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Federer hires a coach? From Claire. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on July 26, 2010


From Federer’s website:


Dear Fans

I’ve been looking to add someone to my team and I’ve decided to spend some days with Paul Annacone. As Paul winds down his responsibilities working for the Lawn Tennis Association, we will explore our relationship through this test period. Paul will work alongside my existing team and I am excited to learn from his experiences.


7 Responses to “Federer hires a coach? From Claire. Thanks.”

  1. Jenny said

    Let’s hope the test period with Paul Annacone will be a positive one for Roger at this stage in his career, and possibly lead to a more permanent set up, imo he needs a fresh pair of eyes now. He says he will be working alongside his existing team.. I guess that will be Luthi, Mirka and Pagannini his fitness trainer. We can only wait and see how it all pans out.

    • Gracie said

      Jenny! You KNOW I’ve been saying for years that I’d like to see him take on Annacone. I hope they can work something out. He did good work with Sampras in the latter part of his career. At least it’s a sign that Roger knows he needs to change things up.

      • Jenny said

        I remember, Gracie! I don’t think I disagreed with you at the time. As you know, Annacone did work with Henman too.

      • Jenny said

        PS Nice to hear from you Gracie 🙂

      • Bettyjane said

        Hope all is well Gracie on your end.

        I’m personally thrilled with this news. It shows he’s not in that first stage of grief known as denial.

      • bunnee said

        hi ya gracie!! tp, please accept that fed’s ego has remained rather in check despite the daily crap he must face…

  2. O said

    Are we sure this guy is not Sampras?

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