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Nadal and other athletes with asteroids named after them. From RafaFan. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on August 3, 2010


Thanks M for this information. I couldn’t find a picture of the asteroid. Hm. It’s 4km big and travels with 20km/s. Here is the map:
Some other athletes became asteroids named after them:
1740 Nurmi (Paavo Nurmi, Olympic medalist)
1909 Alekhin (Alexander Alekhine, chess world champion)
2472 Bradman (Donald Bradman, cricketer)
3027 Shavarsh (Shavarsh Karapetyan, finswimmer)
5891 Gehrig (Lou Gehrig, baseball player)
5910 Zátopek (Emil Zátopek, long-distance runner, Olympic medalist)
6758 Jesseowens (Jesse Owens, athlete)
7835 Myroncope (Myron Cope, sportscaster and journalist)
8217 Dominikhašek (Dominik Hašek, ice hockey player, Olympic medalist)
9224 Železný (Jan Železný, javelin thrower, Olympic medalist)
10634 Pepibican (Josef Bican, called “Pepi”, football player)
10675 Kharlamov (Valeri Kharlamov, hockey player)
12373 Lancearmstrong (Lance Armstrong, cyclist)
12413 Johnnyweir (Johnny Weir, figure skater)
12414 Bure (Pavel Bure, ice hockey player)
26986 Čáslavská (Věra Čáslavská, gymnast, Olympic medalist)
82656 Puskás (Ferenc Puskás, football player)
90414 Karpov (Anatoly Karpov, chess world champion)
128036 Rafaelnadal (Rafael Nadal Parera, tennis player and Olympic Gold medalist)

What will Roger get? A new galaxy named after him? LOL


6 Responses to “Nadal and other athletes with asteroids named after them. From RafaFan. Thanks.”

  1. RafaFan said

    The sum of his asteroide digits equals 20!!!

  2. kanek said

    nadalroids pfffff . . .

  3. Joy said

    On the evening of the day Federer retires, someone will look to the heavens, gasp, and point out a new constellation of a man with a tennis racket. It will be called TMF constellation, with attached minor cluster of 3 stars, called ‘Mirka & the Twins.’ Unfortunately the Rafael Nadal asteroid will be in the head portion.

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