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Wall Of Fame contest.

Posted by tennisplanet on August 8, 2010

During this hard court season, there’s a certain topmost and foremost priority for Federer – which has the potential of massive massive massive implications on his legacy. It’s so huge that it’s occurence will even outweigh No. 17 at the US Open.

Hint: It involves a certain number. And the number is 2.

First correct answer = Wall Of Fame listing.


20 Responses to “Wall Of Fame contest.”

  1. banti said

    Nothing can tarnish his legacy sir, he’s freaking done enough. He’ll come out and do his best if he’s motivated to do that. He may win the Open and another freaking slam if he decides he really wants too but nothing this 29 year old Icon does at this point matters. He’s done more than enough in most peoples eyes for his legacy to be secure.

  2. Joy said

    He’ll be the second man after Sampras to win the most US open singles titles (6) after 1968.

  3. O said

    Federer just had two consecutive early exits (for his standard) at slams, and he wants to stop that streak and get back to the level that saw him in 23 consecutive semis, hopefully he will win this US open.

  4. Stella said

    he has to get back to the No 2 position by the end of the USO so that for the rest of the season he can catch up Rafa nnd get the No 1 back to overtake Sampras for number of weeks and get the year end No 1.

  5. wuiches said

    Not a damn clue TP

    The only thing to me that would make Roger’s 16 to look not so impressive(sampras made 14 not a huge difference) is Nadal winning “2” carrer grand slams which he would be very close to get if he wins the next “2” slams of this hard court season(taking the OZ as part of the same hard court season of the USO). He would be 1 USO far from that achievement.

    If there’s an opportune time to stop Nadal that would be right now, if Nadals doesn’t get the USO this time he will start to have the same feeling that Roger had about the FO and that would be a huge pressure for the rest of Nadal’s career.

    Then Roger could rest in peace, knowing that the big guys(Potro, Berdych, Cilic, Sod) will always be there to prevent Nadal from getting 2 USO’s and another OZ!(sorry, forgot Murray and Joker)

    But if Nadal wins this USO TPEEEEEEEEE!!!!(and the new knee treatment works)

    My lord!!!! it’s gonna be like that 80’s song “Nothing’s gonna stop us now”(him and Toni)

    With the confidence and relaxation(and locker room propaganda) that he’d get if he wins this US 16 would look like a very small number!!

  6. Vr said

    2nd set of twins teepee?

  7. Hoi Ha said

    He needs 2 more weeks at number one to pass Sampras’ record

  8. Sergeant said

    If Federer wins the US open, he would be the first player to have won at least 6 titles at 2 different grand slams (Wimbledon and US open). He is currently tied with Sampras (W & USO) and Borg (W & FO) having won at least 5 Wimbledon titles and 5 US open titles.

    He would also win at least 2 grand slam titles in one year for the sixth time in his career. He already stands alone having done that five times. Sampras did it four times, Borg, three times. Nadal has done it twice.

  9. Correct answer: Federer cannot afford to lose TWO straight matches to Nadal this hard court season as that will change the numbers to 6-5 from 5-4 solidifying Nadal’s domination of Federer on ALL surfaces.

    For babies still scratching their heads among other places, Federer leads Nadal 5-4 on surfaces not called clay taking away some of the thunder from Nadal’s winning H2H against Federer overall @ 14-7.

    • banti said

      What you should be counting is the chances Fed has given himself to meet Rafa in a hard court tourney this year with how many times Rafa has shown up. With Rafa not having made a final on a hard court this year, this stat is 1-0 about to be 2-0 tonight. And it very well could be 3-0 if Rafa loses to Berd man in Cinci in the quarters next week. Fed on avg is denied a meeting with Rafa on a hard court an avg 4-5 times per year I would guess.

      • Bettyjane said

        Yes Yes Yes Banti. Thanks for this. I was just complaining to my husband about how todays semifinal loss will once again affect this stat.

      • banti said

        BettyJane what will be super sad is Rafa not making that semi next week against Fed!

      • wuiches said

        Ok Ban,

        lets forget the whole H2H between them, and to give you your “chances Fed has given himself to meet Rafa” lets take only the first 9 matches on clay, the record is 8-1, also Nadal won the first 5 matches on clay and Fed won 3 of the first 5 matches on other surfaces than clay, so no matter how much you try to fool yourself there is no way to prove that in the H2H Roger is as dominant on other surfaces as Rafael is on clay, I repeat, the H2H duel.

        However I don’t agree with TP when he says: “which has the potential of massive massive massive implications on his legacy”, even if the H2H ends 10-5 on other surfaces for Nadal, and Nadal makes only lets say 12 or 13 slams (USO included) nobody will give to much importance to the H2H record, Fed would still be the best ever, unless between those 13 Nadal has 2 career grand slams and 1 calendar year slam which seems very difficult(but not impossible).

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