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Recent achievements in tennis world happening why?

Posted by tennisplanet on August 4, 2010

There were some real sacred milestones which not only had rarely seen a visitor, no one had as much as stepped miles within the threshold. Now that door is suddenly seeing a traffic reserved for a mens room after a movie. Here are some:

FO-Wimbledon combo was last visited during the dark ages when Borg roamed the circuit. Now within a span of what three straight years, it has been shattered three times already – with no end in sight.

Career Slam was last accidentally hit by Agassi becoming just the fifth player ever to get there. The other four were in the shut era. Now not only Federer just got there, the other guy is already knocking on the door.

Is this due to the change in technology, dumbing down of court surfaces, weak competition etc. OR are these guys something or freaking what?

Is calendar Slam next?


2 Responses to “Recent achievements in tennis world happening why?”

  1. banti said

    Most versatile players ever in my opinion. The two greatest players to ever pick up a racket.

  2. wuiches said

    who was the last guy to get a calendar year slam(open era)TP?? Laver is the only one isn’t he???

    it seems kind of unlikely for Nadal to get it don’t you think??

    of course I really hope so, we’ll see

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