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With coach firing / hiring in full swing, which coach(es) enjoys the most job security?

Posted by tennisplanet on July 28, 2010

If you eliminate the ‘related’ clowns, Djokovic’s Marian Vajda should head that list, don’t you think? Unless he continues to put on weight at current rate and becomes immovable soon, he is not going anywhere it seems – irrespective of what Djokovic does on the tour. Shouldn’t it have already happened by now if it was at all possible?

Of the ‘related’ ones, the ones that makes most sense to let go has to be Bartoli’s dad. If those weird and super thought out tactics are still missing the most obvious impediment to success – the freaking weight – shouldn’t his doctor’s license be revoked BEFORE being fired as a coach?

Stefanki should have begun to squirm a little after this recent meltdown from Roddick but with the massive possibility of no even attempting to touch Roddick now for obvious reasons, Stefanki may find himself secure out of default.

Shouldn’t Delpo’s team need a total overhaul too for letting him play with an injured wrist even after the US Open title?

Wonder if any fresh blood will even dare to enter the tennis coach periphery after all these hire-fire spitfire – not to mention the total disrespect even some of the seasoned coaches are subjected to routinely – publicly.

I think they should scrap the whole system and replace it with a panel who can be consulted on a need to basis only – for a fee. You can hire the whole panel for a given tournament, a certain match or for the entire season for a percentage of your earnings. This way the disrespect component can be eliminated allowing some of the former greats to take the plunge while shielding their status and ego.

Granted former players haven’t transformed into great coaches but we are not talking about the whole gamut of qualities (which most greats lack) a regular coach embodies. In this case, you just share your expertise within the panel and the finished product (after discussion within the panel) is finally pushed out to the needy player hiring them. Should be a win win for everyone, don’t you think?

You are, of course, allowed to hire your own full-time coach just to vent your frustration and beat the crap out of him, if nothing else.


3 Responses to “With coach firing / hiring in full swing, which coach(es) enjoys the most job security?”

  1. Jenny said

    I don’t think Marian Vajda or Javier Piles are going anywhere.

  2. Joy said

    Marion Bartoli doesn’t strike me as the obedient type. My guess is, her dad’s just working with what he’s got. It’s not like he can give up on her just because she can’t lay off the pommes frites.

    • Sol said

      “It’s not like he can give up on her just because she can’t lay off the pommes frites”


      Her dad looks scary. Sometimes he gets up and leaves the stands when she’s losing or he gets angry and starts to slap himself lightly. I hated it when I used to disappoint my parents, I can’t imagine the pressure you must feel on court when your dad starts cutting his wrists because you missed a shot.

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