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REAL reason Nalbandian won Legg Mason title.

Posted by tennisplanet on August 9, 2010

There can be only ONE explanation to a player who has been off the tour forever, beating seeded players who have been at it without a break. And if you have been wasting your life on this weird site long enough you probably know what I attribute this to.

It’s called the absent freaking syndrome. Canas probably was the most glaring example of it since this one although ripples of varying degrees are nearly guaranteed whenever a clown is coming off a long break. On the women’s side: Clijsters, Justine……..

If by now it’s been more than established that such a BS notion exists, wouldn’t it be smarter to time it to get the most bang for your absence? Just as surely as it exists it also has proven over and over freaking again to fade as time passes lapsing the player back to where he really should have been from the get go. Heard of Clijsters? Canas?

So if that’s true, has Nalbandian screwed up his Slam prospects one more time by peaking prematurely thereby justifying the placard he has been carrying around his neck all his freaking life: Best player to never win a Slam?

But there’s another pretty strong motivation fueling this current passion from Nalabandian. It’s his pride fighting to not give in to someone else from his country with shrinking lips who is making him look bad in his own home. Will that be good enough to bridge the gap when the absence syndrome begins to recede? Maybe. Maybe not. But just to watch him fight to sustain this run harnessing the two horses while beating up on seeded players should be a worthy spectacle.

If nothing else, this has clearly given Federer fans incredible hope that someone with credible history has risen to stop Nadal in his march to destroy Federer. Nalbandian, on his day, is even deadlier than Delpo for Nadal with a far diverse weaponry to boost. But the prospect of Nalbandian fading as he nears the big stage in New York has history’s backing – an adversary far harder to resist even with those two horses in full flight.


14 Responses to “REAL reason Nalbandian won Legg Mason title.”

  1. RafaFan said

    “Best player to never win a Slam?” Yeah it’s a sad story! If this happens he should change his name to “Nalgandian” no? Geeezzzz! He has not many years left with his hip surgery! Maybe he can do it this year at Flashing Meow Meow, no? Nalgy seems ready!

  2. Joy said

    Clijsters on her comeback went on to win her 2nd US Open trophy in 2009 though, didn’t she. And she was a new mom, at that. Hardly a clown, even if she were to fade back into oblivion from here on.

  3. Joy said

    TP, who is Nalbandian’s countryman with the ‘shrinking lips’? Not Delpo, surely? Monaco, Chela? Help, anyone?

    • Jenny said

      It’s Delpo, Joy.

      • Vr said

        Your hero (or is it ex hero) has a title!

      • Jenny said

        LOL Vr, are you talking Delpo or Nalby? lol Once I have a fave [hero] list, right now it’s four, all vets really, 28’s and 29’s, they stay there until they hang up their racquets, and then I have a vacancy! I’m still considering who it might be!

  4. banti said

    I agree if David plays as well as he did last week, with a tad bit more consistency on his serve, I’d pick him over Rafa on a hard court anyday. There is something about Argentines matching up well against Rafa. With Delpo its his height and Rafa’s topspin shots landing right at his sweet spot. And this is in Wikipedia’s description of Nalby’s playing style referencing the following article.

    “He is able to take high balls on the backhand and forehand side and return them with acute angles and low trajectories and uses these skills with great tactical intelligence.”

    • Jenny said

      Thanks for the link, Banti. It should be noted that this excellent article and observation was dated March 2009 and talks among other things about Nalby’s defeat to Rafa at Indian Wells. The author mentioned stamina, it was clearly more than that, the guy had hip surgery six weeks later, he was probably physically hurting like crazy.

  5. Jenny said

    I agree with the majority of your post, TP. However, I disagree with the following.

    “If nothing else, this has clearly given Federer fans incredible hope that someone with credible history has risen to stop Nadal in his march to destroy Federer”

    I’m a Fed fan, but I don’t feel that way. Maybe it does apply to some Fed fans. Infact Nalbandian has been just as dangerous to Federer on a given day even before Rafa came onto the scene.

    I can only wish Nalby well in his quest for that elusive slam and shake off that tag, “best player never too….” forever.

    • M said

      Anyone who has ever watched David play when he’s healthy knows he is a direct threat to a FEDAL final in a Slam, no matter which side of the draw he’s on.

      “I can only wish Nalby well in his quest for that elusive slam and shake off that tag, “best player never too….” forever.”

      Perhaps AO 2011? 😛

  6. Joy said

    Thanks, Jenny! I’ll go check out Delpo’s lips now. Hubby will definitely ROFL if he finds out 😀

    Just want to say also that when I first became a tennis fan (started only in 2005) Nalby’s matches were among those I enjoyed the most, and I’ve always been baffled why he hasn’t gone further. But there’s still hope, yes?

    • Jenny said

      Here you go Joy…

      • Joy said

        Thank you, Jenny! Must’ve been great to see it live–an in-form, on-fire Nalbandian (with amazingly short hair!) Funny how Nalby & Fed’s haircuts seems to have ‘exchanged’– by the time I started watching tennis, Nalby had the ponytail, lol. I hope he gets back into shape & play more.

      • Jenny said

        You’re welcome, Joy. These were the bygone days when being a Fed fan was not easy whenever he met David, he had a H2H of 5-0! He was the only player at the time who was Roger’s nemesis on a hard court. I used to dread whenever they met and actually disliked the poor guy for it, totally irrational of course!

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