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Possible ‘personal’ reasons Djokovic has withdrawn from Los Angeles event.

Posted by tennisplanet on July 24, 2010

Unless you have stopped breathing and are clinically dead, there ARE no freaking ‘personal’ reasons if you are such a high-profile tennis player – oh wait, that very well may have happened here. Either way this ‘personal’ BS is such a freaking sham and more often than not is a cover sheet for something nasty, immoral and at times outright illegal. In any case here are some possible reasons he may have opted out:

-Mom is refusing to stay at home and has been rehearsing another ‘King is ………not so sure’ song while at the players’ box.

-Djokovic’s hair have suddenly built total freaking immunity to ALL available gels transforming him into a porcupine – with a breathing problem. Other places where the gel has failed are far more of a problem though, making routine daily chores impossible.

-There’s a perceived possibility that he may bump up to No. 1 with this event. Cannot break pattern / tradition.

-Jay Leno has confessed to being his illegitimate father.

-Certain injuries and illnesses have filed suit for slander.

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2 Responses to “Possible ‘personal’ reasons Djokovic has withdrawn from Los Angeles event.”

  1. VM said

    He’s doing a children’s charity event in Montenegro.

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