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Here’s guaranteed way to beat Delpo – and other treetops.

Posted by tennisplanet on August 4, 2010

Based on Delpo’s win over Federer and Querrey’s over Murray in Los Angeles, where both Federer and Murray were made to lunge and scramble to make contact with those forehand bombs, it appears following antidote may neutralise that monster:

Top spin laden shots that land close to the baseline and then bounce real high?

It forces them to generate their own pace in addition to recalibrating the shot trajectory from that far away from the baseline as the ball will reach their strike zone pretty freaking late and far behind. Someone named Nadal may be in perfect position to exploit that IF he can generate the needed depth on ALL his shots – consistently.

This is as opposed to what Federer tried by getting into a slug fest thereby gifting the ‘pace generation’ part simplifying the whole process for Delpo. All Delpo had to do then was just redirect by adding just a fraction of his own effort to transform the ball into a bullet. Executing that, even far away from the baseline is relatively far easier than the other scenario.

Bottom line: Depth or death.


4 Responses to “Here’s guaranteed way to beat Delpo – and other treetops.”

  1. wuiches said

    Totally agree with you TP, I never understood Roger’s tactics that day, Del Potro is a big hitter and Roger was trying to defeat him just by hitting bigger tan Delpo which obviously is totally insane, he doesn’t have the same fire power!

    The key was what you say: “slug fest thereby gifting the ‘pace generation’”, Roger never tried to change the rhythm of the rallies, never used the slice, the drop shot and never was his intention to move Delpo from side to side, to keep him off balance, to make him hit on the run, he was just trying to combat fire with fire without imagination.

    About your tactical advice, watch again the Beijing 2008 final and you’ll see the amazing depth and speed of Nadal’s shots, and Gonzalez was in those days some kind of “mini big hitter”.

    The question is if Nadal is gonna be able to play like that again on a hard court, it seems to me that he doesn’t have the same muscular structure that he had in those “great old days”.

    BTW this is a very interesting article (maybe you already know it) about Nadal’s (also Roger’s) tactical mind:

    • Jenny said

      LOL Gonzo a ‘mini big hitter’ or are you meaning height [6’0″]?! Stefanki who was his coach described his forehand as ‘nuclear’.

      • wuiches said

        yes, on tv they are calling big hitters to Sod, Berdych, Delpo and Cilic(cuz’ their height you’re right), but now that mention it, maybe Gonzo hits even bigger than some of these guys(or all of them).

  2. banti said

    Sod always points out why its so difficult to beat Roger. He changes the pace to often for him to adapt and get a rhythm. This is what he didn’t do agianst Delpo in that final. If Roger’s in form he’ll adapt to beat these guys, its just a matter of playing consistently well which may not be as easy.

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