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‘REAL’ reason Delpo’s return is drawing so much interest / hype.

Posted by tennisplanet on July 24, 2010

I don’t think even Federer’s or Nadal’s return matched this euphoria.

Could it be his defending champion status at the US Open? Could it be his claim to be the next big thing on the tour? Excitement of watching balls get pulverized – literally and figuratively? Prospect of producing the first tennis casualty due to ball velocity? Suspense of how far has that slow strip tease cabaret progressed? Curiosity if lips still exist?……………………….

Even though each one of the above may have some say in it, the ‘real’ reason dwarfs all of them combined.

Here it is:

Delpo is now perceived as the ONLY train that can halt Nadal’s clear path to No. 16 and beyond. Nadal recently completing just the fourth Roland-Garros-Wimbledon combo in the history of the sport isn’t helping.

With 95% of the world supporter of Federer, the impetus is gaining momentum as more and more fans realize the implications – resulting in this crazed expectation.

You got a better reason? No, you don’t!!!!!!!!!


6 Responses to “‘REAL’ reason Delpo’s return is drawing so much interest / hype.”

  1. O said

    Delpo accelerated the balls to the highest speed in tennis history, beating his neighbour country man, Gustavo Kuerten. Delpo is a stark contrast to Nadal and Federer, both spinners.

  2. Bjornino said

    LOL, Tp, I freaking love your “No, you don’t!!!!!!!!!”-s. They make me ROFL 😀

  3. Phil said

    I think Delpo’s return reflects the hunger from tennis fans in general for some good freaking tennis. Let’s be honest, apart from the Nadal, the Top 10 clowns have been an utter joke for months now. When was the last time a Top 10 guy, other than Nadal, won a tournament? Barcelona? Are you kidding me? The quality of tennis recently has been appalling. Both Wimbledon and Roland Garros finals were total snorefests. It seems that if Federer isn’t at the other end of the net Nadal is content with just slumming it, and nobody is willing to make him pay for that.

    Delpo is like Richard the Lionheart fighting in the Crusades, and we’re all hoping that his return will set the realm to rights. I just hope the increased expectations don’t cause him to come back too soon ans stuff up the wrist again.

    • Zzzzzz said

      I don’t know Phil. Murray, Djokovic and even Federer have been sub-standard for most of this year so far but Soderling, Berdych and Verdasco (before he over scheduled himself and peaked too early)have produced some great tennis. And outside of the top 10, we’ve seem some wonderful prospects too, Gulbis in particular and now Golubev.

      There’s plenty to be excited about in tennis and Delpo’s eventual return is one of those things. But I do get the feeling people are urging him back not just because he is clearly a star in the making, but also as a direct consequence of Rafa’s recent dominance. I think TP really is onto something in that respect.

      • Vr said

        Are you kidding? Sod and Berd did well till they got to where it matters and then rolled over and played dead. For Djoko, he played dead in semis most of the time.

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