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Toronto player list.

Posted by tennisplanet on August 5, 2010

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10 Responses to “Toronto player list.”

  1. Jenny said

    Thank you. Note the high number of withdrawals, even the alternates are dropping like flies before the tourney starts! Nalby is on a protected rank of #15 – good.

    • banti said

      Jenny i’m watching the rest of Nalbi’s matches in Washington. He’s killing the field. What a story that would be if he wins it.

      • M said

        Vamos David!

      • Sol said

        Ugh, lucky you, Banti. I can’t watch anything here, the matches take place really late for us in Europe.
        I saw Nalby killed Stan and Chiudinelli. Is he playing that well? God, I hope he does win the title. That’ll give him so much confidence going into the USO.

      • Jenny said

        I couldn’t possibly disagree! His match is being televised tonight! Vamos David!

      • banti said

        Wow David won! He won serving at 51%.. I so enjoy watching him in form. Beautiful tennis!!

      • Jenny said

        Hey Banti! I watched it, well worth staying up for! I thought it was great tennis from both of them, Nalbs was a joy to watch, as you say, beautiful tennis and he only served around 3 aces, but it was his returns that were the killers. I think the crowd loved it. The Baggy/Verdasco match was poor quality by comparison.

  2. kitty said

    Roger not playing?

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