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Live chat: Roger’s Cup, Toronto.

Posted by tennisplanet on August 8, 2010


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  1. Jenny said

    Gssquet has lost in the first round to Stakhovsky who likes to serve/volley. Whatever are we going to do with you Richard, he has the game and talent, but no oomph, fire, or seemingly desire. What a waste!

    • Chieko said

      Oh dear how bad, and how sad for such a promising talent. I agree with you Jenny san.

    • Sol said

      Tell me about Jenny. I was so angry.
      Not because Gasquet lost, but because he completely gave up in the second set. It was pathetic.
      Thanks for wasting my time, Richie. Ugh.

      • Jenny said

        I never criticise a player for losing a match as long as they give of their best, as tennis fans that’s all we can ask. You’re right, Sol, it was pathetic, even more so because he is so talented, Stakhovsy deserved to win. If Richie has injury niggles, he needs to sort them and himself out. You don’t see Simon carrying on like this, he commits himself and fights, and he’s had a real tough time with tendinitis.

  2. Sol said

    Jenny, I just checked today’s schedule. SO many good matches in Toronto: Ferru v. Nalby, Gulbis v. Sod, Gonzo v. Monfils, Fed v. Chela (not that I’ll be able to watch that one since it’s scheduled at 1.30 am Swiss time…).

    • Jenny said

      I know, I checked them out too, Ferru v Nalby is on at a reasonable hour and so is Gonzo. Fed is a little late for me too, but we’ll see exactly what time it is. Right now, I have a sore throat and coming down with a cold. I would imagine Fed will prevail over Chela. Ferru/Nalby could be a right old battle and could go the distance if Ferru’s shoulder is fully healed, and he can handle Nalbs. Gonzo is bound to be rusty after so long sidelined. Enjoy the matches, Sol!

  3. Joy said

    Wow, Battle of the Davids later. And bet trends show Nalby’s the favorite, despite Ferru’s higher ranking.

    • Jenny said

      And bet trends show Nalby’s the favorite, despite Ferru’s higher ranking.
      LOL Big David and little David, although big David is hardly a giant himself height-wise, 5’11” vs 5’9″, sky blue eyes vs green cat’s eyes! I can understand the betting trends given Nalby’s recent performance, but Ferru does lead their H2H 6-4. I hate matches between two favourites, but they do get along with each other so there won’t be an ‘edge’ between them. Could see some racquet throws though!

      • Jenny said

        The bet trend also makes sense: Nalby leads their H2H on a hard court 4-2. Ferrer on clay 4-0. It could go either way. I just wish they didn’t have to meet in the first round!

  4. Sol said

    Anyone watching Ferru v. Nalby?

    Watching Nalby play is like rediscovering tennis. So glad he’s back.

  5. Jenny said

    Gonzo has pulled out. Oh dear.

  6. Sol said

    Nalby wins the Battle of Davids.

    And Ferru is still freaking hot 😉

    • librio said


    • Jenny said

      Nalbs through, well done! Ferru never gave up and it could have gone either way. Did you watch Richard? It was a stinker of a first round for both of them.

      Very freaking hot, Sol 🙂

      • M said

        Sorry I missed that match. I’ve been out all day, and looking at that scoreboard, it must have been the proverbial barn-burner. Argentina David on a roll.

        (And Ferru and Feli trying to win in doubles. Is that being b’cast anywhere accessible?)

  7. Kitty said

    So much for the clowns – nadal/djoker lost in the first round – jokers

  8. clifford said

    Do I drive an hour into Toronto to see Roger play tonight, or stay home and entertain my sister-in-law?
    Help me, people. Help!!!

    • Sol said

      Lol, Cliff. Is that a rhetorical question?

      I’ve been watching a little of the Gulbis v. Sod match. Boring. Too many UEs. Hopefully Fed’s match will be more interesting. Enjoy.

      • clifford said

        Sooooo much more than I can afford.
        But 6th row centre. Woo-hoo! And my sister-in-law understands completely!

  9. Joy said

    I see Nalby’s through but poor Ferru, not at his best here. Other suprising results too, I see- Baggy, Tipsy, Step, Cilic & Petszch all gone! Cilic sick with flu apparently.

    • Jenny said

      Some quality first round casualties that’s for sure. I agree, Ferru was not at his best, too many errors, coming back from injury and he was rusty. I hope Nalby can hang on in there, but I won’t be too disappointed if he doesn’t.

  10. Joy said

    Whoa, Roddick has pulled out too. ‘Chickened’ out against the Taiwanese chicken farmer who plucked him out of Wimby?

  11. Pink and grey?

    • librio said

      More like pink and café au lait, TP. Neopolitan ice cream, see?

      Didn’t think of the neopolitan thing myself, actually. Just saw it on a thread called “Neopolitan Man”. Conclusion of the guy managing that place: “I confess I kinda like the combo.”

  12. Bettyjane said

    Ok I get out of work in minutes and have Tennis Channel. Whoo hooo!!!

  13. Can Chela make his service motion any more gayer?

  14. Broken at love?

  15. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Looking good, so far. Good serves, still rusty. Unable to close out quickly as he used to. Let’s see how he does in set 2.

  16. What’s freaking going on with Federer’s unforced errors? It must be at around 35 by now. Geeeeeeeezzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!

    • librio said

      Seems the ATP top 4 decided to launch their RC-Toronto tournament with extravagant UE numbers!

      Could not find the actual numbers on the web for their 2nd-round matches in Toronto, but watched Federer’s and the 1st set of Djokovic’s and Murray’s. UEs all over the place!

      The one number I did find – Nadal’s match against Wawrinka today: Nadal made 27 UEs in the 92-minute 1st set alone. Uncharacteristic stat for Nadal.

      The good part, obviously: the 4 of them made it through, although I don’t know how long Djokovic will survive the unbearable humidity in Toronto. Even Federer was perpiring lots yesterday – uncharacteristic for him. Nadal and Wawrinka were litterally dripping thoughout their match today.

  17. RafaFan said

    I can’t see it on the live stream display: Did Federer depilate his legs in order to move faster?

  18. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    He breaks! even the net chord, federer’s t-shirt and Chela’s fatigue conspired to hand it to him! Heya Jenny!

  19. And why does Chela not shove the ball in his pocket. And why does he sometimes use the same ball he just served with – again?

  20. banti said

    Hey all missed the Nalbi match, but watching Fed now:) Fed serve and volleying more than usual, very nice. Annacone influence??:) Hope he keeps that up, he does it so well:)

  21. And how did Chela manage that beautiful a wife – for his standards?

  22. Jenny said

    Good win the Roger. I must say, the vet Chela is playing some good tennis of late.
    TP, You are so funny.

  23. Bettyjane said

    Biggest change—-taking the ball super early?

    Is there some lack of child labor laws in Toronto. The average age of the ballboy/girls must be 10.

  24. clifford said

    Just got back home from watching the match. Must say, very exciting to see Roger live.

    TP, I don’t know about Chela’s serve motion ……I was sitting in the platinum section and it didn’t even register on my gaydar!
    I should also put in a word for Fed’s shirt….off the charts on the metrosexual meter! Bravo!

    I’m sending a photo as soon as I can figure out how.

    • Dee said

      Go Cliford! Tell us more.

      • clifford said

        The first set was pretty tight, and the mood in the stadium was tense at times, due to a combination of things.
        Fed’s unforced errors started creeping in early, so every time he hit a clear winner, there was an error (or two) to dampen the momentum. What got a little worrying, though, were the longer rallies where Chela was clearly dictating.
        At one point Chela won ten straight points, including breaking Roger at love! The bleeding pretty much stopped when Roger challenged a call that would have made it 11 straight, and won the challenge. I think he still lost that game, but the mood was now different, and we could all settle down a bit. I was very glad that I hadn’t invested in a great seat to watch Fed have a bad day!

        In the second set he was much more relaxed, and there were many times when we could just watch him play brilliantly and enjoy it. Wish I could take in more, but it’s not to be. I’ll have to settle for television like everyone else.

  25. clifford said

    Okay, TP…done.

    Couldn’t help myself….just had to represent!

  26. Jenny said

    I really liked Roger’s outfit and it’s colour combination. Modern men have been wearing pink for years and that includes some of the middle aged gents at my husband’s golf club.

    • Sol said

      “that includes some of the middle aged gents at my husband’s golf club”

      Lol, Jenny. I think that’s exactly the problem with this oufit.
      I hate it. Nadal’s pink shirts are ugly too, but at least they have a “young and funky” vibe to them.

      Anyway, did you watch the match yesterday, Jenny? Can you comment on how Fed played?

      • Jenny said

        LOL I didn’t mean to make Rogi sound middle aged! There are also young trendy guys at my husband’s club too. I know what you mean though, Roger’s outfit is ‘conservative’. Btw, my son has a pink shirt, he’s younger than Roger and very into fashion and the ladies.

        I thought Roger was rusty in the first set and Chela was playing well going toe to toe with him, I must admit it did surprise me, given Chela’a age and his preference for a clay court, but he’s no slouch on a hard court either. However, once he got the first set in the close breaker, normal service was resumed, but he’ll need to up his game from now on.

    • Bonnie said

      I liked his outfit too Jenny. I’ve always thought men, especially dark or dark haired men, looked great in pink, especially with a tie and jacket. Roger is dark, and the pink compliments his skin and hair color. Why is it women can wear blue, but men can’t wear pink? And why is it automatically assumed that any man who wears pink is gay? I think a man who wears pink, and other supposedly feminine colors, is very secure in his own masculinity. Bravo Roger!

      • Jenny said

        I absolutely agree, Bonnie! Good point, women have always worn blue! Mens fashion and attitudes have moved on since my late father’s day, thank goodness! Men are far more confident in their own skin these days, because it was a stigma to be labelled as gay just for wearing a pink shirt, carrying a man bag, jewellery, colognes etc., they were taunted in the street by yobs, it was grim, sometimes it still happens unfortunately. It all started in the 60/70’s liberation, although some of the stuff they wore was way over the top for guys. The glam Spanish boys couldn’t give a hoot and I love it.

  27. Sol said

    Nalby beats Robredo, with a bagel, in 55 min.
    Good win for Nalby. Sorry for Tommy.

  28. Jenny said

    If I thought David Nalbandian looked tired and wilting yesterday, it’s amazing what appropriate rest can do, he was completely different today, but he hardly had any competition though. He crushed Tommy Robredo 6-3 6-0 and was almost casual in his ruthless efficiency, he barely needed to move, Tommy had no answers.

  29. Sol said

    Wow, Benneteau really blew that match. Djoko was having breathing problems, Benneteau broke twice in each set and was serving for the set in the second and managed to lose the match. Unbelievable.

  30. jett09 said

    Is anyone watching RAfa/Wawi?? Phew brilliant game!! Wawi playing brilliantly and Rafa making too many errors

    • Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

      Rafa just won the first set. Best set of the tournament so far!

    • kitty said

      Amazing set really! Why can’t they pass the finish line against Nadal…so many chances for wawrinka specially i think the 3rd or 4th setpoint where he controlled the set point throughout and just did’nt go for the killer shot he had so many chances. But kudos to Rafa, he is just too big a player on crucial points, the one thing which always works for Rafa in form or out of form

      • jett09 said

        “But kudos to Rafa, he is just too big a player on crucial points, the one thing which always works for Rafa in form or out of form”

        Seconded Kitty.

        Darn I have to go to work. Vamos Rafa!

    • M said

      Jett, I saw LiveScores in that first set and was afraid to watch. I didn’t know if it was Stan playing well or Rafa making UEs.

  31. Sol said

    So Stan had 3 or 4 setpoints and didn’t manage to take 1 set off Nadal? That’s too bad. I saw Stan play at the DC last year and I was so surprised to see how weak he is mentally. If the crowd here wasn’t behind him 100%, he probably would have lost his single’s match which went to 5 sets against some belgian player. His coach also said it was his main weakness. Hopefully Lundgren can do something about that.

    I can’t wait for today’s matches. All top-4 in action. Plus Nalby v. Sod and Berdy v. Dolgo. Any predictions anyone?

    • Jenny said

      Hi Sol. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to see Rafa v Stan. I’m hoping Lundgren will have a positive influence on him because he is a good player.

      I’m rooting for Nalby [of course] Sod’s game isn’t to my taste, and Dolgo today, I find Dolgo refreshing to watch. Predictions….lol I’m not going there! Vamos David.

      • Sol said

        Hi Jenny, I’ll be rooting for Nalby too, ESPECIALLY against Sod, who, I agree, is pretty boring to watch (despite the dimples ;))
        I checked my 2010 GS predictions before, and I actually predicted Nalby will be in the USO final this year. Doesn’t seem unlikely now, does it? Fingers crossed.

        I’ll be cheering for Dolgo too, but think Berdy will win.

        As for the top-4, other than Djoko, I think they’ll all win their matches. Fed v. Llodra should be good, especially if Fed decides to come to the net more often, so we’ll have a real serve/volley match.

      • Jenny said

        I think we’re pretty much agreed, Sol. Looking forward to Fed v Llodra too, that should be an elegant match with great net play, they both move beautifully and Michael has a great lefty serve. Would love to see Nalby in the US Open final, any slam, as a fan it’s a dream for me. I hope he gives himself the best possible chance, especially if he’s taken to a 5 setter, and not knacker himself physically and mentally before, and of course a decent draw. He deserves some luck going his way.

      • banti said

        Sol i’ll need your address so I can send you a fat gift if your Nalby prediction goes through!

      • Sol said

        Lol, Banti. Because you don’t believe it will happen or because you really wish it will?

        Either way, I’ll be expecting my gift in september, and it better be a “fat” one 🙂

      • banti said

        Just because you’ll deserve one if that happens:) And it will be, maybe not a Mercedes but at least you’ll get it!

  32. Sol said

    Ugh. I hate Sod’s stupid serve.

    • D.S.G. said

      Sol, just between the two of us, there is something about both Soderling and Berdych that is disturbing.

      • Sol said

        Lol, ok, don’t tell anyone but I agree.

      • RafaFan said

        Both seem kind of lackluster. Sorry, both are TC & GS losers. When it counts they underachieve. Sod has at least a “funny” voice, kind of Mickey Mouse like Mike Tyson. lol

      • Jenny said

        I’m afraid I do too, ladies.

      • Sol said

        Just to be clear, I have no problem with Sod, except that I don’t like his tennis.
        Berdych, on the other hand, seems a little arrogant and cold, but I like his tennis.

        Jenny, so far so good for David. You watching? It’s nice to see him neutralize Sod’s power shots with a certain amount of ease.

      • Jenny said

        I’ve never warmed to Sod, but I don’t dislike him, actually I’m rather apathetic about him, I just don’t like his tennis.

        I feel as you do about Berdy, Sol – I like his tennis too.

  33. librio said

    Cool! Nalbandian did it again!

    • Jenny said

      Yes!! This is exciting for tennis. David playing chess – wonderful tennis from him. He’s being interviewed by SKY – I haven’t seen him looking this happy and confident in the longest time – fabuloso 🙂

    • Sol said

      So glad he won. Pretty tennis beats powerful tennis. There is hope for this sport 😉

  34. Sol said

    Geez, Fed gets broken already. Not a good sign

  35. kitty said

    Somebody pour cold water on Fed’s face and wake him up!

  36. RafaFan said

    Fed is back! 😉

  37. Sol said

    Lol. Did you guys see Annacone shake his head after that DF?

  38. banti said

    First set Roger. This second set should go quick. I can’t tell how Roger is playing, watching this match though. Started off slow than he picked it up but can’t get a feel for where his game is at right now.

  39. Sol said

    Wow, the comms just commented about how everyone knows that Fed is the joker of the locker room.

    This match is fun. Everyone seems to be enjoying it

    • RafaFan said

      Yeah Michael Llodra enjoyed Roger’s pink shirt for sure! 😉 Geez couldn’t watch the final set! Stream was blocked!

      • Sol said

        Oh, you missed out on all the manloving, RafaFan 😉

        I’ve subscribed to tennis, it’s around 100$/year but I get to watch all the Masters with good quality and commentary.

      • RafaFan said

        @Sol: I’m not a lawyer! Geez!

      • Sol said


        Trust me, I am the lawyer with the worst salary in this country.

      • RafaFan said

        And you can still afford a 100$/year subscription! Your income must be close to Fed’s “ganancias”, no? LOL

      • Sol said

        Lol. Yeah, there are big bucks to be made in child rights. Not enough people know that 😉

      • RafaFan said

        Oh you fight against child labour!? It’s maybe not an easy task to do it from Switzerland? In the far East and in other regions? they produce for less than a 1$ a (pink?) shirt and the importers sell it for $100! The resellers drive Mercedes and the ones who really did the hard work are starving! Go Sol go! Kick their asses! Please!

  40. banti said

    Lol at the underhanded serve.

  41. Sol said

    On another note, MAndy is playing some good tennis. And Monfils isn’t. Weird match.

  42. banti said

    He’ll be fine Sol, he looks a bit more hungry at the moment, than i’ve seen from him recently. And think he’s ready to hand Berdy a bit of a payback. I’m picking a Fed/Nalby final for this tourney!

  43. Sol said

    Eurosport is also showing the Sharapova match in Cincinnati. I don’t know how anyone can stand her and her grunting. Her shots look like they suck all the energy out of her, she makes it difficult to watch.

  44. Jenny said

    I thought Murray was going to cruise through in straights. How the momentum can change, a second set bagel from Monfils.

    • Sol said

      I stopped watching and just saw the score. What happened? How did he manage to get bageled with the way Monfils was playing?

      • Jenny said

        Monfils upped his level and Murray was too casual and dropped his. Monfils fell diving for a ball at the beginning of the third, he’s injured his shoulder, had a med time but is stuggling, now Murray is in the ascendancy, 2-0.

  45. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    What a freak, Djokovic is! With his Oversized head, funky hair, adam’s apple protruding at 45% angle, compressed nasal walls and pain-inducing service motion. How does he live through each day of his life?

    • Jenny said

      I’m not watching Sir V – Is Djoko having breathing probs? It must be cooler by this time. From the scoreboard it doesn’t look as if Hanescu is threatening him.

      • Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

        Hi Jenny, you know, immediately after I posted the previous comment, Djokovic served to the ad court…and the ball landed in the dueuce court!! He’s doing fine otherwise and is about to win over nosferatu

      • Jenny said

        Hi Sir V, thanks, glad to hear he’s doing fine and not gasping – lol nosferatu!

      • Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

        Now he is clutching his left shoulder and looking whipped, screwing up his face in agony. Is there no end to his trials and tribulations?

      • Jenny said

        Left shoulder? For goodness sake – is he okay?

    • Sarah said

      Too Funny. 🙂 I’m not watching; but I can see him very clearly from your description.

  46. Shouldn’t Nadal be using the slice more freaking often, even at his picking, for this match?

  47. How come Nadal is the ONLY player on the tour with bandages on his fingers? What kind of activity is causing them?

    • Dee said

      Go ahead and have your pick 😆

    • M said

      TP, his grip is tight enough that he has a tendency to get blisters, I think.

    • RafaFan said

      Oh come’on TP, Rafa is very intelligent! He’s definitely not doing it the Tiger Woods way! 😉 Roger is once more the BEST to handle the temptations of a good looking GOAT travelling around the world: Mirka is travelling with Roger since the Olympics of 2000! LOL

  48. Dee said

    How does Nadal play like this, I don’t know.I am scared watching him imagine his opponents.

  49. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Kevin Anderson who is 6’8″ tall beat Sam ‘Walmart’ Querey who is 6’6″ tall. I dream of the day when this exact result will be repeated with Anderson being beaten by John Isner who is 6′ 9″ tall. In the finals, he will be beaten by Dr.Ivo Karlovic who is 6’10” tall. Quite literally, Tennis is going way up!

  50. Dee said

    Kevin does well on his serve

  51. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    That announcer makes me wish I could throw him down a well. His patronizing voice during changeovers where he shouts out commercials to the crowd thinking they are kindergarten kids, makes my blood boil.

  52. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Rafa wins. Great show by the endless tower of south africa. By the way, the mic picked up “roger” and then “Mirka” from Nadal as he was speaking to someone in spanish. Also heard: male fan yelling””Rafa!!! I Love you!!!!”

    You think it was Wawrinka? TP?

  53. Dee said

    Love the way Llorda and Fed exchanged their shirts.
    “I don’t know where my head was when I chose pink, but I like it, you know?” Federer said later.

    Read more:

  54. librio said

    Quite a challenge to decide which match turned out to be the least exciting one at the RC-Toronto tournament today.

    Luckily, match results did turn out OK though, except for Davidenko who’s been having a real hard time with his return to the Tour. That’s too bad, IMO: time is running out for Davydenko and he badly needs good h/c results for the remaining of the 2010 season.

    Not surprising, I suppose, that the RC-Toronto site decided to boost things up a bit with an attempt at renewing the Federer/Nadal rivalry (what else is new?) thru Facebook by lauching a soul-defining poll which might alter the future of ATP professional tennis in the coming years. Here goes.

    The Rogers Cup – Facebook:

    “Who wears pink better, Federer or Nadal?”

    Tennis pundits attempted to shake off their own boredom by jumping in with their opinion. Including this:

    “Whose pink side are you on? Nadal’s or Federer’s? I’ll take Federer’s shirt—not really take it, I couldn’t wear it—but I’m not sure about the beige pants. They seem like something he might put on for a trip to the backyard.”

    • D.S.G. said


    • M said

      LOL. Bored commentators?

      I think they both look wonderful and striking in their pink shirts. Real Men Wear Pink. 😛

      • librio said

        I’m with you on this, M. Even more so considering that Federer and Nadal are amongst the rare ATP players who can aesthetically do it on a tennis court. Can you picture a Stepanek or a Murray, for example, playing a Masters 1000 in a pink shirt?

        Btw, Toronto was a very appropriate pick by Nike for the pink shirts!

        Seems tennis pundits don’t go much for summer refreshments, be it traditional neapolitan ice cream or a modern bubblegum cocktail.

        IMO, they’ve been dreadfully bored/boring over the past month. UEs all over the place. 😉

      • Jenny said

        I remember when Dominik Hbarty wore that pink and black cut out number some years ago.

      • M said

        “Can you picture a Stepanek or a Murray, for example, playing a Masters 1000 in a pink shirt?”

        LOL, Librio. I think I *can* imagine it, but I don’t *want* to imagine it.
        😯 😆

        “Seems tennis pundits don’t go much for summer refreshments, be it traditional neapolitan ice cream or a modern bubblegum cocktail.”

        That’s a fabulous analogy. 😀

        “I remember when Dominik Hbarty wore that pink and black cut out number some years ago.’

        LOL. Jenny, I think that will live forever in tennis infamy. 😛

      • librio said

        All getting rather confusing though, M! Nadal is the one wearing the bubblegum cocktail shirt, but I noticed a few times during Federer’s match earlier that Mirka is the one chewing bubblegum frantically. Time to consult with TP here, IMO.

      • librio said

        “I remember when Dominik Hbarty wore that pink and black cut out number some years ago.”

        An unforgettable one, Jenny!

  55. Dominic Anderson said

    I miss tennis so much, I can’t watch anything on t.v, and I don’t like livestream beacuse is too slow for me, when I’m watching a match I see 3 seconds and then it stops, and another 10 seconds to load and just like that the entire time. =(

    • RafaFan said

      Sol advices to subscribe to “tennis, it’s around 100$/year but I get to watch all the Masters with good quality and commentary”. It seems that this service has enough bandwidth available. If you have a >1GB/s provider you should be able to enjoy the matches without stops.

    • Jenny said

      Sorry to hear it, Dominic. I’m not so keen on streams, sometimes they can be very frustrating in more ways than one, especially when they freeze at crucial times, and I don’t like watching a foot away from the small acreen, our UK Bet 365 is pretty good though so I will use them if it’s not on TV.

    • D.S.G. said

      Dominic, once I LISTENED to a radio stream that I picked up from this site. It was really exciting, believe it or not! Where TP has the little box in the upper left hand corner with tournaments, live streams, scores, etc…it’s in there.

      I recommend it —you can picture it in your mind as the commentators tell EVERY stroke (don’t see how they do THAT) so you might want to give it a try.

  56. banti said

    Lets go Nalby!

  57. Bettyjane said

    Is anyone actually watching Murray/Nalby??? I’m surprised at the score so far.

    • Jenny said

      I’m here, Bettyjane. Nalby needs to up his level as of now or he’ll lose the match. Not much working for him today, his serve is off kilter. Murray is playing impressive thus far.

      • Jenny said

        Start to break back now, David.

      • M said

        Surprised at play from both of them, but for different reasons. David’s game seems to be starting to pick up but A-Mur is serving amazingly well.

      • M said

        That last rally was looking pretty amazing till the error.

      • Jenny said

        Agreed, M. Nalby’s lost his zip, not too surprising really. I’m thrilled with the way he has been playing these past weeks and to have him back in the mix is nothing but good for tennis.

  58. Bettyjane said

    Thanks Jen. Well I’m at work and can’t watch but I’ve been wondering how Nalby comes back without showing any signs of rust whatsoever. He should still be well pleased.

    • M said

      Bettyjane, I just heard the ESPN2 commentators say the odds for the USO for David coming in here were 12-1, and Djokovic’s were 10-1, even in light of Nole’s #2 ranking right now.

  59. M said

    And an ace on match point from A-Mur, defending champion.

  60. Jenny said

    Well played Murray into the semis. Sorry David – go rest, he’ll be back!

    • M said

      Definitely. Congratulations to the defending champion, and QFs from David *after* winning the Legg-Mason championship — not so bad, I think. 🙂

  61. librio said

    Bravo to Murray – on he goes in his attempt to defend his RC 2009 title, win his 1st title in 2010 and protect his ATP no 4 ranking.

    Bravo to Nalbandian for very good results in Washington and Toronto – a pleasure to watch him play!

  62. Sol said

    Guys, what happened? How come David lost? I didn’t see the match

    • Jenny said

      Basically he was outplayed, Murray’s serve and returns were great, David’s serve was not. Murray was on fire, David had lost his fire. Different day, different result.

      • Sol said

        Thanks Jenny.
        Nalby already did way more than I expected him to. I think it’s his first defeat since coming back from injury (someone on Joolz’s site said that yesterday). Is this true?

      • Sol said

        Jenny, I replied, but my post disappeared. Anyway, thanks for the info

  63. Sol said

    It’s the first time I see Nadal in Toronto. His pink is actually as bad as Fed’s. He even has a matching sport bag with the pink Nike woosh. Yikes.

    • Jenny said

      LOL I take it you don’t like pink, Sol! Rafa’s shirt is more hot pink, kinda like salmon, Fed’s is a softer pastel. Actually I don’t mind either, but would prefer Rafa in one shade of pink without the baby pink contrast.

    • Bettyjane said

      I just read some interview that Fed mentions he chooses his clothes “a year in advance” and “Didn’t know where his head was” when he picked the pink. Having said that he likes it. At least it’s more subdued than Rafa.

    • Sol said

      Lol, yeah, not a fan of the pink, Jenny. Don’t like it on women either. Maybe a childhood barbie trauma of some sort 😉

      Nadal’s shirt, bandana and bag pink combo is too much.

      Thanks, Bettyjane. One year in advance? That’s crazy.

      • Jenny said

        I don’t wear pink either, although it does suit me, I prefer coral. I’m more into the rich primary colours. Although I can’t wear yellow or orange.

  64. M said

    Kohlschreiber hitting hard. Looks like he’s made some adjustments in his serve.

  65. Jenny said

    Rafa getting into the swing now.

  66. jett09 said

    Exciting match! Rafa’s struggling Kohl playing well.

  67. jett09 said

    Congrats to Rafa, well done!

  68. Kitty said

    Did you guys know Ivanovic is playing a man by name Amanmurudov – the match is exciting so far, she is kicking the hell out of him

  69. Bettyjane said

    Is Federer/Berdych being streamed somewhere special? I’m having no luck (ESPN only showed the afternoon matches and Tennis Channel isn’t airing (Thanks for that handy TV schedule TP)

    • Kitty said

      try atdhe dot net or fromsport dot com

    • M said

      Bettyjane, ESPN2 also has coverage, but they’re splitting it between Sharpova/Bartoli in Cincinnati and Roger and the Birdman in Toronto.

      *rolling eyes at ESPN*

      • Bettyjane said

        Oh Christ! Thanks M. The TV just made it sound like WTA would be airing. And of course that Little League regional match is HUGELY important.

      • M said

        “And of course that Little League regional match is HUGELY important.”

        I could not believe they let that game run *over* today into the beginning of the tennis coverage.

  70. Why are players provided the second chair? Has anybody not noticed how awkward it is to place your racket holding bag on it? Shouldn’t there be table instead, designed specially to fit the bag in a way that is comfortable and smooth to access the bag contents?

  71. Why Federer wants to beat Berdych today?

    1. For beating him at Wimbledon – with that ‘you are going down’ grin throughout the match.

    2. Not winning the finals thereby allowing Nadal to not just win Wimbledon again but move up the Slam chart with a non-red Slam title.

  72. bluechyll said

    It’s revenge time!

  73. Looks like Federer’s shirt is a little short – in length. Couple of inches?

  74. banti said

    Lets go Roger. Punish this fool this time:) Show him who’s the daddy:)

  75. Why is the stadium empty? Revoke the event NOW.

  76. bluechyll said

    Roger looks more relaxed than he did at Wimbledon.

  77. Federer’s serve’s working. Berdych’s not. Federer needs to capitalize before the conditions change. He let Berdych off with 15-40 lead.

  78. jett09 said

    Woohooo go Roger!!

  79. banti said

    The Mighty Fed is back! Prepare for some serious rear end kicking to whoever he plays in the next few weeks. TP you still doubtful of Fed reaching 20, after seeing this:) lol.

  80. Match can only get interesting if Berdych finds his first serve. He is serving at 47%. Federer 61.

  81. Bettyjane said

    I don’t think Berdych has won the first two points in any of his service games

  82. RafaFan said

    1st set for Federer! Well deserved! 🙂

  83. clifford said

    I can’t believe I’m watching this on television when I’m less than an hour away by car. What a loser.

  84. M said

    And a lovely artful BH to finish. Using his allcourt game. First set to Roger 6-3.
    \o/ \o/ \o/

  85. bluechyll said

    Roger won 100% of points off his first serve? Super!

  86. jett09 said

    Golly that went quick! Roger is playing soo good…HE is back!! 😉

  87. banti said

    How cool was that first serve kick serve to end the game.

    • Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

      Never seen him do that since 2006. It was Awesome! Even Annacone had to allow the slow creases of a smile.

  88. Rick said

    Hi all, I’m back from my post-Wimbledon pout-funk in hopes of a better future (He. Got. A. Coach.).

    K, was that backhanded lob on the run for real?

  89. Have you noticed Berdych’s has gotten so nervous after that exchange with the umpire that he is hitting at balls that are out be a mile.

    And that was a freaking hugely confident unbecoming of a tennis umpire exchange with ‘Nobody can over turn the call’ note.

    • Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

      Yeah, he was talking down to the big berd like he was an errant schoolboy trying to escape detention.

  90. Rick said

    Was about to avow my longstanding reputation as a total jinx when I start watching….

  91. jett09 said

    Lol eye candy for everyone.

  92. M said

    Shrieka has choked away 3 match points and so is delaying ESPN2 going back to Roger’s match.

  93. M said

    Beautiful, Roger. Against the wind, even?

  94. jett09 said

    It’s quiet! Everyone must be concentrating. Good luck Roger, I’m off to work.

    • M said

      Have a lovely day, Jett. Send good wishes to Roger before you go — he’s behind by a game in this set.

      • jett09 said

        Thanks M. Reading all the comments I’m annoyed that I didn’t get the chance to watch an exciting match. After watching the first set I thought Roger was going to win it in straight sets. Anyway congrats Roger! Well done!! 😉 Sorry Berdy 😦

        Not sure about Rafa’s match with MAndy. Could be “pay back time” 😕 And as Rafa has said “it’s Andy’s favourite surfrace, noh? so gonna be difficult match”.

  95. Rick said

    God, what a choke.
    Pull yourself together.

  96. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    There goes the second. This is a reminder how 1-2 points can make a difference. My money is still on Federer winning this; if I presently had a $100, 000, 000, I’d wager half of that on a Fed win.

  97. Joy said

    Jenny, just saw the results–sorry about David going down like that. Totally thought he’d win against Muzzah, who hadn’t been playing too well. But I guess this means he can rest a bit now after doing so much better than expected.

  98. Rick said

    [curses even more vigorously]
    OK, I can’t watch any more of this.
    It’s too familiar.
    See you guys later.

  99. Kitty said

    This is so painful, I cannot watch

  100. Bettyjane said

    What kind of game plan does Roger go to when Berdych is serving well?

  101. Bettyjane said

    He used to be able to win not playing his best, now he has to hope the other guy doesn’t play his best.

  102. Kitty said

    I want to be his racket and want to be beaten to pulp

  103. Joy said

    And my gosh look at the fed! Not good score line now.

  104. banti said

    1/11 freaking break points. Im not watching any more of his damm matches till the Open.

  105. bluechyll said


  106. bluechyll said

    Phew, I put all my brain power into that point. I’m drained!

  107. RafaFan said


  108. RafaFan said

    The winner of this match should be the winner of the tournament! Geez

  109. Kitty said

    what a momemtum change can do to your game, now fed playing his shots more confidently and berditch missing his points, ride on this now roger

  110. bluechyll said

    Great hold for Fed!

  111. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    The Chair ump. looks like a marine. I wouldn’t mess with him

  112. Kitty said

    What was berdich complaining in that game he was broken? lack of crowd support? 🙂

  113. Kitty said

    I am trying to remember the last time Fed came back from behind to win in the decider set? anybody?

  114. M said

    I love Roger when he plays like that.
    I’m dead now though. IDK if I’ll survive this tiebreak.

  115. Kitty said

    Oh the dreaded tie-breakers! pity somebody has to lose here. Atleast they are not decided by the guy hitting the first ace wins! 4-0 now..go Fed!!

  116. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Hot damN! Now where did I put away that $ 100, 000, 000 ????

  117. banti said

    Anouncer said world number 1 again:)

  118. Rick said

    Just got home in time for the tiebreak — and both the streams are frozen.

  119. banti said

    This is ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  120. banti said

    Lol im clapping here. 🙂 Haven’t done that ever in a Fed match:)

  121. Bettyjane said

    Eye of the Tiger.

    TP—you can stop working on that obit.

  122. Kitty said

    Apologize to berdych for calling him berdich, fed jingoism took over. He thoroughly deserves an ovation. Great to see Fed back from behind in decider to win, don’t remember him doing that for a long long time now.

  123. clifford said

    Holy crap- had to pvr the last set because visiting sister-in-law has comandeered the tv…..thank god! I couldn’t have handled the stress. yay rog!

  124. RafaFan said

    Guys I tell you Roger is mentally pretty strong! 😉

  125. M said

    Thank you, Roger, for focusing when it mattered.

    (After those giveaways in the 2nd, of course.)

    *passes out*

  126. banti said

    Some serious cojones displayed by TMF tonight. He’s on a mission Fed Fans to get back what’s his.. The Open Trophy. Mentally as sound as you can get from Fed in this match and thats all that matters:)

  127. Anonymous said

    Way to go Roger, what a fighter! Very enjoyable match to watch.

  128. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    TP, it’s ok, you can come out from your place of hiding. The legend won. The world is a safe place again!

  129. Rick said

    The inevitability of straight set victories look mighty appealing after this.
    43 (vs. 28) unforced errors and 2/12 (vs. 2/6) break point conversions.
    BUT he dug it out AND finally — thank you, Jesus — has a coach to talk to about what to correct next time.
    Agree with RafaFan that mentally, he may be on his way back (though the last service game of the second set sure didn’t look like it).
    The true test will be if he faces Rafa in the final.

    • M said

      “AND finally — thank you, Jesus — has a coach to talk to about what to correct next time.”

      Also this. PA totally had his hawkeye on the match, did you see?

      \o/ \o/ \o/

    • banti said

      Paul is going to take him to new heights. I have a feeling he’ll stick around for a while. I’ve never seen someone come in and influence Roger’s game so much in such a short time. There are obv. things Roger is doing on the court that could only be from Paul’s influence. This is pretty amazing to see considering he’s coaching the GOAT. This guy should have jumped on the bandwagon a year ago !

      • M said

        “There are obv. things Roger is doing on the court that could only be from Paul’s influence.”

        You could definitely see an influence, Banti, I agree. Especially in the first set, and also after his problems in the second when he didn’t just go away mentally, but stayed in the match through the TB to fight. (Shades of Wimbly 08. 🙂 )

        “This guy should have jumped on the bandwagon a year ago !”

        I think the way that famous quote starts is “When the student is ready …”

        You remember in that NYT article that O brought us, PA made some very astute observations about Roger’s game; but Roger not only had to find someone excellent enough for him to be comfortable with, he himself had to be at a point where he was ready to hear what suggestions for his game’s improvement someone that good might be able to make.

        I’m thankful it already seems to be working well. 😀

  130. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Mirka looked good next to Paul… Ooops! Good night everyone!

  131. Anonymous said

    If Federer beats Djokovic in semi’s Federer will become #2 by 170 pts.! Of course if Djokovic loses tonight, Federer has #2 back! Federer won in Cini last year and Djokovic made it to semi’s and finals!

  132. Anonymous said

    Well TP you have talked about Nadal’s girlfriend and Uncle Toni having a thing going! 🙂

  133. librio said

    Seems it shall be all top 4 players in the SF at the RC-Toronto tournament this year.

    The Masters 1000 Canada event is lucky with top players. Wasn’t in Montreal last year that all top 8 players reached the QFs for the 1st time ever in ATP tennis history?

    The all top 4 players in SF in Toronto won’t make history, though. I recall the same 4 players reached the SF in Cincinnati 2009. Reverse order both ways in that tournament, however: no. 1 Federer vs no. 3 Murray, and no. 2 Nadal vs no. 4 Djokovic.

  134. librio said

    The singles draw for the 2010 Masters 1000 Cincinnati is out. Nadal and Federer both in the top half of the draw. When did this happen last – sometime in 2005?

    • banti said

      Thanks for this. The problem is Rafa may not make that semi with Big Berd in his way in that draw. Same thing going to happen tom. with Murray likely winning quite easily. Another reason this HtoH bs should never come up again. But if they meet in both(miracle)its a Golden Opp. for Rog to make it 9/14:) heading to the Open.

    • Sol said

      Thanks Librio.
      I didn’t know it was out already. It’s going to be interesting.

  135. Chieko said

    I could not watch the games but reading all the comments slowly I had so much fun again. Please post a lot for fans like me. Have a wonderful time with the semi final.

  136. Jenny said

    I’m sorry, I couldn’t watch live either. Hopefully SKY will broadcast a repeat before the semis. Phew! it sounded like a nailbiter. I enjoyed reading all your commentary.

    • Sol said

      I didn’t watch it either. Thank god.
      I understand Fred made an appearance in the second set before Fed came back in the tie-break to win the match.
      Just read the interviews.
      Berdy is saying Fed got lucky, Fed says he got lucky.

      What are his chances against Djoko?

      • jett09 said

        Sol I’ve never seen Roger play so good in a long time, I think his chances are high against the Djoker.

        Cool I can watch the top 4 players tomorrow. Goodluck Fedal!!

    • jett09 said

      Jenny sorry about David’s loss but I’m sure he’s going to be a good contender at the USO. He has improved so much though considering he has just come back from a long break.

    • Sol said

      Thanks, Jett. There are a few vids of the match on youtube but they’re only showing the tie-break so I can’t get an idea of how well Fed played yesterday.

      I just checked the order of play for today and Fed v. Djoko is scheduled for the night session. It’s the third time in a row that Djoko plays the night session. I’m guessing he requested not to play during the day when it’s hot because of his breathing issues. Which sucks for me cause it’ll be 1 a.m here in Switzerland.

      • jett09 said

        “Which sucks for me cause it’ll be 1 a.m here in Switzerland.”

        Oh that’s not good Sol 😕 . I can stay up the latest maybe 1 or 2am but not later unless no work the following day.

        I saw the first set only and I thought Roger was brilliant! Then I had to go to work so I missed the rest which I’ve learned was full of excitement.

      • Rick said

        I only saw the second set, beginning of the third (when I left work in disgust), and the tiebreak (when I got home).
        There was some brilliant tennis on both sides, Fed seemed more confident and determined than his usual self this year.
        Berd was serving first in the 2nd set, so the pressure was always on Fed to hold just to keep up.
        Twice in a row in the middle of the set, Fed had multiple breakpoint on his serve, but held.
        At that point Berd was holding pretty easily.
        Then at 4-4 Fed had a love-40 lead on Berdych’s serve and totally squandered the opportunity — ended up dumping a forehand into the net to lose the game.
        Fed held to make it 5-5, and Berd to 6-5.
        Then Fed’s serve completely fell apart, a total choke, double faulted twice and ended up losing the game, and the set.
        This meant Berd was still serving first in the 3rd.
        Fed got broken at 2-1 to give Berd a 3-1 lead.
        It was at this point that I shut down the PC and left work.
        Someone else will have to fill in how it went from 5-2 to 5-5, as I was in transit during that.
        In the tiebreak, Berd still serving first.
        Fed got a lucky net cord on the first return that Berd had no way to reach, then held twice to go up 3-0, and had another minibreak on the next point to go up 4-0.
        Then my screen started freezing, so I don’t know how he blew that lead.

      • Rick said

        Sorry, misremembered: Fed didn’t dump a forehand into the net to lose the game at 4-4 in the 2nd set, he dumped it into the next on his last chance to break in the game. See cursing comments above.

      • jett09 said

        Rick thanks for your account of Feds match. I’m impressed how you remember it perfectly well 😉

      • Rick said

        Not hard to remember because it was so agonizing….scorched in my brain cells.
        But you’re most welcome, when I miss a match I know what it’s like not to be able to reconstruct what actually happened.

  137. Andy said

    For those of you who missed the comeback yesterday, it was merely the case of a fragile, weak and gutless guy who lacks heart, mental toughness and character in difficult situations getting extremely lucky and managing to find a way to utilize 20% of the abundance of natural gifts he has been given by God.

    That’s the Fed comeback of course!

    The Rafa comeback, you ask?

    Well that was merely the case of a focused, strong and courageous guy with loads of heart, mental toughness and character in difficult situations playing brilliantly and digging deep to find a way to utilize 150% of the relatively few natural gifts he has been given by God.

    More fair, reasonable and balanced views on the crybaby arrogant Swiss guy and the gracious honourable Spanish guy coming your way soon.

  138. clifford said

    Berdych claims Roger got lucky? I just watched the third set (having had to pvr it due to sister-in-law….aaargh!) and I didn’t see luck having that much to do with it. Yes, a ball rolling over the tape here and there, but nothing on the major points.

    And Berdych’s many complaints about the partisan crowd are pretty silly, really. Partisanship happens in sport, and good athletes are able to make the situation work for them. If they’re not the crowd favourite, they have no expectation to live up to, and the pressure’s off. It all depends on their own psychological fitness.

    Having attended the Fed/Chela match, I can say that it is a very intimate feeling in the stadium. If someone raises their voice, it can be heard all over. Most people, if they found it necessary to talk during points, were whispering or speaking very softly out of respect for the players. When Rafa was penalized for the alleged “coaching” incident recently, he spoke about how loud it can get on the court, and how you can’t hear anything. Of course, I wasn’t there, but I don’t think the acoustic in Toronto is anything like that, and what we heard on television is very similar to how it would be heard in the stadium.

    Plus, the one really offensive thing that could be heard (“Hey Berdych, are you nervous?” at 1-4 in the tiebreak) was met with a groan of chastisement from the crowd. They clearly didn’t like it or approve of it. It is Canada, after all, and we TRY to be polite!

    • Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

      There are always going to be jerks in the crowd. Sad, but true. If the nearby crowd had any balls they’d have helped security evict these troublemakers.

    • Jenny said

      I watched the replay, imho the crowd were very clearly on Fed’s side and Tomas probably felt they were against him, from what I heard on TV today, they were loudly cheering Fed’s winners, Berdy’s winners were greeted with lukewarm applause by comparison, I certainly didn’t hear any nasty taunts as I’ve heard from some international crowds in the past. Having said that, it happens and a player needs to rise above it, turn a deaf ear or it will drive him bonkers, for goodness sake, he’s played enough DC ties to be used to partisan crowds by now. We know it could have gone either way, there were nail- biting moments for both players in the final set, but Fed won fair and square, end of. This is what great players do, they hold on if they’re on the edge of a precipice and try to find a way back from the brink. I like watching Berdy’s tennis, but there are certain aspects to his character past and present I don’t much like, just last week he was whingeing that he hadn’t had enough rest befitting a #1 seed before a match in Washington, ‘threatening’ not to return next year, matches were delayed because of inclement weather, it was the same for other players, Tomas! He was darn lucky he didn’t have to play two matches in one day which happened to players in Buenos Aires. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy watching his tennis, but right now he’s beginning to sound like a sore loser and a diva.

      • Jenny said

        I gather Berdy was given a standing ovation when he left the court.

      • Bettyjane said

        I despise Berdych. I don’t even like the way he signals for his towel to ballkids.

        As for partisanship in the crowd—-most definitely. But didn’t Federer have to deal with that in a MAJOR way against Agassi during the U.S. Open final a few years back.

      • Jenny said

        But didn’t Federer have to deal with that in a MAJOR way against Agassi during the U.S. Open final a few years back.
        Absolutely right. As far as the ballkids were concerned, there was a match last year, I was watching but missed the actual ‘incident’ concerning Berdy, all I heard from the comms was, something like, they should make him get his own towel!

      • clifford said

        Oh, absolutely, Jenny. Federer is HUGE in Toronto, and I would agree with the announcers who said that over 90% of the spectators were there to see Roger win. There is no doubt that the crowd is partisan here. But Berdych was complaining to the umpire on several occasions about the crowd making noise during points, when in fact it was just the sound of thousands of people saying “ooh” when a shot that looked like it was sailing long would hit the line….that sort of thing.

        Like you, I enjoy watching Berdych’s game, but find his demeanor a bit difficult. Having watched a few of his matches on internet streaming, where the cameras are on during the changeovers, it’s difficult to watch the way he treats the ballkids, etc. Not very nice.

      • M said

        >>I despise Berdych. I don’t even like the way he signals for his towel to ballkids.


        Rude to Rafa, annoyed because Roger didn’t praise his game enough after Wimbledon, whining at the umpire after the Chase Challenge had already shown the ball to have gone against him — and that Roger got lucky?


        Berdych may have played well and gotten a lot of Roger’s shots back, but it was Roger’s UEs, like that double fault in the second, that permitted the Berdman to capitalize. And it was Roger’s fight and grit, in addition to his demonstrated talent, that got him out of trouble in the third, and the tiebreak win.

        If Roger plays well, and you his opponent can’t play well enough to beat him, then you lose.
        That’s not luck.

      • M said

        >>I gather Berdy was given a standing ovation when he left the court.

        Jenny, imo he played well. He got a lot of Roger’s shots back that I think Roger thought weren’t going to come back. He’s got an incredible stretch.

        That said, I think the Canadian crowd was generous to give him an ovation, after all that whining.

  139. Rick said

    I second TP’s earlier rant about the posting of results on the Rogers Cup website.
    Who designed that freakin thing anyway? It’s virtually unreadable.

  140. Somebody Else said

    Why doesn’t Murray ever attack Rafa’s second serves?

  141. jett09 said

    Wow what a busy airport!

    • Rick said

      My least favorite airport in the world — nothing but trouble, any time of year.
      And laid out in one long line from end to end, so you have to run your ass off to catch connections if you are invariably delayed.

  142. Rick said

    Nadal can’t get a first serve in to save his soul….TP’s gonna be all over it.

  143. RafaFan said

    Geez Rafa! 😉

  144. Jenny said

    Anyone calling this match?

  145. banti said

    Rafa down a break in the second. Withdraws with obvious injury next game?

  146. Rick said

    Also nice to see Judy Murray with her mouth closed — Chieko would approve. 🙂

  147. Rick said

    This match is a primer in the importance of first serves.
    Sigh, the display. But he obviously needs to pump himself up.
    Back on serve.

  148. Jenny said

    Well played Andy Murray, impressive. Sorry Rafa and his fans.

    • M said

      I didn’t see the match – I’m traveling. But I had a bad feeling looking at the draw and seeing Kohlschreiber before Andy M. on the roster in Rafa’s half — that was the same order from this year’s AO, and I don’t think Rafa went into his match with Andy at full strength because the match with PK took a lot out of him.

      Nothing to take away from Andy, however, especially if he played this match like he played David N. yesterday.

      Rafa said in his post-match interview yesterday he expected this match to be difficult.

      • Jenny said

        Andy clearly has serious intent to defend his points and going into the Open, he played so well and all credit to him. He outplayed Rafa really, but knowing Rafa’s fighting qualities, I thought he would dig in, take the second set and it go to a decider, beyond that it was virtually impossible to predict, imo. To be honest, I didn’t expect Andy to beat Nalby who is a guile player, but then again Nalby looked very lacklustre with far too many errors and poor serves, in many ways his poor performance wasn’t surprising either given his previous efforts, his streak was bound to snap.

        So, onto Novak and Roger. It’s a night match, so Novak shouldn’t have breathing problems, unless there’s a dust storm! It’s a close call, predictions? 🙂

      • banti said

        Jenny tough one, its not a slam so I can’t say Roger is a heavy favorite. Just depends on what type of day Roger is having.

      • banti said

        Jenny Nalby wasn’t at his best and Murray was, I agree with that. David needs to put a bit more pop on those serves to give himself a chance at the Open. Next week I think he has Isner and Djokovic before Murray again so should be fun to see how he does. Really wanta see a Rafa/Nalby match early in the Open:)

      • Jenny said

        Hi Banti, yep I go along with you. Both my Davids have tough draws next week, both on opposite sides of the draw. Hopefully, we get a good enjoyable match tonight. 🙂

  149. jett09 said

    Congrats Andy, sorry Rafa 😦

  150. Jenny said

    The comms have just said Roddick has glandular fever which he’s been carrying for some time. Imo, not looking good for the Open. Get well soon Andy.

  151. RafaFan said

    Last game 84 seconds! 3:0! Geez

  152. Jenny said

    Roger like a whirlwind – very sharp. Can he keep it up and will Novak start fighting back?

  153. Bettyjane said

    Comments are being made on ESPN that he’s trying to beat the weather.

  154. Jenny said

    Rafa in the stands wearing an apple green top. Nice to see him.

    • banti said

      Doing what exactly? Why is he watching this match? What’s up with Novak playing like he doesn’t care? Hope the rain doesn’t get in the way of what should be an exciting final!

      • Jenny said

        Yes, Rafa watching the match like a regular fan. He’ll probably be travelling to Cincy in the morning. Roger’s not allowing Novak a foot in the door.

      • Bettyjane said

        Brad Gilbert (who I hate) had a good point. Rafa’s scouting Fed in person to see the changes with Annacone.

      • banti said

        Brad Gilbert worse than Wilander in my opinion, 500 times worse.

  155. Rick said

    Nole playing like crap, what’s the respective UE count at this point?
    Still, have to say I prefer this to last night’s roller coaster (not in terms of tennis quality, just in terms of my own comfort level 🙂 )

  156. Jenny said

    I’m feeling for Novak, he’s being blown away.

  157. Rick said

    Here we go. Take the first set breezily, then eff up the second.
    Does this all the time of late….

  158. banti said

    wow we have a match now!:) Novak’s sinuses must have cleared.

  159. Jenny said

    Djoko fighting back, on serve. That’s better.

  160. jett09 said

    Darn I fell asleep missed the first set. Hmmm didn’t miss much. Gooo Roger!!!

  161. Rick said

    OK, this is really beginning to look like women’s tennis, waiting for the other one to make an error….

  162. Kitty said

    Roger also needs to hire an indian yoga instructor to improve his concentration skills. He just lets people back into the game just with his unforced errors. He plays sublime in first set and beginning second set slowly has these dreaming lapses.

  163. Rick said

    Roger cultivates his longstanding relationship with the net

    • Rick said

      That was just….great. Now we have to suffer through another set.
      Well, even if he wins, he can’t play like this against Murray.

  164. jett09 said

    Wooohooo..what a shot Roger!!

  165. Rick said

    Unforced errors.
    Break point conversion.
    Unforced errors.
    Break point conversion.
    Unforced errors.
    Break point conversion.

    I know, easy for me to say.
    I just wish I didn’t have so many opportunities to say it.

  166. banti said

    Oh brother here we go again, nail biting 3rd set. Too much pressure for a Masters 1000!

    • Rick said

      LOL dare I say you asked for it: “This is super boring to watch.” 🙂

    • Rick said

      Banti were you the one who said yesterday that you weren’t watching any more of his damn matches until the Open?
      I may join you….

      That break was totally unearned.

    • banti said

      Rick I think he’s going to end this without the unnecessary torture from yesterday! But get ready to pull your hair out for the Murray match 😦

  167. Kitty said

    I want to be djoker’s lungs and allow my friend asthma for a game or two

  168. Kitty said

    what the freak is that caption at the back near the ballboy “LOVE MEANS NOTHING,CA” weird!

  169. Sol said

    Wow, just got home. I thought it was the alcohol in my blood making me hallucinate, but no, the match is still on.

    Rick, what do you mean “the break was unearned”?

  170. banti said

    If Fed squanders this break i’m going to have an freaking hernia.

  171. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    My head has lost count of the number of times it has been introduced to my hands…

  172. Kitty said

    Fed’s backhand balls are landing in the center of the court..sitting duck

    • banti said

      This is the freaking problem this whole match. He’s pushing his balls in to avoid errors!

      • Rick said

        Yeah, what I said above:

        When Federer holds back and just keeps the ball in play, he gets pushed around.
        When he tries to be aggressive, he makes unforced errors.
        So…how does he get aggression back that he can rely on?

        Annacone has his work cut out for him….

  173. Jenny said

    Struth, deja vu.

  174. Rick said

    Great, my stream just died.
    I’ll take this as my cue to stop jinxing the proceedings and follow along here.

  175. Jenny said

    Fed’s matches these days should carry a public health warning. Break point Novak. >deuce

    • Rick said

      LOL this just caught my eye as, even though my stream is back, I just can’t watch any more, it’s too gruesome.


    • RafaFan said

      So true! lol

  176. Jenny said

    Adv – Djoko > deuce

  177. banti said

    Fed break him here, lets not worry about a tiebreak , cool?

    • Rick said

      I thought you were being ridiculously pollyannaish about this, but I stand corrected — so please keep it up tomorrow.

  178. Sol said

    There were at least 4 times in the last 5 minutes where I was thinking Fed should give up, he’s not winning this match. But he looks like he still believes he can, so why shouldn’t we, right? at least he’ll go down fighting.

  179. banti said

    Tennis Gods please give this fool the title tomorrow. He freaking deserves it!

  180. Sol said

    Woohooo, Fed rulezz.

    He regains #2 spot right?

    • Bettyjane said

      Yes Sol!

      • Sol said

        YES! Thank you Bettyjane.

        Not as good as #1 but better than #3.

        Koening and other commentators pick MAndy for the win tomorrow. I’m not so confident about that.

        And you know what people, I don’t care what anyone says, Fed might not be playing like he used to but he’s fighting like he used to and that’s all that matters to me as a fan.

        Now I’m off to bed cause I’m a little tipsy. Good night

    • Kitty said

      Annacone has got good omen with him, atleast Fed now believes in a coach (hopefully) and he really fought hard these last 2 matches from the brink of defeat. Good to see, but I hope he can work on why he loses concentration a lot more nowadays. Beginning of second set in masters and end of second set in grandslams

      He has now played 2 matches close to 2.5hrs consecutive days and will again play tomorrow. No wonder he thinks masters are more tiring than grandslams.

      Feels soooo good! Hope he wins tomorrow. Would be a great start to the hard court season.

  181. Rick said

    OK, that settles it, I *am* a jinx — things went really well when I stopped watching.
    I guess this means I can’t watch the final?
    But he can’t play like this against Murray and expect to win (except for possible mental advantage of late):
    43 unforced errors (same as last night) and 5/12 break point conversions (vs. 2/12 last night, woohoo, improvement).
    He seems to be playing on sheer will power at this point.

  182. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    I expect a fresher Murray to prevail tomorrow. 6 sets over two days and the possibility of playing 3 moreon day 3 is tough for Federer or anyone else not named Nadal.

  183. Andy said

    But let’s make sure NOT to give Fed any credit for mental toughness at the end of this one.

    No, we wouldn’t want to do that. Remember, Fed is just a multi-talented underachiever who should win every match he plays! Perhaps every point?

    Fed is not the guy we say things like “mental toughness” about. Just couldn’t do that. That type of compliment is reserved for that other guy. You know, the guy with the heart and extreme focus. He ‘s from Spain I think.

  184. jett09 said

    Wooohoooo congrats Roger!!! Sorry Nole 😦

    One more to go Roger, rest up it’s gonna be a tough one tomorrow.

  185. jennifur said

    sad 4 nole … good win 4 fed…

    shud b good final tmrw …

  186. librio said

    If my calculations are correct, Murray has ensured himself today of retaining his ATP no. 4 ranking Monday. Whatever happens tomorrow. Good news. Murray’s point margin over Söderling would be rather slim should he lose his RC title to Federer tomorrow – 75 points, I believe.

    Federer has ensured himself today of regaining the ATP no. 2 ranking Monday.

    • Jenny said

      Whatever the outcome of the final in Toronto, I think Murray deserves to hang on to his current #4 ranking. Fed #2 on Monday? That’s good too. I was also very pleased to see Djoko starting to fight again, I hope he can overcome the tortuous daytime heat/humidity in Cincy.

  187. librio said

    Hence, we’ll have Nadal and Federer both in the top half of the draw for the 1st time in years in the Cinninati tournament next week. But Nadal and Federer will actually be ranked world nos. 1 and 2 when playing in Cincinnati. A bit weird.

  188. Dee said

    watched first 2 games and I got goose bumps watching Fed play.6 mins to complete 2 games!Sundays/ Church/Tennis/ don’t go together so missed the rest of it.Thanks to you tube I had a glimpse.

    • Dee said

      more more

      • Sol said

        Thanks Dee.

        I didn’t see the match yesterdays but looks like Nadal was outplayed. MAndy is playing well again.

        I read that Nadal said he wasn’t feeling 100% well physically during this tournament. Anyone know why?

      • Anonymous said

        Yeah Sol MAndy played brilliantly, Rafa struggled.

        “I read that Nadal said he wasn’t feeling 100% well physically during this tournament. Anyone know why?”

        Really? During his match I commented that he didn’t look very enthusiastic as compared to his previous matches. Hmmmm hope he’s okay.

      • jett09 said

        Yes Sol MAndy played brilliantly. Rafa struggled.

        “I read that Nadal said he wasn’t feeling 100% well physically during this tournament. Anyone know why?”

        Really? I commented earlier during Rafa’s match that he didn’t look enthusiastic (as compared to his previous matches). I thought his body language was very negative. Hope he’s okay.

  189. clifford said

    What a nailbiter! Thank god for pvr–couldn’t have handled that in real time with all the breaks….would have gone squirrely.

    Must pvr the match this afternoon…..although wouldn’t be surprised by rain delay. It’s very humid here right now, and looks like rain for sure in the next few hours. Match supposed to begin in less than two hours.

  190. Bettyjane said

    Well the TV schedule says it’s “live on ESPN” but that’s not correct info since they’re airing it at 3 and it’s supposed to go on at 1:30, weather permitting.

  191. What the heck is going on? I just tuned in. 3 freaking 0?

  192. Bettyjane said

    I have the stream from hell. Fromsport is crap. Is anyone in the US watching this somewhere else?

  193. Rick said

    Hello, that’s more like.

  194. Somebody Else said

    Bettyjane, try if nothing else is working. That’s where I am.

  195. banti said

    One more break to much to ask ? He usually starts off so well, not sure what happened to go down 3-0.

  196. Rick said

    Agh, when he goes for the aggressive shot, he nets.

  197. Federer may have already achieved more than he may have expected here. Win here will shake everything reaching the tremor as far as the US Open.

  198. Sol said

    Well, well, well.

  199. Rick said

    Well, the old GOAT still has it in him, apparently. 🙂

    • Sol said

      He looks exhausted though.

      • Bettyjane said

        He actually mentioned in his on-court interview last night to feeling “beaten up” and Murray’s advantage playing first yesterday. Then he backpedaled saying he’s used to this sort of thing.

      • librio said

        “He actually mentioned in his on-court interview last night (…)” “Then he backpedaled saying (…)”

        What else is new?

        That’s probably one of a couple of things Federer has been doing with increasing consistency since the FO 2009, IMO. This during his interviews and DS during his matches.

  200. banti said

    Down 5-4 , 15-30, second serve, Roger digs deep and win the point. Key point, may win him the set!

  201. Somebody Else said

    hahahahaha, oh man!

  202. Rick said

    Yeah, great, get broken three freakin times in the first set…

    • banti said

      The last time was just strange. Huge mental lapse.

    • Sol said

      Come on, Rick. He did well. But he’s clearly not at his best and MAndy is fresher.

    • Rick said

      Sorry, Sol, I’m with M, I can live with a slow start, but there’s no excuse for that service game at 5-5.
      This from last night’s presser about the Djokovic match: “But, you know, I kept trying [after the 2nd set], and I thought I had it all wrapped up at 4-1 [in the 3rd set]…”
      Which kinda indicates what people here have been accusing him of, getting ahead of himself mentally.

  203. There will come a point in this match when yesterday’s matches will begin to dictate proceedings where No. 29 may not look that bright against No. 23.

    • banti said

      I mean has that point already come, what else explains that slice backhand to the bottom of the net at deuce on his service game?

  204. Somebody Else said

    The commentators are cracking me up for a change: “Anything you can do, I can do worse.”

  205. Federer HAS to win this to provide full justice to the two close matches preceding this as ideal mental preparation to win the second title.

  206. Try something new for a freaking change: ENJOY each and every shot from both players as a TENNIS fan instead of a player fan – and save yourself from passing out. Geeeeeeeeeezzzzzz!!!!!!!

  207. Have you noticed the retrieving ability of both players today? Every freaking ball is coming back.

  208. Somebody Else said

    It’s a strange thing when people go crazy simply when Federer holds serve, but you can understand why.

  209. What’s wrong with Federer’s hair? No bounce.

  210. Sol said

    Those dropshots just prove how tired Fed is. Plus he’s grunting a little. How many times have you heard that?

    • banti said

      Yeah more grunts/game than usual.

      • M said

        I noticed that against Berdych, that he was grunting a little on serve.

        (I remember him doing it a little against Marat in the 05 AO SF, like he was trying to figure out how hard he needed to serve to make it utterly unreturnable against an opponent who was giving him a hard time.)

        I don’t mind it at all. Whatever works. 😛

  211. Have you noticed that Federer almost NEVER fails to execute the drop shot? I mean it never fails to clear the net.

  212. Drop shots from Federer succeeding against Murray has far stronger and deadly implications than against any other player. It’s like beating you at your own game.

  213. Federer smashing the ball in the net after losing a point seems like a recent development. He just did that in the last game and had couple yesterday against Djokovic. Is that the precursor to the racket smashing?

    Another indication of his frustration is when he begins to talk to himself and the umpire.

  214. I don’t think Federer showered today. Hair?

  215. Wonder where Mirka’s and Annoconne’s thoughts wander during the match since they are so close to each other and Federer is not only not there he never looks up?

  216. Did you notice this yesterday? Whenever the camera came on to Djokovic’s coach AND he realized it, he instantly started clapping or barking ‘Come on’ even though Djokovic was not even close to looking up.

    It was so freaking obvious what was evoking the drama – also called career planning.

    • Somebody Else said

      I noticed it, yes.
      I also thought he believed Djok was gonna win the match, but it didn’t happen.

    • Rick said

      I noticed the coaches were in cheerleader outfits.

      • M said


      • Rick said

        It’s an odd tournament indeed when Murray wins best dressed honors, M….

      • M said

        LOL, Rick. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t give away those honors to AndyMur so easily.

        I think Roger looks like a lovely strawberry sundae in his pink, and Rafa looked like a raspberry parfait in his (though I hope he retires that hot pink now, as he doesn’t seem to do as well in it in tournaments as I’d like).


  217. Why don’t players just sit together and chat when there is a rain break or anything like this? After all, they are not enemies. This current behavior certainly makes them.

    Just pull a freaking table too and have some tea and one of the lineslady can perform the belly dancing.

  218. Who is the freaking guy sitting alone in that area, and can be seen when players are serving?

  219. RafaFan said

    Ok, let Andy win this and Rogie the US Open, no? Sol, btw I’m watching sur TRS2 😉

    • Sol said

      Yeah, what you said. Let Andy win this one so we can go to bed and Roger can go rest and prepare for his title at the USO.

      RafaFan, we have the TSR2, SF2 and TSI2 all airing the match today. You live in CH?

      • RafaFan said

        SF2 decided to quit the match and they are airing now what: Spiderman 3! Geez. Anyway it doesn’t matter. lol. Regarding your question: yes. 😉 It’s raining here too. Another finding is: “Chatting” on Tennisplanet is more interesting than watching this final, no? This make this site so unique. The ATP tour + tennisplanet is the non plus ultra. Poppers like. (never tried it, lol). It’s like a drug. At least as long as Feddie and Rafa are around, no? lol. After Feddie retires TP can shut down his blog for sure! Amen. lol

      • Jenny said

        After Feddie retires TP can shut down his blog for sure! Amen. lol
        Oooh No! 🙂

      • RafaFan said

        @Jenny: Believe me everything comes to an end.

      • Sol said

        Raining here too, RafaFan. And yes, thank god TP has provided us with this site.

        I’m a little bored with this match. Want to go to bed but am too curious to see whether or not Fed can turn this around.

      • Jenny said

        Tell me about it, Rafafan!

      • RafaFan said

        @Sol: “Want to go to bed” Oh come’on! lol It’s not over yet!

  220. Jenny said

    Hi Everyone!
    What a frustrating final! This must be so frustrating for the players to get a decent rhythm going. To me Roger is looking sloppy and a little jaded, Murray has come out to play, right now he’s looks as if he’ll defend his title unless he has a meltdown.

  221. Bettyjane said

    ESPN noted Roger looking very stiff during the rain delay, citing probably that his back is an issue today. Also—the word “grumpy” has been tossed about as well, lol!

  222. Doesn’t Federer looks like he is in need of shades? That face makes the nose even more conspicuous. Any more and it may start impeding the backhand just like Serena’s tattas.

  223. Bettyjane said

    If anyone is still around, they’re back and playing.

  224. Did the rain break help Federer regain the taste lingering from the last match and recover from what happened here? Third set could be the good news receiver.

  225. And why are chairs empty right behind the server?

  226. Shouldn’t Murray improve on the face he makes when receiving serve? You have any idea what that indicates? Constipation?

  227. Jenny said

    Congrats [H]Andy! Well played. Flashes of vintage Roger, but sadly just enough of it these days.

  228. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Well done Murray. Two great serves did it for him under pressure. Never seen a to 10 player rush to hug his mom after a master’s final. Ha ha

  229. Sol said

    Fed really blew it at 15-30 when he shanked that FH but congrats to MAndy.
    That hug he gave his mom was sweet.

  230. RafaFan said

    Congrats Mandy. He beat the #1 even more convincingly. No?

  231. Bjornino said

    The better player won and jusly so. Wonderful to see Murray finally return to mentally believing that he can dominate Federer. He’s always had the game to beat him, hopefully now the mind will stay with him as well. Next task: Beat Federer in straight at a GS. Congrats Murray for a well deserved trophy after beating the world no 1 and 2 back to back!

    • banti said

      Lets win a set against Fed in a GS first, lol. But good job Murray.

      • Sol said

        Lol, Banti. True.
        I won’t say he dominated Fed either. Getting broken twice by a tired Fed does not qualify as dominating in my book.

      • Jenny said

        Agreed, Banti and Sol. I wonder why Fed is looking so jaded these days because he actually hasn’t played that many tourneys, but to be fair, neither has Murray, and given his age [23], I would expect him to be the fresher of the two.

      • Bjornino said

        Somehow I had a feeling that statement would evoke comments from you two. Think what you want – but he beat Federer (who’s now gone nine tournaments without a win) in straight sets, and that’s a fact.

      • Bjornino said

        I meant Sol and Banti. Hadn’t seen your post when I wrote, Jenny.

      • Sol said

        “Think what you want – but he beat Federer (who’s now gone nine tournaments without a win) in straight sets, and that’s a fact”

        So what? What are you, 10? What’s your point? We know he beat Fed in straights. Just like he beat Nadal in straights and with less of a challenge. So what? Did any of us feel the need to congratulate Mandy for being such a worthy winner yesterday? Maybe you should look at your comments before commenting on mine and Banti’s.
        Had Banti made that comment about the next step being beating Nadal in straights at a GS, you would have called him a hater, which is your favourite word.

      • Bjornino said


        I will disregard the immature personal attack “What are you, 10?” since I assume you too are griefstricken by Federer’s loss to refrain from going down that path. And no, I would not have called anyone a hater who had congratuled Andy for beating Nadal in straight sets. If you read everything I wrote in my comment you would have seen that I congratulated Murray for beating BOTH Nadal and Federer. But I guess you choose to ignore that I did that? I hope you will be able to sleep well tonight after Federer’s loss Sol, but I doubt it. And that’s scary.

    • RafaFan said

      @Bjornino “Wonderful to see Murray finally return to mentally believing that he can dominate Federer”. Not only Federer also Rafael Nadal el numero uno! Geeez! Pobrecito Rafa, tiene menos chance contra el en HC. On the other hand this is just ONE title! His first freaking title! And the season is almost over. I wonder how Mandy would perform vs Berdych.

      • Bjornino said

        Well my point was sort of: Murray has ALWAYS had the game to beat Federer (regardless of what Sol and Banti choose to think) and it’s been a sad thing to see him fall down to Roddick-level in that department after dominating Federer head-to-head from 2006-2008. After the US Open final 2008 he somehow stopped believing and that’s why this match was HUGE for Murray. And it was good to see him really stick it to Federer and not choke. He beat Nadal and Fed convincingly (yes, I’d call straight sets convincingly and disregard the “tired yada yada blah blah”. If a player goes out to play a match such excuses are moot) and he’s a deserving champion. And Nadal is the one of the conquered top 2 who got more rest. Federer played as many matches as Murray, but lost. So Nadal for the US Open win!

      • Jenny said

        This is a good result for Andy and well deserved. He has to beat other quality players on route to another final, [clay aside] not only Fed, also Rafa, Djoko, Berdych ..etc etc.

      • Barbara said

        Bjornino’s dislike of Federer is even bigger that his like of Nadal!

      • Jill said

        Just back from holiday and caught the end of the match (great effort from both). Immediately caught by the usual comments from Bjornino. Please get over yourself, do you have any understanding of how biased you sound? You’re always going on about Fed nuthuggers but clearly don’t see your own Nad nuthugger tendencies. Truly laughable.

      • RafaFan said

        @Bjornino So Nadal for the US Open win! Are you kidding me? Did you forget that he lost badly to the Rogers Winner of 2010 – YESTERDAY! Our Rafa is made for clay not for hard courts. For the clay court season danger is ahead if DelPo and maybe Nalby find their way back! I’m sure that the matches are getting tighter and tighter and therefore it will be more and more difficult to win GS titles which could lead to the situation that Feddie could be the measure of all things for a very very long time.

      • banti said

        Lol Rafafan , don’t mind him:) He doesn’t understand the surface concept just yet. Bjornino do yourself a favor and go to the ATP site, punch in Rafa vs any of the top 8 players and check how he’s done in the last 2 years vs each player on a hard court. After you do this get back to us. If your still on the Rafa will conquer all rant you love to be on , well…:) Rafa has as much of a chance to win the Open as I do:)

      • Bjornino said

        Same suggestion to you. Read my comments. I congratulate Murray for beating them BOTH. He’s a worthy winner. In short (and I have stated this many times here): Federer is a great player, only a retarded person would claim anything else. But he’s smug and I dislike his persona. The posters on this blog (and this is an oxymoron since TP constantly brings up the truths about Federer’s personality, but I guess that’s why you are all here, to guard and defend him 24/7 from TP’s statements, which I assume you all deep down know are true, otherwise you wouldn’t have bothered) are 95% Fed-fanatics and anyone who voices a differing opinion will face a verbal lynch-mob. I wrote that I was happy to see Murray being back mentally vs Federer. HOW is that “hating”? When some ppl here write stuff about Nadal using doping substances and other blatant lies and attack, then NONE of you will say anything.

      • Sol said

        Please, give us all a break and cut the “I congratulate Murray for beating them BOTH”. As much as you’re now trying to make it all sound diplomatic, your comment about how the next step should be beating Fed in straights in a GS kinda contradicts all that.
        You’re the king of personal attacks here, calling anyone with an opinion about Nadal a “hater” and your last sentence to me about my sleeping tonight was really so much more mature and unpersonal, right? You made TP block Pommesdesuisse for saying Nadal was doped, so what are you whining about? Especially since just one week prior to this you were telling me and Pommes that if it depended on us, we would probably censor your posts here. Then YOU go and ask to block a blogger. The irony of it all is really quite unbelievable.

      • banti said

        Its not a mental thing, Bjornino. Roger plays super consistent when it matters, in slams. With a very low unforced error count etc, not the >35 per match he had this week. Mandy will be the first person to tell you he’s gotten outplayed by Roger in the slams. And why would we need to hear how good Fed is from you of all people? I’d rather hear Mandy calling him the greatest player to pick up a racket once again as he did today:) And for as many character flaws Roger has its the many more amazing character traits that have drawn millions of fans from around the world. He maybe the most popular athlete in the world in terms of a fan base! No one is hating anyone, just you by the way. We do not verbally tell you why we dislike another player or how that particular player’s personality stinks, thats you. So enough of the name calling (fed fanatics, hater) etc and lets just watch some tennis.

      • Sol said

        This: “and this is an oxymoron since TP constantly brings up the truths about Federer’s personality, but I guess that’s why you are all here, to guard and defend him 24/7 from TP’s statements, which I assume you all deep down know are true, otherwise you wouldn’t have bothered”

        is the weakest argument I have ever heard, which basically should tell us we don’t even need to bother getting into these discussions with Bjornino anymore.

      • Bjornino said

        Apparently you don’t bother discussing things since you refrain to personal attacks, Sol. “So what? What are you, 10?”
        Now stuff like that, even coming from someone who apparently lets her life be dictated by Federer’s ups and downs on the court is what really turns me off. And since you are clearly unable to discuss without getting personal, for whatever reason, then there is clearly no use in doing it.

      • Sol said

        “Now stuff like that, even coming from someone who apparently lets her life be dictated by Federer’s ups and downs on the court is what really turns me off”

        Again, you are completely unaware of yourself, that’s what’s scary. You are the king of personal attacks just like that one. Mine and Banti’s comment in reply to your inital post had nothing personal to it, you’re the one who took it there and clearly I’m not the problem here since you seem to have irritated more than just me. And the “is what turns me off” part, well, this might sound harsh but: who cares?

      • Bjornino said

        No Sol, YOU started that. I was discussing tennis, and tennis only, up to the point when you came up with the “So what? What are you, 10?”. You need a reality check.

      • RafaFan said

        @Sol & Bjornino: Is the Tea for Two project cancled???? Sigh! I heard that on the RF site a couple even got married! Later on their kids can send Federer a thank you card, no? lol! Feddies goatness has no limits! Btw my roots go back to WWII and without Adolf I would not write this post! LOL

    • Jill said

      ‘Hating’, where did I mention that?
      Character preference is just that and TP is here to provoke us.
      I most certainly don’t think Nadal takes any illegal substances and have said so before.
      It is perhaps your glee in Murray’s win that is bemusing.

  232. banti said

    Nice job Murray, well deserved. Fed nice step in the right direction! Now do some last minute fine tuning, defend Cinci! to pump yourself up for the Open! Unforced errors a bit to high on Fed’s end to ask for a tourney win, he’s almost slam ready though. Amazing week of tennis , haven’t enjoyed so many matches in one week this whole year!

  233. RafaFan said

    Has anybody a clue why Annacone was not present? Huh? Does he have a girl friend or did he already know that the game was over even before the final started? Or was he already fired by Fed? Tomorrow we’ll find out. lol.

    • M said

      Dear Jeebus, I hope Roger doesn’t fire him.

      (Though not ruling out the possibility 😦 )

      Having watched Roger this tournament, with his fighting fire back at so many points, I can’t help but think the times when he was firing on all cylinders had inspiration from his work with PA.

  234. jennifur said

    gr8 win 4 the scot. needed that 1….

    fed good effort.

  235. librio said

    Bravo, Murray!

  236. How soon the stadium clears after the final point of the championship is predicated on who the people wanted to win.

    • RafaFan said

      Thanks TP you are a pro psychologist! 🙂 Only Fed and Rafa are really great and have charisma. One greater than the other. LOL. Sorry the rest is a shot in the dark.

    • Jenny said

      LOL They were probably more hacked off with the rain delays and wanted to get home!

  237. Dominic Anderson said

    Cincinati: Kim Clijsters def. Maria Sharapova 2-6, 7-6(4), 6-2


    • Sol said

      I just saw that, Dominic.
      Great comeback from Kim, she was down a set and faced 3 matchpoints in the second (I think, there was a rain delay after that) and managed to win in the end. I just love this player, she makes me watch the WTA.

      • Bettyjane said

        I saw it as well..
        I find it utterly fascinating that Sharapova suddenly stopped shrieking in the latter part of that match

      • Sol said

        I agree Bettyjane. The comms were saying the same. She got so silent, I was almost worried about her. And Kim, coming back from injury and not having played any tourneys in months, and then being in alot of trouble in that match but still managing to win it, is such an achivement. She’s really great.

  238. Stella said

    Toronto is a tournament that I often go to and we get lots of it on TV but this year we missed almost all as we had visitors from the Uk. I was in Niagara most of the time and could not believe I couldn’t get it on TV at the hotel which was on the Canadian side of the falls. ( they had a package of American channels and the sports one was ESPN who were not covering it ) I watched Fed v Berdych at the casino on the TV there and it was amazing how many people were watching it. There was a cheer from the crowd at the end and one guy at the blackjack table turned and gave us a high 5.
    We got home in time for the final and my thought was — Peter Burwash is the best analyst out there ( IMO Cahill is next).

  239. Bento said

    Very shaky performance from Federer. It seems he’s going to have to learn to play tough more often. By the way, every top-ten player has the game to beat Federer, and definitely Murray can beat Federer consistently. None of that has to do with the clear superiority of Federer’s tennis, which defines how it is supposed to be played, i.e., perfection. You won’t see anything like the definition, but it’s right there in the middle of chaos.

  240. jett09 said

    Wow that was painful! 😦 Sorry Roger, well done Murray, a well deserved win.

    Anyway, TP you amused me so much of your funny comments 😆 , it made my day 😉

  241. Jenny said

    As at 16th August, bookies odds for the US Open winner. [copied and pasted]

    Rafael Nadal 4.00
    Roger Federer 4.00
    Andrew Murray 4.52
    Novak Djokovic 17.00
    Robin Soderling 20.00
    David Nalbandian 26.00
    Tomas Berdych 26.00
    Andy Roddick 34.00
    Marin Cilic 95.00
    Sam Querrey 101
    John Isner 105
    Nikolay Davydenko 114

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