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Whose coaching arrangement has been the best so far?

Posted by tennisplanet on July 27, 2010


3 Responses to “Whose coaching arrangement has been the best so far?”

  1. Sol said

    Nadal’s coaching arrangement is the best considering it’s not always easy to have a member of your family coach you, as proven by the numerous children who were coached by their parents and ended up losing their mind.
    Contrary to what many people think, imo Uncle Toni is the best thing that happened to Nadal. He’s a decent guy who taught him great values.

    • Jenny said

      I agree, Sol. It is a highly successful winning combo which has stood the test of time and even if Toni can’t attend every match because of his own family committments, Francisco Roig is an excellent deputy. I also think Rafa is an ambitious self motivated guy in his own right, he strives to improve all the time with hard work, and never underestimates an opponent whatever their ranking.

      I wish Roddick had linked up with Stefanki before.

    • Sarah said

      Competely agree.

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