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Titles won. From Adrian. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on August 9, 2010


I was surprised to learn yesterday that Nalbandian’s Legg Mason title was only his 11th. When you put it in perspective, Vera Zvonareva — to me, a much younger and more “mercurial” player, as Peter Bodo has called Nalby — has 10 titles! Nalby has long been touted as “the next Grand Slam champion” and has simply not delivered… but 11 titles only?? For that much talent??

Anyway, I did a bit of research and here is a ranking of active men’s tennis players by number of titles, which I found interesting:

1. Roger Federer 62
2. Rafael Nadal 41
3. Andy Roddick 29
4. Lleyton Hewitt 27
5. N. Davydenko 20
5. Carlos Moyá
6. N. Djokovic 17
7. Andy Murray 14
7. J.C. Ferrero 14
9. Tommy Haas 12
10. Ivan Ljubicic 10
11. Ferrer 8
12. Almagro 7


6 Responses to “Titles won. From Adrian. Thanks.”

  1. Adrian said

    TP, this entry was incomplete (I pressed enter unwillingly before I was done)… could you put up the second post I entered? And maybe, if you can, add the corrections Jenny made (N. Almagro 7 titles, D. Ferrer 8)…


  2. Jenny said

    Hi Adrian, Allow me to update as per previous threads on Wanna Post 🙂
    Adrian: “and David Ferrer apparently has only 2!”

    Tommy Robredo – 9 Titles
    David Ferrer – 8 Titles
    Nicolas Almagro 7 Titles.

    As you stated in your other comment, Moya has 20.

    Crazy situation regarding Nalby. Infact Barry Cowan or Peter Fleming thought he should have won around 35 titles including some slams. In some ways he reminds me of Safin, [15] talented and mercurial, although he did win 2 slams,

    • Vr said

      How many total titles did Safin win anyway? And, why is not on the list?

      • Jenny said

        Safin won 15 titles including two slams. I’m sure Adrian didn’t include him because he has retired. Although I would imagine Moya is on the brink of retirement, he is still officially a current player.

  3. jennifur said

    rafas won a lot 4 how young he is … hes got over 10 more than roddick and hewitt and double the no# of davy but is from a generation later than them …

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