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Poems from Stella and M. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on August 4, 2010


Next week there’s tennis in Toronto.
I wish I could go see them play.
But the next week I’ll go watch the ladies.
Even if it’s just for a day.

the USO is getting closer.
Rafa is doing all he can so he’ll win.
Murray has fired miles Mc Laghan
But Fed will team up with Annacone.


We’ll be seeing how Rog likes his new coach
And what tournaments Rafa’s knees bear
And just how the sweep treats Andy Murray
(though we’re not sure, right now, he’s “all there”).

Faves like Feña return – even though we
won’t see Polito back till DC –
But the best part of the USO sweep?
That Stella gives us more poems! Wheee!


11 Responses to “Poems from Stella and M. Thanks.”

  1. Ash said

    Love the poems! I’ll be at the Rogers Cup in Toronto starting this weekend for qualifying, so will try to post some photos and stories from the event. Can’t wait to see Roger and Rafa in action again!

    • Stella said

      I’m going to miss most of it as we have guests from out of country and we’ll be doing the “tourist ” stuff with them here and in Niagara. We will be passing through toronto on semi final day but I usually don’t buy tickets for play after the Thursday as all the outside courts aren’t used any more and you get less matches for your money.
      I plan to get to Montreal the following week though.

      • Ash said

        I was thinking about going to Montreal as well, but don’t think I’ll make it out there this year. And I agree, it’s a lot more fun to go earlier in the week so you can see all the great players who don’t make it onto center court!

  2. D.S.G. said

    Yay! Cheers to both of you wordsmiths. CANNOT WAIT to see Gonzolez. Cannot wait to see tennis. Sorry del Potro won’t be there for the USO.

    • M said

      “Sorry del Potro won’t be there for the USO.”

      It’s hard that he won’t be able to defend his championship, but I’d rather that than see him try to return too early. Whatever he and his doctor think best.

      “CANNOT WAIT to see Gonzolez.”

      Me neither!

  3. Chieko said

    How nice to read both of your poems!! Thanks.

  4. Dee said

    They bring the best out of you two! Keep it up. Go Tennis!

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