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How the following tennis players rationalize the indelible stain on their career sheet.

Posted by tennisplanet on August 2, 2010

McEnroe: If I had practiced just a little more I could have been the GOAT – hands freaking down. Nowadays people are running around like a beaten horse and still can barely pass No. 7. And I played just five freaking AOs. Now they are hitting double freaking digits.

Sampras: Federer may have passed me but everybody knows who the real champion is. Federer is playing against a far weaker field. The only ‘competition’ he had is beating the crap out of him – on all surfaces. And that FO totally happened because Nadal wasn’t there. So there you have it – who is your daddy now?

Agassi: Had Brooke Shields and that old hag Streisand not had sex with me and I hadn’t wandered off reaching as low as the challenger circuit, I would have licked each and every stinking one of them – hollow. And Sampras is adopted.

Borg: Had I not retired and played the AO more than once, I could be sitting on at least 20 Slams with far tougher competition than Federer.

Roddick: Can’t think of any. OK , I AM his bitch.

Connors: I played TWO freaking AOs and had to battle Borg and McEnroe.

Lendl: My eyes were not lined up. There’s no other explanation to losing 11 freaking Slam finals. Don’t you see it repeating itself with my legitimate daughter – Dimentieva?


4 Responses to “How the following tennis players rationalize the indelible stain on their career sheet.”

  1. Vr said

    teepee, take a vacation

  2. wuiches said

    hahaha you are the GOAT of freaks tp!!!

    never saw Borg playing but I know some of his records and I agree with you, a much harder generation than Fedex and retired very young, and the OZ thing you’re right, he might have almost 20 majors now, but in these days nobody dares to compare him to Federal!!

    I’m a hard core rafan and even me consider an injustice to say that Nadal is the GOAT of clay, we’ll never know if he could have been better than Borg in those days!

  3. Sarah said

    “Roddick: Can’t think of any. OK , I AM his bitch.”


  4. Andy said

    Borg having “far tougher competition” than Federer is not totally true. Sure, McEnroe and Connors created a very special time at the very top, and Vilas and Vitas G. and a few others in the top ten were terrific players, but after that (meaning for the first four rounds or so of a tournament) I think there was in fact significantly tougher competition for Fed in the 2000s than anything the top players had to face back in the 70s/80s.

    The other point on Borg’s rationalization is that Fed had perhaps THE GOAT on clay (some arguing the GOAT, period) in his time, since 2005 anyway. That’s pretty freaking tough competition right in itself! Noone ever seems to turn it around like that, so I will. Fed has a winning record off clay against perhaps the GREATEST PLAYER OF ALL TIME, Rafa Nadal!!! And I don’t think anyone has more victories against Rafa on clay in recent years than Fed (again, Rafa being a very good candidate right now for the GOAT on clay). Pretty impressive against the GREATEST of competition!

    As for Sampras, that rationalization won’t help him get past the fact that Fed’s worst FO in years this year was only one round short of anything Pete ever achieved at the French. As great as Sampras was, and he was on hard courts and grass, Fed’s FO performance, let alone his overall clay performance, simply puts him on a way higher plane. That argument was well over way before Roger matched and surpassed the big 14.

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