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Last time Nalbandian played Nadal: Miami 2010. Score: 6-7(8), 6-2, 6-2 – Nadal. Does this match provide any indication on future results?

Posted by tennisplanet on August 9, 2010


7 Responses to “Last time Nalbandian played Nadal: Miami 2010. Score: 6-7(8), 6-2, 6-2 – Nadal. Does this match provide any indication on future results?”

  1. Jenny said

    Difficult to know – As I recall, Nalby was due back from his hip convalescence in January, 2010, but he had to withdraw from a couple of tourneys before the AO with injuries but not related to his hip. I don’t think he was 100% fit by the time he got to play in Miami, hence the fading last two sets 6-2 6-2.

    • banti said

      Jenny you mentioned an interview you saw where they asked Rafa who he feels are his main rivals for the hard court season and he mentioned the obv. players like Fed, Djoker, and Andy than he stalled and said Nalby if wants too. Do you remember where you saw that:( Would love to see that.

      • Jenny said

        I didn’t see or hear the actual interview, Banti. The quote was made in casual conversation by our British comms fairly recently. I know Librio? mentioned it on a previous thread before I did and that’s how I remembered it.

      • librio said

        Hi Jenny. The interview from which I copied/pasted Nadal’s opinion on Nalbandian on another thread this past Sunday was the after-match interview with Nadal following his 3rd round win against Nalbandian in Miami on March 28, 2010.

        I do recall the interview with Nadal mentioned by Banti above, though. If my memory serves me right, the British comms’ quote you copied/pasted in that other thread Sunday probably came from Nadal’s pre-tournament interview at the 2010 Miami tournament. Banti’s summary above of what Nadal said in his pre-tournament interview is accurate, IMO.

      • banti said

        Thanks you two.

  2. librio said

    “Does this match provide any indication on future results?”

    Thank you for the highlights video of that match, TP. Some outstanding tennis from both Nadal and Nalbandian at times during that match!

    IMO, neither of them was playing at his best level during that specific match in Miami. Nalbandian was recently back from a long absence (hip surgery) and did not have enough matches under his belt. Nadal was recently back from a knee injury (QF, AO 2010) and a difficult autumn/winter 2009 season, hence his confidence was rather shaky.

    You’ll recall that the 1st 1 1/2 sets of the Nadal vs Nalbandian match in Miami this year gave us some stunning tennis. Then, a turning game in the 2nd set with Nadal serving at 2-2, 15-40: an astounding battle of minds between the 2 players, with some stunning tennis, which Nalbandian lost. Nalbandian’s tennis was not the same after Nadal saved that service game, although he was still finding some out-of-this-world angles on both B/H and volleys.

    Any future Nalbandian vs Nadal, Nalbandian vs Federer, or Federer vs Nadal match would certainly be a must-see on my agenda. Whoever the winner of one of those matches turns out to be since, IMO, any one of these 3 players could win one of those matches on a given day in the future. The three of them are awesome tennis players.

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