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Karlovic undergoes surgery on his Achilles tendon. Really?

Posted by tennisplanet on July 24, 2010

For doing what?

Standing and serving? No wonder he chose tennis. Even darts would have destroyed his entire body by now – by these standards.

If this is how tree tops intend to behave we may need a new one every season to continue the ruining of the sport. How about for each Slam?


One Response to “Karlovic undergoes surgery on his Achilles tendon. Really?”

  1. Jenny said

    Nothing personal, but whacking down a zillion aces and a match which is serve dominated from the treetops isn’t my idea of tennis, and not a future I look forward to. There isn’t too much a quality opponent can do against these rockets, but try to hold their own serve and return a weaker second serve and get them into rallies, easier said than done of course. Having said that, I wish Dr Ivo well at this time.

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