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Obscure facts: Justine Henin.

Posted by tennisplanet on July 25, 2010

Age: 28.

Residence: Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Her father is José Henin; her mother, Françoise Rosière, was a French and history teacher who died when Justine was 12 years old. She has two brothers (David and Thomas) and a sister (Sarah). She also would have had an elder sister who was killed in a car accident before Justine was born.

Following a conflict between Justine and her father over her tennis career and her relationship with Pierre-Yves Hardenne, Rodriguez became not only her trainer but in some ways a second father figure.

During the 2007 French Open, her brothers and sister attended her matches for the first time in her professional career.

Stands alone record: Won the FO twice without losing a set.

She is known to her fans as ‘Juju’.

Most in need of: Boobs and a dentist.


9 Responses to “Obscure facts: Justine Henin.”

  1. Jenny said

    Thanks, TP. Hey, what’s wrong with Justine’s teeth or boobs? She’s a great tennis player, not a glam model.

  2. CV. said


    Where did we get you from?
    Non the less some times factual.
    However, we are all made to OUR Maker’s
    Perfect Order & should be Appreciated
    and Seen as such.
    Variety is the SPICE of Life and
    Beauty Is IN the EYES of the BEHOLDER.

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, show a photo of
    yourself. Thank You.

    • Chieko said

      🙄 😀 😆

      That will the the day!!

    • sperry said

      I just wish…pray… that the people who badmouth other people’s looks would do the following: imagine waking up one fine Spring morning. You open up the internet and see your picture and under it is some vile, stupid, hurtful comment about how you look. Whatdayatink? Might be the reason we will never see a pic of TP? Little fear there? All those he has pounded getting a chance to get a little payback?

  3. Joy said

    Let’s not forget she is also the shortest female in the top 20. She also has what is considered by many as the finest one-handed backhand in the history of women’s tennis.

  4. Ricke said

    So maybe the papa was right about the husband. Anyone know why they split? Does she talk to dad now?

  5. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    I’m with you on the dentist and boobs, TP : )

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