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Federer turns 29 with mixed feelings.

Posted by tennisplanet on August 8, 2010

Being hard pressed to come up with a logical, reasonable and convincing reason for his recent funk, No. 29 may not have come sooner. Maybe Federer may secretly even be hoping he was 30 to not just cool the rhetoric but to lower the expectations based on historical numbers.

There’s no question being 29 along with marriage, twins, FO, No. 15 does take some of the thunder away from most of his detractor’s sail. It may also provide Federer the much-needed respite from the constant bashing on his form lately to allow him to retool with a much more relaxed schedule as opposed to producing something while under a gun.

However, at this point, it’s intriguing to find out which way this new oar will take him as this can also very easily transform into another hugely effective crutch – backed by history – to further add to the baggage already bursting at the seam.

Alternatively, this could be the phase when Jordan goes for the fade away after finally realizing he cannot go through his opponents anymore. Age is a great leveler and far harder to argue with (than just a drop in form) thereby proving to be far more potent in removing the denial fold from the eyes.

Momentarily Federer will have some ammunition and explanation for his losses to tomato cans going forward but in the long run will it be enough to allow him to carry on despite the obvious embarrassment is still an unknown.


3 Responses to “Federer turns 29 with mixed feelings.”

  1. M said

    Happy birthday, Roger, and many many more. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us.

    (And thank you for remembering Roger’s birthday, TP! 😀 )

    • Vr said

      Thanks TP. His drop shot, I think was Jordan’s fade away this season. That may not be enough. he may need a two handed backhand. And may be , just may be, Paul Annacone is an answer.

  2. O said

    Happy birthday, Roger! Thank you for your wonderful tennis and what’s to come.

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