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Is Mirka turning into Bridgette (that’s Sampras’s wife. Geeeeeezzzzzz)?

Posted by tennisplanet on July 30, 2010

At 28, Federer has now won just ONE title in the last about 16 tournaments he has played – starting from about the time the ‘forced’ marriage thing happened and the twins arrived. With age not a factor historically, absence of any major arrival on the tour to alter the landscape so significantly to shoulder the nose dive squarely, no huge injury / illness issue that’s lingering, Wawrinka distraction shelved for the time being…… have to point to Mirka as the root cause of what’s happening to Federer on and off the court.

Even though that’s a fact, Mirka does have a pretty strong defense stretching as long as a decade. You cannot preach her the ‘patience’ sermon after all she went through with prospects dropping strength instead of gaining as time passed. Does that all then revert back to Federer? Could be.

But few years from now most pundits won’t delve that deep to vindicate Mirka just as few would now blame Sampras for marrying in the first place.

Translation: Tennis world will still wonder what could have been done had either Mirka not poked holes in those condoms or Federer had assured Mirka of marriage after retirement in a ‘more than guaranteed’ manner (after all he could have always reneged later despite the iron clad promise).

But until any of the above gets debated, Mirka meanwhile is gradually moving towards the center of that round object and into that red dot called the bull’s-eye as far as shouldering most if not all of the blame for Federer’s early demise. No matter how you slice it that transformation into adulthood with TWO babies and ‘two and a half’ wife – almost instantly – will sway ANYBODY off ANY track, leave alone someone who is fighting to stay on top at the highest level in his sport – with a mad bull in tow.

The sum total of that accident shifted the dynamic so drastically that the razor-sharp focus and execution needed to survive at the top wilted under its power. There can be no other logical explanation to such a steep decline specially when the beginnings of it can be traced around the time this ‘thing’ occurred.

So Mirka is now facing a double-headed monster that does not speak but is always there in the room with Federer:

1. The widely accepted perception that Federer was trapped.

2. The trap screwed up Federer’s career maybe for good – prematurely.

But Mirka, when confronted with above, presented her part of the story:

“I was coaxed into it by some people. They told me there is something in it for me. They even called me one night around 2:00 am when I was in bed with Federer. When Federer asked who it was I told him it was a wrong number. But I wasn’t told there will be a ‘hit’ to Federer’s career. I couldn’t resist that call for ‘something’s in it for me’ after taking a back seat to Federer all my life. It seemed to me as if I was stepped over like a door mat.

Now I am being blamed for the ‘hit’ when all I wanted was something for myself for a change. BTW, the people who lured me into this and made me practice the condom piercing over and over again while Federer was out with Wawrinka are…………wait for it………………..Nadal and his errand boy Tony. I even tried to not recognize them when introduced at the parties to not let Federer get the wind of it but now it’s out and I am currently being treated like some actor from some movie I cannot remember.

They have set a date for fishing on the lake overlooking our house with Robert but I am not sure about it. And Wawrinka is Tony’s man. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to deal with all this as I am being made out to be some monster when all I was doing was look out for myself”.


5 Responses to “Is Mirka turning into Bridgette (that’s Sampras’s wife. Geeeeeezzzzzz)?”

  1. Sarah said

    That was so funny. It made my Friday. 🙂

  2. Jill said

    I know you like the Godfather but blimey………………

  3. wiches said

    hahahahahahahahaha that was a good one you freak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    so at the end of the season, Roger is going to kiss Mirka in her lips at the O2 in London and will say:

    “I know it was you!!! you broke my heart Mirka!!!”

  4. sceral said

    Poor TP! Such a vehement attack on Mirka only confirms once again how much you want to be in her place…

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