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The 50 highest-earning American athletes.

Posted by tennisplanet on July 21, 2010

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7 Responses to “The 50 highest-earning American athletes.”

  1. Stella said

    either they forgot to include tennis players or they don’t get paid that much ( in comparison with those others) didn’t notice any hockey players either.

    • MARIE said

      I’m always skeptical about these money list. Forbes recently had Kobe Bryant @ 48 mil and SI has an estimated earning of 34 mil, that’s a pretty big gap. Anyway, tennis players generally earn less than golfers and athletes in team sports. Serena is obviously the most successful American player on court, but unlike Sharapova, her endorsements deals don’t put her in the upper echelon.

    • Sol said


      “Roger Federer leads all non-American, international athletes in terms of total earnings according to a new “fortunate 50″ earnings list released by Sports Illustrated. In second place is Argentine soccer great Lionel Messi at $44 million. Third on the list was last year’s No. 1, David Beckham at $40.5 million.

      Cristiano Ronaldo is fourth at $40 million and boxer Manny Pacquiao is fifth at $38 million.

      Federer’s rival Rafael Nadal is also among the Top 10. Nadal is ninth at $27.6 million in earnings for 2009.

      The 20th-ranked Maria Sharapova is the highest female on the list at $19.9 million.

      Among overall athletes (American stars included), Tiger Woods leads everyone at $90.5 million in earnings. Federer does edge out Phil Mickelson’s $61.6 million to grab the No. 2 spot.”

      Basically, Fed’s the second highest paid athlete in the world today, and Nadal and Sharapova are in the top-10 too, so looks like tennis players aren’t doing so bad.

      • Jenny said

        Thank you, Sol. I agree, tennis players aren’t doing so bad. I guessed the football stars mentioned would be way up there as top earners. I would imagine Beckham has lots of sponsorship deals too, I don’t think he plays so much football these days. I don’t know how true it is, but I read some of our footie stars are allegedly salaried at £120,000 a week if employed by one of the big UK clubs, and that doesn’t include sponsorship deals.

      • Stella said

        thanks sol. Wish I’d taken tennis more seriously when I was a kid !!

  2. Caro said

    The thing about athletes is that their careers have a short “shelf life”. So many of them wind up going broke after they retire from the sport where they have earned so much money. It’s the same with entertainers/movie stars, especially child actors. One day, they are IN, the next day they are OUT and go broke.

    • Jenny said

      Very true, Caro. Many of these athletes should take a leaf out of Juan Carlos Ferrero’s book, he was planning for his future after tennis at 23yrs old after he won the French. He runs several successful businesses now. Unfortunately, they don’t all have his business acumen and insight, many just like to over-live in the moment and spend money.

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