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Tennis players @ White House.

Posted by tennisplanet on August 8, 2010


6 Responses to “Tennis players @ White House.”

  1. MM said

    I’ll say this, he’s affable-a malignant narcissist out to remake my country, only “better” but seemingly and superficially easy to talk to on neutral subject like tennis.

    • M said

      Tell ’em how you really feel, MM. Don’t hold back.
      And while you’re holding forth, please don’t remember whose Administration created the economic, environmental, ethical, and military disasters in this country from which the current CIC is breaking his back to extricate us.

      • MM said

        the economic meltdown-pREgressives and their CRA started this meltdown despite numerous warnings from the Bush administration to rein in the disastrous policies of Fannie and Freddie
        the environmental disaster-ahhh WTF are you talking about, oh yeah, Obama’s EPA declared CO2 a pollutant-snicksnick-so quit breathing, OK?
        the ethical problems-again, you might consider moving out of Herr Olbermann’s nether regions and yaknow, get current
        the military disasters-really dude, what planet are you on? As we speak, Iraq, while crusty is a success thanks to the Bush Surge that Obama seems determined to destroy by following the pointless timeline for withdrawal-fact is Obama doesn’t care a whit for the 1,000s lost and the billions in treasure we spent to secure Iraq-he claims success for himself now(narcissism, recognize it M?) while he was one of the traitors screaming “the war is lost” when Bush put his ass on the line to secure victory-a lesson the child in the WH will NEVER learn

        It’s such a shame the job the teacher’s unions have done on you and worse? Some day you’ll be old enough to vote!

      • MM said

        And oh yeah, he’s breaking his back-snicker-ON THE GOLF COURSE! Is he ever at the job behind his desk?

        His 100% lack of ANY executive experience is blatant

        you can only hide it so long

        And Obama is waaay past his expiration date for that

      • D.S.G. said

        O, My goodness…..What can I say? Hey! Did anyone see the movie “Network” or “Being There?” Great movies!

  2. wuiches said

    guys!!! guys!!!!

    this is “tennis planet” not “politics planet”!!!!!

    I thought TP was the freakiest dude here geeeezzz!

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