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Posted by tennisplanet on July 26, 2010

ATLANTA- JULY 25: Mardy Fish asks

ATLANTA- JULY 25: general view during finals

ATLANTA- JULY 25: Mardy Fish reacts

ATLANTA- JULY 25: John Isner

ATLANTA- JULY 25: Mardy Fish lies

ATLANTA- JULY 25: Mardy Fish falls



9 Responses to “Photos.”

  1. claire said

    I was so happy to see Marty Fish win – hope he does great rest of season!

    Pretty wife, commentators couldn’t believe how she didn’t sweat at all during the unbearable heat! She sat there cool as a cucumber.

  2. Blake said

    TP, what’s the deal? Your old love Anna C wins a tournament on the weekend and not a peep outta you?

  3. jett09 said

    Congrats to Mardy Fish! I see he is wearing the wrist band too.

  4. Dee said

    OOOh La La!Is that Checkz? Way to go TP

  5. Ricke said

    I have been waiting for years to see Fish play to his full potential. His Olympic Gold Medal choke was classic Fish. I admit I gave up on him a long time ago. At the academy he was said to have much better skills than Roddick, but Andy has proved himself to be superior in his ability to win matches. Maybe it’s the new “Special Powers” bracelet than has ignited Fishes’ success…..or loosing 30 pounds. Either way enjoy it Mardy and good luck the rest of the season!

  6. sperry said

    Did I hear right??!!!! 150 degrees on the surface of the court? Ok. Set the oven on the lowest setting, jump in and play. Doesn’t sound like fun to me. How can a human DO that?

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