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Quiz. I am bumping this up to Wall Of Fame (Honorable mention) as you freaks have made it more difficult than it is. And yes, I have checked the correct answer again to make sure I am not blowing smoke.

Posted by tennisplanet on July 25, 2010

Name the only three male players (open era) who reached finals of all four Slams in the same calendar year.


66 Responses to “Quiz. I am bumping this up to Wall Of Fame (Honorable mention) as you freaks have made it more difficult than it is. And yes, I have checked the correct answer again to make sure I am not blowing smoke.”

  1. Stella said

    Federer. Steffi.Serena

  2. Caro said

    I think Wilander did, too.

  3. overcaffeinated said

    Stella, the question is referring to male players only.

    Me thinks it’s the following male players
    1. Don Budge – 1938
    2. Rod Laver – 1962 & 1969
    3. Roger Federer – 2006, 2007, 2009

    Caro – Wilander made three finals in 1988, losing in the Wimbledon QF’s that year to Edberg.

    • overcaffeinated said

      Pardon me Caro, Wilander did not lose to Edberg in 1988 at Wimbledon. He lost to the “Cat”, Miloslav Mecir… how is that for another reference to Mecir on this blog, in recent weeks. Gosh, wish there were more of his matches available to view.

    • banti said

      One of TMF’s sickest stats. If Rafa doesn’t pull this off (highly likely) it just maybe another 40 years before someone does.

  4. Claudio said

    Federer, Connors, Laver.

  5. Lord Oompa Loompa said

    R. Federer, R. Laver & S. Williams.
    You are asking for male players only, right?

    • Bettyjane said


      Budge was an amateur when he did it I believe.

      • overcaffeinated said

        Bettyjane – also note that the first of Laver’s two calender year slams was when he was an amateur as well. I share your snicker with that Serena comment from Lord Oompa Loompa, despite being a Serena follower..

  6. I think I finally got all you cheap freaking cheating googling freaks with this one. Couple came close but no one hit the bull’s eye – yet.

  7. Caro said

    Yes, I remember now that Wilander did not make it to four… it seemed like he ran out of gas early in his career after having won a couple of GS>

  8. Freddy said

    Fed, Laver, and Agassi?

    • Bettyjane said

      I think that may be right Freddy. I saw Agassi had 4 finals, just was too lazy to google if they were in the same year (snicker)

      • jett09 said

        I think Freddy got it.

      • M said


      • overcaffeinated said

        Well, being a cheap googler, found that Agassi’s best streak in major finals was at 4:

        1999 French thru 2000 Australian

        I am curious as to the actual “answer” per TPs information. Knowing that freak, he will keep us waiting another day.

  9. Kitty said

    Hail the power of Google!
    1. Roger Federer
    2. Rod Laver
    3. Lewis Hoad – 1956

    Amazing how many people got to 3 finals..stunning!

  10. overcaffeinated said

    Ok, I will go with a slight amendment / addition. I can find the following information on those male players (amateur and open era combined) who have made all major finals, in a calendar year:

    1. Roger Federer – 2006, 2007, 2009
    2. Rod Laver – 1962, 1969
    3. Don Budge – 1938
    4. Jack Crawford – 1934

  11. Dominic Anderson said

    Open Era begins in 1968.

    Rod Laver-1969
    Roger Federer-2006-2007-2007

    I don’t find anyone else since *1968 French Open* that have reach all grand slam finals during the same calendar year.

  12. Chieko said


  13. Dee said

    Definitely -Roger Federer and Rod Laver,Lewis Hoad,Frank Sedgman

    • Dee said

      Roger Federer- 2009/2007/2006
      Rod Laver- 1969/1962
      Lewis Hoad- 1956
      Frank Sedgmen- 1952
      Donald Budge-1938
      So That makes 5 people.Take that!
      Only people who won all 4 are- Rod Laver x 2, and Donald Budge
      I did my research so go drown your self in your basement sink

      • jett09 said

        “I did my research so go drown your self in your basement sink”

        😆 Dee you’re telling TP off?? now that’s brave 😆

  14. kitty said

    TP needs to reword it to say “in Open Era”
    anyway I suspect that after roger,laver the third guy is a junior who accomplished it, can’t think of that name

    • MHM said

      Stefan Edberg? achieved junior Grand Slam in 1983
      so maybe the correct answer is Roger Federer, Rod Laver and Stefan Edberg..

      P.S. I’m a newbie and a cheap freaking cheating googling freak 🙂

      • M said

        “cheap freaking cheating googling freak”

        Say that five times fast!

        Welcome, MHM. I think we need a “witty newbie” smiley, or one that claps, or something.

      • MHM said

        Thanks a lot, M!

      • jett09 said

        “cheap freaking cheating googling freak”

        Say that five times fast!

        M I did!! 😆 😆

  15. Veglia said

    I don’t have time to explore right now, but for those who do, the catch is that AO was played in Dec, I think, long time ago. So, watch for the ‘same calendar year’, not AO, FO, W, US. It probably is FO, W, US, AO.

    • overcaffeinated said

      Yeah, I too have taken into account the fact that the AO in some years in December. All the names I listed, and pretty much most of the names listed above by the others, have information to state that the mentioned players did indeed play in all four finals in the respective years mentioned. I am working on the assumption that I believe all others are working with – there are four major tournaments in each calendar year.

      If so, there are more than three players in mens tennnis – open era and amateur era – that have competed in the four major finals in a calendar year. Just depends on the source of information, as some bibles I have researched show most of the players, but miss out on someone like Frank Sedgman who played in all four major finals in 1956 (winning 3).

      I will be curious to see what the freakingest freak comes up with as his answer to show that he checked his facts. I have noted that TP has updated the question now to be specifically “Open Era”, but does this include juniors, or just the main pro tour as we know it?

      If it is juniors, then I believe the answer would be:

      1. Rod Laver – pro tour (1969) – won the calendar year slam
      2. Stefan Edberg – juniors (1983) – won the calendar year slam
      3. Roger Federer – pro tour (2006, 2007, 2009)

      TP – please be more specific in your questions from the get-go please 🙂

  16. yo said

    answer us you freak!!!

  17. jett09 said

    C’mon TP stop keeping us in suspense. Everyone is eager to know who’s won it. Hope you’ll have the answer by tomorrow 😉

  18. Veglia said

    Do you take doubles into consideration? The question is not specific to singles.

  19. D.S.G. said

    Federer, Laver, Sampras

  20. RafaFan said

    Federer is one of them for sure: 06/07/09 winning 8 freaking GRAND SLAMS! Forget the others. They look average. Huh! Sorry guys, Fed stands alone. Nadal has: 2F in 06/07/08/10 winning “only” 6 freaking GRAND SLAMS and I don’t think that he can handle the USOpen. Rafa is the undisputable GOAT Of Clay!!! but there are lots of guys who are much better on HC.

  21. Anonymous said

    laver (grand slam), mcenroe and federer. McEnroe lost the French to Lendl. This is the match he always says he would like to forget as one of his famous tirades ended up costing him the grand slam in ’83 or ’84.

  22. Blake said

    Federer, Laver, Lendl.

  23. Blake said

    “Federer is the only male player in tennis history to reach the final of all four Grand Slam tournaments in back to back calendar years (2006–07) and only the second in the open era to reach all four finals in a single year after Rod Laver in 1969”

    So it’s a trick question? There’s only two.

  24. Kitty said

    federer,laver and serena – yes they are all male players and reached all 4 slams in calendar year in open era..

  25. bluechyll said

    The only bit of information I’ve managed to come up with after my research, is that Andre Agassi’s middle name is Kirk 😆

  26. Dee said

    I guess you’ve up dated your question. Hmmmm!(There wasn’t an open era before)
    So from 1968- Roger & Rod Laver
    Juniors don’t count as Grand slams.That’s why they say Youngest ever grand slam winner and stuff. (Michael Chang )So Juniors are just championships not slams.So only 2 players.Roger and Laver

  27. jennifur said


  28. Veglia said

    Roger Federer
    Bob Bryant
    Mike Bryant

  29. Lord Oompa Loompa said

    I still say Serena SHOULD BE playing on the ATP Tour, and I WIN the contest. 🙂

  30. Correct answer:

    Oh shoot, I messed up. I missed Wimby in there. You cheapsters win. I owe you one.

    • M said

      Ruh roh.

      I think there will be some feedback.

    • Kitty said

      TP, lol.. you are getting old, get a coach u freak 😀

    • jennifur said

      yay i got 3 …

    • overcaffeinated said

      Ahhhhh, TP. So good to see that you too fit the category of “cheap freaking cheating googling freaks”; however we can add you to the poor-fact-checking group as well 😀 And you went to Wikipedia of all places!?! Sacré bleu!! This is not the most reliable of sources either.

      I think a few things learned from this little exercise:

      1. TP is not always right – however we all know that you lost your marbles a long time ago (or never really had any) tee hee
      2. Wikipedia is only as good as the input that people provide
      3. Quite a few male players in tennis history (amateur and pro eras) have made all four major finals in the same calendar year. Not all players are listed on Wikipedia though.
      4. There is a great depth of knowlege among the contributors of this site in considering both playing-eras, rather than being limited to the current era
      5. Historically, it appears that the great nation of Australia (WOO) have the most male players who have made all four major finals in a calendar year.
      6. Roger Federer is a freak for making all four finals in three separate years; including one period of back to back!! Insane.

      TP, hurry up and blow some more smoke, you know we love your crazy quizzes.

    • Esky said

      This id Dee on Esky’s user.
      You are not going to get away with this. I spent about 10 mins researching the silly quest.I need flowers and a box of chocolates.

  31. Stella said

    so who were they? I am confused

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