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Federer objects to Nadal pairing up with Djokovic for doubles.

Posted by tennisplanet on August 6, 2010

Federer feels that Nadal is now beginning to screw with him off the court, as ‘on court’ messing is nearly over if not completely over. After all, Djokovic is Federer’s declared enemy for standing up to him over and over again. If Nadal doesn’t renege, Federer may be close to calling off the friendship which could translate into Nadal not winning any more FO titles as Federer will not allow any ‘friendship’ leeway anymore.

After Nadal was informed of Federer’s displeasure, he has taken the following steps:

-He has signed up Djokovic’s mom as his mixed doubles partner.

-Djokovic’s dog has received gift certificates for lifetime worth of free baths.

-Certain umpire has received an invitation to ALL of Nadal’s private parties. This umpire incidentally happens to be the one responsible for Federer parting with $1500 at last year’s US Open.

-Diana Federer has received this mail.

-Wawrinka just got this.

-Wilander has been hired on Nadal’s team as a consultant.

-Nadal just bought an old cow.

-His car license plate has been replaced with a custom-ordered one saying “Short by seven days”. Wonder what’s that all about? Bet even you freaks have no idea.

-Nadal made a massive investment in an international firm specializing in pre-poked condoms.

-All Swiss surgeons with expertise on nose surgery have been lured out of the country with better pay and benefits.

-Nadal is working to promote a platform where old moms will no longer be allowed breast augmentation surgeries.

-A certain doll has suddenly appeared on the market who goes into ecstatic crying when you utter the words ‘You lost’ anywhere within two meters.

-Nadal has bought ALL horses in Europe with extraordinary long faces for his ranch.

You got more? No, you don’t!!!!!!!!!!!


18 Responses to “Federer objects to Nadal pairing up with Djokovic for doubles.”

  1. wuiches said


    what do you do for living lazy freak????

    script writer for 2 1/2 men or what???

    7 days almost got me, sampras’ record of course!!!!!!!

  2. Stella said

    Nadal has booked every room and suite at the Carlyle court in NYC from Aug 30 to Sept 12 this year .
    Nadal has signed on with Schick.
    Nadal has announced that he has triplets by his mistress who is a friend of Ronaldo’s mistress.
    There is a new line of Nadal cardigans being designed for next years Wimby.

  3. O said

    Nadal and Djokovic is really an odd couple. This kind of couple is only allowed in Canada, among all countries. I don’t think they will pair in the US.

    • Chieko said


    • librio said

      The marital link: Nadal and Djokovic have the same PR manager (Perez-Barbadillo).

      Sort of a “now or never” opportunity for Djokovic to do this “quasi historical” thing, given the very real possibility that Federer gets the ATP no. 2 spot back in Toronto (only a 110-point difference now between Federer and Djokovic, only a QF for both of them to defend in Canada and both are in the bottom half of the draw).

      I agree with you, O: I doubt very much Nadal will do an encore in the US.

      • extranjera said

        Well Rafa’s only playing with Nole because Roger won’t play with him.

        Djokovic is no. 2 on consistency rather than winning anything particularly big so I can see how he wants to go for it this season.

        Poor Nole, always the bridesmaid…

      • Stella said

        a couple of years ago in Montreal Nole beat Rafa and Roger one after the other to take the title I believe

      • librio said

        Yes, that was at the Rogers Cup in Montreal in 2007. Stunning tennis from a young and outspoken Djokovic at that tournament. Lots of fun!

        Djokovic did an unprecedented victory run against ATP nos. 3, 2 and 1 to grab the 2007 title. He won his QF in 2 sets against no. 3 Roddick, his SF in 2 sets against no. 2 Nadal, and the final in 3 sets (including 2 TB) against no. 1 Federer.

  4. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Priceless!! ha ha ha

  5. O said

    This might be the best chance for Djokovic to get to that number one ranking.

    • librio said

      Let’s hope Djokovic is OK healthwise in Toronto. I remember reading a short news story (pretty sure it was on the “Court Coverage” tennis news site) at the very beginning of the LA tournament last week, where Djokovic withdrew because of “personal reasons”. The mgt of the LA tournament mentioned that Djokovic’s withdrawal was due to a shoulder problem he already had in Wimbledon, which had worsened at the Davis Cup.

      We certainly have not been spoiled with all the health related problems with the ATP/WTA players over the last couple of years!

    • librio said

      OK, got around to looking for the link to this news story about Djokovic’s shoulder problems. It was indeed on “Court Coverage”. I’ll just copy/paste the news item below instead of indicating the link itself (just posted a link on another thread and my post did not get thru – either the links get stuck with WordPress or I’m not following the right procedure for posting a link here?).

      “LaRosa’s Sweet Spot: How Murray Came to LA – Tennis Channel
      Okay, you wake up this morning with Novak Djokovic as your top seed. Go.

      Bob Kramer: Well, an email comes in at about 8:57 a.m. from one of the player agents, saying please give me a call. Within 10 minutes I had made contact with the agent for Novak Djokovic. And we started to find out that Novak was probably not going to be able to come and play for various reasons. The official reason is personal reasons, but I think most tennis fans would know he was having some shoulder problems during Wimbledon and during the Davis Cup tie. Basically, we tried to save his entry, and it was pretty clear Novak wasn’t going to be able to play.

      …Yes. Today was a very unusual day, because halfway through the process of finalizing Murray, we also found out that we had the possibility of two more players playing. We had a very outside chance of Roddick playing. Ultimately we were so far along with Andy Murray, we really had committed.”

      (on “Court Coverage”:

  6. Claire said

    Nadal will do a “steamy” video with Mirka resulting in Mirka’s new career taking off,Mirka taking the nannies as back-up singers leaving Federer without someone to take care of him and Federer becoming a full time Daddy!!

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