to “Grip (on the racket, geeezzzz!!!!) photos. From Phil. Thanks.”

  1. Jenny said

    Brilliant stuff yet again, Phil. Indulge us with a few more pics of other guys with their grips? My faves, Nalby, Gonzo, Ferrer 🙂 They probably employ the Western grip, but it would still be interesting to see. You’ve ignited our interest on a different level, thank you!

    • Phil said

      You’re welcome Jenny. Glad if people are enjoying it.

      As to your requests…
      – Nalby:
      – Ferrer:

      Both those guys use pretty extreme Western grips, as I expected. Was intrigued by Gonzo though:
      – Gonzo:

      Not as extreme as I had thought. Maybe leaning more towards semi-Western? Hard to tell from the pics sometimes.

      Will throw in some other guys as well, for interest’s sake:
      – Soderling:
      – Cilic:
      – Stepanek:

      Sod and Cilic both extreme Western. Expected that from Sod, but not Cilic. If you look closely, Cilic has a very “whippy” action on his forehand, much like Federer. However, he has a normal full Western grip as far as I can tell. I don’t know…maybe this will cause him some wrist issues down the line? It’s not very comfortable to do that with an extreme Western grip (in my experience anyway). Keep an eye on that.

      Stepanek is the only other guy I could find who still uses an Eastern (apart from Federer, obviously). He’s probably a good example why nobody uses that grip anymore. He doesn’t get the extreme topsin/speed/power that Fed does because he doesn’t generate the same kind of racquet head speed. The result is a very average forehand which can’t really penetrate the court or cause much trouble.

      • Jenny said

        Thank you! 🙂 LOL Steps, wouldn’t you just know it! Cilic is another guy I follow.

      • Phil said

        Yeah you know I had Cilic pegged as the guy who would really break out this year, but I don’t know what happened. He started out great in 2010, no injuries or anything, couple of titles…then nothing. Totally fell apart. Maybe it was the clay that undid him a bit. Will be interesting to see how he does in America.

      • Jenny said

        Goodness knows what’s happened. I first saw Cilic in 2007? playing DC for the first time at Wimby, [Luby and Ancic were sick and injured], so you can imagine the Croatian team were depleted, so Marin was thrown in at the deep end with the vet Roko Karanusic. Cilic lost to the more experienced Murray, but he was as solid as a rock who made Murray work for his victory, I was very impressed by his cool demeanour and game. I too had him pegged to break out this year. He moves pretty well for a big guy too, and I don’t think injury has been an issue.

        It’s a bit like Verdasco who I thought would break out too, but then he has been historically a bit flaky, a hold your breath situation with him sometimes, whereas I didn’t see that in Cilic.

        Interesting Gonzo grip, I see what you mean. lol He’s a maverick anyway.

      • Jenny said

        The result of that DC rubber with Murray. 3-6, 6-4, 6-2, 4-6, 6-3 – It was 2007.

  2. Sol said

    Thanks Phil, very interesting stuff.

  3. RafaFan said

    Great picture of Fed. He looks so relaxed. With ease – no grimaces, no? Fed’s grip is the Zen grip, no?

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