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Match point vs the knuckleheads it has produced.

Posted by tennisplanet on August 9, 2010

Shouldn’t there be a clearly defined, ‘set in stone’, beaten to death, rehearsed and practiced strategy for each and every freaking match point?

Here’s the most recent match point:

Isn’t it a no brainer that you should attempt to NOT entertain an unforced error and ‘make’ the opponent come up with the goods and exploit the pressure he is clearly under? Isn’t going for broke knowing you are at the brink like evoking exactly what the opponent wants?

Can you remember at least four famous match points now where the loser turned into a total knucklehead and forfeited the advantage letting his ‘on the needles’ opponent get off the hook?

-US Open: Federer vs Delpo – Was that the time to be lobbing over a near 7 footer instead of going for a much safer shot to make the opponent at least hit another shot? Unforced error.

-AO: Federer vs Nadal – Was that extra pace really necessary transforming a high percentage routine forehand into a low percentage shot and eventually an unforced error?

-Wimbledon: Federer vs Nadal – It was a short ball in windy conditions on an uneven surface with more than enough time to execute a ‘safe’ shot without committing an unforced error.

-Madrid: Federer vs Nadal – It was again a relatively short ball with ample time to set up and execute anything but a shot that didn’t even make contact with the freaking ball.

Bottom line: You can do anything but at least DON’T freaking lose the match on your racket – with an unforced freaking error.


4 Responses to “Match point vs the knuckleheads it has produced.”

  1. overcaffeinated said

    TP, I think it’s time you up the dosage of the meds you are on. If this ain’t tripe, it’s certainly bile you are spouting. I love how you have singled out your closet favourite player in the four samples.

    One notable miss you have (of course you do, as it wasn’t RF losing the match), is the shambolic unforced error that one Rafa Nadal made when losing at the FO to Soderling in 2009. What type of knuckle-headed shot was his last one that sailed out? And further to that, he was at the net on match point… did you get that? AT THE NET!! Sacre bleu!! That’s doubly-knuckleheaded.

    Oh and then…then there is that wonderful forehand that Andy Roddick hit on that most memorable point in the Wimbledon final against RF in 2009. For the elevation he got on the ball to score this most awesome forehand error, I would’ve preferred to have missed it entirely if I were him… you know… to make the embarrassment of handing a 15th major to The King in such a way.

    I think you need a good optometrists to treat your myopia … however, I still love you TP for your wild, baseless, insane rants on the quiet days. I know that secretly, you are desiring seeing the top seeds (most of all Roger), ply his trade at his own cup in Canada 😉

    • wuiches said


      what’s that pill that they in the USA?? prozac or something??

      “up the dosage” hahahahahaha

  2. wuiches said

    come on TP, tennis is all about mental strength!!

    to lose a match with your own racket could happen to any player

    We all know that Roger is a much more talented player than Nadal, if the spaniard has kicked Roger’s ass so many times is because he is mentally stronger than the great Federer, if he gets more than 16 will be because of his head, not his forehand!!

    so don’t be so hard with the tennis players and go and take another pill!!

  3. Dee said

    Nalbandian is so talented, he could come out of no where and win against anybody.

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