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What’s up with the freaking scarf? How long before we see one in pink – with sparkles. Geeeezzzzzz!!!!

Posted by tennisplanet on July 27, 2010


22 Responses to “What’s up with the freaking scarf? How long before we see one in pink – with sparkles. Geeeezzzzzz!!!!”

  1. Jenny said

    You are funny TP. 🙂 This is European chic tied the French way by the guys and gals, the guys also wear pink!

    • M said

      Seconded. It’s very chic. I love when the tenistas wear their scarves this way. Roger looks like an Armani model in that second picture.

      Also, sarongs on the Armada. Sue me.

      • Jenny said

        Sarongs and pink flip flops 😈

      • M said

        And aviator shades, and kitty-cats

      • Jenny said

        And hair highlights and various shades of pink 😈 Seriously, I think these guys look just great! They can escort me anytime!

      • Jenny said

        M, Did you ever see the pic of Verdasco in that long swing furry look coat? Fabuloso!

      • M said

        Jenny, I’m not sure if I’ve seen it or if I’m just imagining that I have … 😛
        Was it in Elle Es?

        I love the boys in pink. Rafa has pink golf shirts. And when you dug up that picture of Ferru doing that opening kick for Valencia, FC, I thought, “Did he choose that lavender shirt so we couldn’t look away even if we tried really really hard?” 😀

      • Jenny said

        I don’t think it was Elle, M. I honestly can’t recall where I saw it, a long time ago, as I remember, he was inside somewhere ascending a staircase. Ferru seems to have become much more fashion conscious than he used to be, and he had modelled for Caroche, but even he wouldn’t get away with wearing a coat that length!

    • Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

      I don’t know, Jenny, it sure looks like his mother put it around his neck before he went out to play.

  2. Manal said

    How come he never considered having diamond studs earrings?

    • Jenny said

      Like Jo-Wilfried? Can’t really see Fed with earrings somehow. I know in his early ponytail days he wore a beaded necklace, but nothing more than that.

      • D.S.G. said

        LOVED the pony-tail. It was a puka bead necklace, right?

        I must say, I love to see men in scarves like that on the street, but a chiffon one on the tennis court, I’m not quite sure of. Please tell me i’m wrong.

        Speaking of earrings, has anyone seen “Lovejoy?” When Eric Catchpole was a character? Remember his dime-store hoops? He was so funny. I have the DVDs and we’re watching “Lovejoy” nightly.

      • M said

        D.S.G., I figured the scarf was a very light cashmere.

        *sighs wistfully for ponytailed Roger days gone by*

      • D.S.G. said

        THANK YOU, M! I will believe it is a featherweight cashmere. Whew!

  3. MM said

    Dang, you guys sure are funny but catty.

    Fact is I’d wear that scarf for a year to hit Roger’s backhand for a Sunday

    • Jenny said

      Glad we’re making you smile, MM. 🙂

    • M said

      How are we catty, MM?
      Did you miss the parts where I said Roger looks like an Armani model in those shots, and Jenny said the the fashionable tenistas can escort her any time — a sentiment I (and, I’d venture a guess, a few thousand others) enthusiastically support and endorse?

      Or was your use of “guys” literal, not figurative?

  4. else said


    Get to know what really good is!!!! This is better than good!

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