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Next Wall Of Fame (Honorable mention) contest.

Posted by tennisplanet on July 23, 2010

What do Woods, Kobe and Serena have in common? Hint: The ‘common-ness’ happened in the last about 48 hours.

First correct answer = Honorable mention list on Wall Of Fame.


51 Responses to “Next Wall Of Fame (Honorable mention) contest.”

  1. Bob said

    They cant function without the purple drank?

  2. Sarah said

    Tiger & Serena won their first majors before their 21st birthday.
    Kobe won his first NBA championship before his 21st birthday.

  3. banti said

    There father’s were their coaches early in their careers and throught in case of Serena.

  4. Lama said

    African Americans

    • Sarah said

      Not Tiger. He refers to his ethnic make-up as “Cablinasian” (a syllabic abbreviation he coined from Caucasian, Black, (American) Indian, and Asian)

  5. Hint: The ‘common-ness’ happened in the last 48 hours.

  6. Sarah said

    Top American’s Sports Stars

  7. Stella said

    I don’t like any of them and I haven’t liked them in the last 48 hours but they were on that list of well paid players

  8. Stella said

    Harris Sports Poll of favourite sports stars 2010 — Serena and Venus, tiger and Kobe

  9. Ricke said

    They all have played ball with “Common.”

  10. jett09 said

    The 3 of them are “America’s favorite athlete” – male & female

  11. Adrian said

    That people are already talking about them as if they were the best ever when there is clearly at least one person ahead of them that actually has the numbers to prove they are better (in other words, “undeserved” best-ever titles given by some people)…

  12. Lord Oompa Loompa said

    All three are the most popular (U.S.) athletes in their respective sports, all three have done shameful acts that garnered loads of unfavorable press, all three still playing and at the top of their games, all three black, all three had overbearing fathers, all three own homes in L.A., all three have peculiar first names, all three have sizeable derrieres, all three are 7th degree Imperial Yo-Yo Masters…
    …I guess I’m out of ideas now. 😦

  13. DK said

    All three show off their teeth in the pics?

  14. Caro said

    They are all rich.

  15. O said

    TP, do you really have to show these pics?

  16. Chieko said

    All three have very white teeth.

  17. ricky said

    huge front teeth

  18. sperry said

    i bet they had white teeth 49 hours ago, the fine print…… lol

  19. kitty said

    There was a common opinion that the cheating scandal will tarnish their public image and shun away sponsors, but ironically both of them grew richer out of it

  20. Jill said

    They all had surgery

  21. geewiz said

    All three have been subject to “subliminal racist comments” like the ones being perpetrated right now in these replies to the “subliminal racist question” posed by TP. You think it’s coincidental that all three are Black? You think????

    • Sol said

      What? Where do you read any racist comments here? Subliminal or otherwise?
      Please don’t take it there cause there’s really no need for that.

    • Jenny said

      I haven’t attempted to answer the question, simply because I don’t have a clue as to what the answer is. I’m not reading any racist comments either.

    • M said

      I’d submit that there’s at least one, and spotting it depends on a fair amount of contextualization and cultural exposure, which is why some people might not see it.

      I chose to ignore it.

      I’d also submit, however, that just because you — universal “you”, so I really hope no one decides to “feel attacked” or dismiss someone else’s concern because they don’t share it (not that I expect that of anyone here, certainly) — don’t see something, it does not follow that that something isn’t there.

    • Sol said


      I think “universal us” will probably chose to ignore that comment too, for many reasons.

    • M said


      I had no idea the definition of “ignore” had been changed to “respond to”.

      But as I intimated at first, YMMV.


  22. D.S.G. said

    They were all born by Caesarean Section and they just found out a few days ago….

    How about this one: never mind, I’d better not do that one , but it was good.

    • D.S.G. said

      O.K., O.K., O.K. Here it is. They just found out they were triplets. The only triplets who have achieved so much in the sports world.

      • O said

        DSG, very very funny! They were all born by Caesarean Section, They just found out they were triplets. No conflict.

      • D.S.G. said

        No conflict. Here’s how it went down:
        1. All born by Caesarean Section as triplets.The nurses had been having a terribly rough day in the O.R. so…
        2. They were given to three different mothers AND
        3. They were brought up not knowing anything about each other….
        4.Until 48 hours ago when Bill O’Reilly learned of this scoop and told the world…

        Yeah,that’s the ticket.

    • Lord Oompa Loompa said

      Agree with Deep South uh…Giraffe.
      All 3 are triplets born by C-Sexn.
      Congratulations DSG! 🙂

      • D.S.G. said

        Deep South Giraffe! How adorable. actually , one of the giraffes at our zoo had to be euthanized two weeks ago.

        I am not a fan of zoos.

        Many thanks, Lord Loompa

        But I am THRILLED to win this honorable mention!! My first

  23. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Hey TP, I deserve a HOF mention just for making this suggestion: please put up a thread devoted to all your conspiracy theories. Like Sampras having no friends, Federer’s thing with Wawrinka, Roddick’s marriage headed for the courts, Novak’s dad being a talk show host, DelPotro’s wrist, Stepanek’s marriage triggering a chain reaction of like events…Got more? Yes you do!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Correct answer: Despite egregious breach of cardinal rules of conduct bordering on being criminal, all three were ‘elected’ as the three most popular sportspeople in the country.

    • Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

      I knew it!! It had to do with crime! Well, I guess since no one else got that one, can I be considered for my suggestion?

  25. Stella said

    post No 8 I said that TP

  26. D.S.G. said

    They all spread girl’s legs

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