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That’s called ‘holding it in’ also referred to as ‘you’re not fooling anyone’.

Posted by tennisplanet on July 22, 2010



9 Responses to “That’s called ‘holding it in’ also referred to as ‘you’re not fooling anyone’.”

  1. M said

    You can call it that if you like, TP.
    Or we can just go back to admiring the athleticism and physique. 😛

    I put some shots of Rafa actually moving the ball around in Wanna Post, if your principal objection is that this particular one looks more a pose than an action shot.
    (Some of us are not that picky. 😀 )

  2. Manal Ismail said

    Lets add Fed pic (the one he stand shirtless next to mir-ka) next to Rafa and then we can draw any conclusion on their “rhythmic breathing” rather than sucking it in….
    Lovely skin tan on Rafa…he looks well taken care of (probably a regular spa fella)

  3. D.S.G. said

    Somebody’s jealous

    Meow, meow

    • M said

      Hee hee. I try to give TP a small break, D.S.G.
      Roger and Rafa and so many of the other wonderful tenistas *do* have lovely sculpted physiques; if I were a guy I might be a little green-eyed.
      And after all, TP did offer us the pictures to, um, appreciate. 😀

      (Personally, seeing our tenistas in their beach suits and bespoke suits, I think even some of the professional male models could call it a day … but that’s just me. 😛 )

  4. Sol said

    He’s definitely sucking it in.
    But don’t we all?

  5. Caro said

    Yeah, he’s sucking it in… and in later photos looks like he’s got love handles. But, he’s not putting himself out there as a male model so I am fine with his physique… and, yes, my fav has a tummy….

  6. Jenny said

    Love handles? It looks like the top of his hip bone to me.

  7. M said

    I’m wondering if the people describing “love handles” are actually referring to a very well-developed pair of external obliques.

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