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Whose work ethic is most legendary?

Posted by tennisplanet on August 3, 2010


12 Responses to “Whose work ethic is most legendary?”

  1. Sol said

    How come the last option gets more than 15% votes and yet noone posted their choice here? I was curious as to who people chose. I have no idea myself. Maybe Nadal? We’ve heard alot about how he gives 100% of himself even during practices and how he never misses practice even when there’s a storm outside (was it in Queens that he practised while it was raining?).

    • Jill said

      Good point Sol! I went for Armstrong myself, simply amazing man.

      • Jenny said

        Having just seen your post, Jill, I would second that.

      • Sol said

        Jill, I was also hesitating between Nadal and Armstrong, but I guess the doping accusations against Armstrong, although not verified, kinda bother me (especially since it’s a sport known for its cheaters).

    • Jenny said

      I have no idea either, but I would suggest Nadal also. He did indeed practice for a while in the rain at Queens this year. He asked the officials if they would put up the net which they did. lol I wonder who his hitting partner was!

      • M said

        I thought both about Rafa, and Roger as well — it wasn’t always so (Peter Lundren talks sometimes about how he had to push Roger to work earlier in his career, because he was so gifted he could coast on his talent), but now … well, I’ve heard he practices in Dubai in 100+ degree temperatures on a regular basis for three and four hours. Sometimes I can’t even walk around when it’s that hot.

        (But I know most here know how I feel about Rafa and Roger’s accomplishments, and I didn’t want to seem all biased. But I *did* wonder why they weren’t at least listed as choices.)

  2. Vicky said

    I really admire the work ethic of Olympic Gold Medalist Evan Lysacek. He’s a figure skater and they need low center of gravity to best execute those jumps. But he grew to be 6’2″ tall which is gigantic for a figure skater. He had to work so much harder than everyone else in order to overcome that “liability”. He would train so many hours that his coach Frank Carroll called it “suicide training” because he just couldn’t get Evan to stop. But it was worth it in the end because he got the gold this year and I’m very happy for him!

    • Bettyjane said

      Good for you Vicky to come up with that. I remember hearing this but promptly forgot all about it after the games ended. Working against the confines of your body is mentally more gruelling than merely the physical training the others are doing.

  3. Ash said

    I’d go for Michael Schumacher. I also believe his motto was ‘I will win’!

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