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Who is the freaking genius running this Roger’s Cup site?

Posted by tennisplanet on August 9, 2010

There’s no freaking way to get the freaking results. If you go to ‘results’ it gives all kinds of freaking options except the actual freaking results. If the ‘draw’ slot in results mean we should stare at the whole freaking draw to figure it out – it’s not freaking working because of one minor problem: THE GENIUS IS NOT UPDATING THE FREAKING CHART. Geeeeeeeeeezzzzzz!!!!!

If ‘live scores’ is the best you can do for results, maybe the event has been there too long forcing you to sit on your behind too freaking long.

Click here to see it yourself. Geeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!


9 Responses to “Who is the freaking genius running this Roger’s Cup site?”

  1. Jenny said

    I found it easier to go straight to live scores/results/order of play on the ATP site.

  2. Stella said

    Rogers is a communications company — that’s why they are so bad at communicating what is going on !!!

  3. Joy said

    I was pleasantly surprised that some tennis BLOGS like TennisTalk can even show both results AND live scores actually viewable on my smartphone–very handy when I’m out of the house.

  4. Joy said

    Oh, TP–went to the Rogers Cup site again and found that you CAN get the Day’s Results but in the ff. roundabout way:

    Don’t go to the ‘Results’ tab above the red bar.

    At the very top of the page is a grey bar “PRO TENNIS INTERNET NETWORK”; click on Men or Women. Drop-down window has 3 blue buttons upper right; select ‘Live Scores’. Pop-up window has 3 tiny grey buttons on top; select ‘Today’s Results’. Of course you still have to select the date below that.

    [From which I see ‘Rafole’ tandem’s gone bust! LOL]

    Anyway, you’re right–I don’t see why they didn’t just put that in the more visible red bar ‘Results’ tab in the first place.

    • Sol said

      Rafole lost?!? In the first round?
      Anyone watch the match? That’s a little embarassing after all the attention it got from the media. And I think the opponents they lost to aren’t even doubles specialists (correct me if I’m wrong)

      • ScotsLady said

        I didn’t see the match but laughed myself silly this morning when I saw they got beat by a pair of Canadians!! Oh Canada!!! After all the hype … I’m lovin it.

  5. O said

    Worst site ever, totally useless.

    • librio said

      Must admit the RC website is pretty bad. Should have expected it, I guess, from a site with the motto: “Love means nothing”. Still haven’t figured that one out.

      A far cry from the motto: “It must be love” of the US Open Series, IMO. Hugely more transparent and positive.

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