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Nalbandian interview in Washington. From Jenny. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on August 7, 2010


Nalbandian interview in Washington.

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30 Responses to “Nalbandian interview in Washington. From Jenny. Thanks.”

  1. banti said

    He’s taking down Cilic! tonight! He needs to serve a tad bit better, stay focused and bit more consistent, change the pace of his strokes by slicing low to him, and get as many of those monster serves back in play as he can. Honestly think he’s pulling it off. He’s got Ferrer first round in Toronto Jenny, not sure who your going for in that one:) Ohh watched the 2005 masters cup final, 5th set last night, how exciting was that? Roger was super respectful at the net, that doesn’t happen very often:) The best offensive/tactical tennis match in recent years in my opinion. The speed of their reflexes on that fast court was phenomenal.

    • Jenny said

      Agreed, Banti! LOL I know, big David vs Little David – will my nerves take it, I think the organisers are conspiring against me! 🙂 I don’t want either to lose, so will never root against either one of them, imo equally deserved of success. It’s a tough one for for both of them. Their matches are usually competitive, full of guile and good to watch, Ferru leads their H2H and he’ll have Nalbs running all over the place.

  2. librio said

    This is great for Nalbandian. Always a pleasure to watch Nalbandian battle against a good player when he’s in form. One of the greatest B/H and volley hand around, IMO.

    Nalbandian has always enjoyed so much the nemesis role against top players, particularly against Federer some years ago, and against Nadal later. And Nalbandian’s H2H against top players, including Federer and Nadal, was very good for a while there.

    I agree with Banti and Jenny that the Cilic vs Nalbandian SF in Washington tonight, and the Ferrer vs Nalbandian 1st round match in Toronto should be exciting ones. IMO, whoever the winner of each of these 2 matches turns out to be.

  3. Jenny said

    Enjoy the match tonight folks! I want David to get to the final and then a realistic shot at the trophy. Btw, I rate and like Cilic too, but he’ll have future chances.

    • Claire said

      I’m thinking Cilic will be my favorite in the future but I’m rooting for Nalbandian tonight! It it’s tough for for me to decide who I want, I usually go for the older player. The younger player will have many more years to win tournaments! I’m looking forward to watching this match as much as watching a Federer match! 🙂

      • Jenny said

        1st set to el Rey David – he’s playing scary tennis tonight. So far it’s a masterclass – poor Marin.

    • banti said

      Just tuning in now:) I called this win by David, just to let you all know! 🙂

      • Jenny said

        LOL You called it Banti! 🙂 Just tuning in? you’ve missed the best bits!

      • banti said

        I know:( Had to step out of the house. Watching it on the tube in high definition now! He has some of the cleanest shots of any

  4. banti said

    tennis player out there:)

  5. Jenny said

    WOW! He’s just taken Cilic apart. Fabulous performance and why I’m still up at 1.30am.

  6. banti said

    Jenny are u watching the post match interview. He’s explaining why he’s playing this well! He’s got the mind set to win the Open! OMG. I mean serious contender. Pure talent.

    • Jenny said

      No, I’ve missed that, Banti, Sky were showing a replay of the Baggy match, so I switched off. I’m sure they’ll show it on the ATP site.

    • banti said

      Holy crap love this guy. So humble for the level of talent he has. He’s now got the mental game to back his physical talent, watch out everyone! So interesting in what he felt was the difference between Roger and Rafa with everyone else. He thinks its a 95% mental thing they have over everyone over anything else, and said “with Roger he needs to find something to motivate him again”. I can’t remember a player just stepping up and saying that. Amazing player, great personality.

      • Jenny said

        Well said, Banti. I’m looking forward to seeing his interview!

      • claire said

        I liked how really happy he was in the interview! 🙂 He said he really missed tennis while he was out! I hope he wins today and does really well the rest of hard court season.

      • Jenny said

        Sometimes it takes a great player to be away from the game to get that real hunger and passion back, obviously in his case it was forced due to injury which also ate away at his confidence and motivation. The thing was, he possibly struggled on in discomfort without saying anything, posting disappointing results, losing to tomato cans for over a year before he elected for surgery which is always the last option for any athlete.

      • banti said

        Claire i know, this happiness I felt was a reflection of his confidence and basic look at life. He’s got a great mind set about him that I feel is going to take him to new heights this hard court season. He has the mental game now to go all the way in the Open. Just checked out his match against Nadal last year, in which he blew 5 match points etc.. This type of thing will not happen now! The one thing he needs to do is serve atleast as well as Nadal. Thats not asking much, basically get the first serve in around the 70% mark, basically go for a bit less but place them better to set himself up for an easy shot.

        Jenny yeah the time off from the game really did it for him. He was like well with Roger “he just needs to find something that motivates him now, whatever that is” He instantly sees what Roger’s problem is.

      • Jenny said

        Spot on, Banti! I think David has much insight, he knows his own shortcomings which I’m sure haven’t always been down to injury. There have been times when he looked as if would prefer to be somewhere else, eg the boredom factor kicking in! I’m sure he would understand where Roger’s at right now, apart from the fact that they are both maestros, they virtually grew up together on a tennis court.

      • banti said

        I’m picking it now… Nalbi/Fed US Open final:)

      • Jenny said

        I heard this comment from Rafa myself, but am quoting it here from a respected commenter on another blog. “Apparently when Nadal was asked who would be his chief rivals for this year, he named the players you would expect him to name, then paused for a bit and added “…and Nalbandian,… if he wants to”. This is what I like about Nalbandian, he marches to the beat of his own drum and he’s good enough to do it! Many of his opponents don’t know what to expect on any given day and I think that’s what happened to Cilic last night! Nalby fans need nerves of steel!

      • banti said

        Lol Rafa isn’t stupid:)

      • librio said

        Nadal gave his opinion on Nalbandian in the after-match interview after his 3rd round win over Nalbandian in Miami in March 2010 (in 3 sets: 6-7, 6-2, 6-2). Direct question to Nadal from the journalist on Nalbandian.

        “Q. What makes him so good? He’s beaten Roger eight times. Is it the backhand? Just the whole package?
        RAFAEL NADAL: Everything, I think. He’s very complete player.
        Anyway, look, I’m very happy to see him back after important surgery. He’s a close friend of mine. He is talent, no? He can play very easy. He can make very difficult things very easy.
        So, you know, when he’s playing at his best level he makes you feel like you are nothing in the middle of the court, no?
        So I think it’s strange that one player like David don’t have a Grand Slam victory, because he has everything to win.”

        (Miami Masters 1000 website – Interview transcripts – March 28, 2010 – Nadal)

      • Jenny said

        Thanks, Librio. Rafa’s not wrong.

  7. banti said

    Ohh on the interview Jenny..They asked about his passion for Davis cup. That was one of the best parts! His eyes lit up big time! He mentioned with all the great players Argentina has had , its the one title that the country doesn’t have. He’s fought so hard he feels and it wasn’t enough. He did smile saying they have a good team now:) Bring that passion this month to the U.S hard court season David!! and bring home what you’ve always deserved a GS title.

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