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Can anybody enlighten me as to why…………….

Posted by tennisplanet on July 31, 2010

…….the race cars have no freaking door for the ‘athlete’ to get in? If it’s the drag BS, why have even that opening? Have him slip from some back door through the trunk.

……….the referee at a boxing match cannot freaking hold the mike himself? Why is it slipped through his under arm from a clown standing right behind doing who knows what?


4 Responses to “Can anybody enlighten me as to why…………….”

  1. Joy said

    Apart from having a useful window view, it’s probably easier to pull a driver from a burning car through a side opening than the from the rear or even the front.

    As for boxing refs i suppose they need both hands free to push boxers apart without zonking them on the head with a mike. These days though i would’ve thought a wireless mike would be handier than a clown? LOL

    • RafaFan said

      …to pull a driver from a burning car.. – Oh the ad makes sense now: EXTRA CRISPY! TP likes cars, no? Like Rafa and Roger, no? Rafa: Aston Martin DB9 (and Kia, lol) and Rog Mercedes SLS AMG, no? What car do you drive? A bandwagon?

  2. bunnee said

    car weighs less without door

  3. mateo said

    Much more rigid and safer on side impacts too. Drivers need some exercises too!

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