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Is there any other sport other than tennis with as strong an affiliation to soccer?

Posted by tennisplanet on July 22, 2010

I mean the overwhelming and irresistible desire a tennis player so shamelessly displays of being a soccer player is beyond preposterous. I don’t think there are ANY two sports with this kind of ‘betrayal’. Any chance they get it turns into proving how good they are at ‘handling’ the ball with their freaking foot. Unless I witness a boxer practicing a drop shot in the middle of a fight – real soon – I am going to lose it real bad if I see ONE more spectacle of basically saying ‘I’d rather be playing soccer’.

It would be at least tolerable if the feeling is reciprocated. I don’t see any soccer player picking the ball and hitting it with his hand – for a forehand shot. The only reason a soccer player ever graces the tennis stadium is only because he is a porn addict getting his kicks at WTA. All others at a men’s game are gay – yeah including the ones that occasionally show up at a Nadal game. Some you don’t even have to guess like that Ronaldo ‘girl’.

If you are a soccer reject and can’t get over it – go to some other freaking sport for therapy – and senseless beating.


7 Responses to “Is there any other sport other than tennis with as strong an affiliation to soccer?”

  1. M said

    LOL, TP. You know that’s the other big sport in Europe, where so many of our great champions come from. I’ve even seen Roger do it. (He’s pretty good. 😛 )

    “I don’t see any soccer player picking the ball and hitting it with his hand – for a forehand shot.”


    Actually, I’ve seen Iker do it. He and Rafa have hosted charity events where all the athletes play both tennis and fútbol (soccer).

    Not with his hand, though. He uses a racquet, you know, like everyone else. 🙂

  2. Growltiger said

    I’m with you, TP. If these bozos want to be soccer players, why not try out for the team? I’m sure if they’re good enough to show us tennis fans that they can kick a tennis ball with their heel behind them, they’re good enough to kick a soccer ball through the goalie’s hands. Another possibility would be to fine them $10,000.00 for each soccer display they show off on the tennis court and give the $10K to the Soccer association.

  3. Jenny said

    What’s wrong with loving both. TP? What’s the harm in tennis players giving it some exo football footwork for fun, Coria used to do it all the time. Murray displays. Ferrer has ‘kicked off’ in his bespoke suit for Valencia FC and he can give a mean footie kick, even in shiny shoes, without going splat. M is right, and the Spanish tennis stars have raised lots of money for charity [Red Cross, malaria jabs] in conjunction with their tennis stars, so these guys are more than generous with their time and efforts. The term soccer isn’t used in the UK or mainland Europe. The term originated in England, but was dropped years ago here, even my late father and his peers called it football.

    ‘Hand of God’ – Diego Maradona.

  4. Jenny said

    Apologies – ‘in conjunction with their tennis stars’ – I meant their football stars.

  5. Caro said

    I think many tennis players played soccer as kids, RF and RN did, I think. Soccer is probably great for footwork in any sport.

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