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Will Nadal surpass Federer? From Adrian. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on August 9, 2010


Will Nadal surpass Federer?

People have been asking that question a lot lately. To me, it is possible but unlikely. I think most people would agree that Nadal found his peak earlier than most players, including Federer. The fact that he’s been winning titles like crazy for the last 4-5 years doesn’t mean he will keep his level of play and keep winning titles at the same pace. Given the age differential between Fed and Nadal, Rafa will have to win an average of at least 4-5 titles per year for the next 5 years in order to equal the number of titles Federer had on his 29th birthday.

Federer’s and Nadal’s titles by year:

Year: Fed Nadal
2001: 1 –
2002: 3 –
2003: 7 –
2004: 11 1
2005: 11 11
2006: 12 5
2007: 8 6
2008: 4 8
2009: 4 5
2010: 1 5

Average: 6.2 5.8


2 Responses to “Will Nadal surpass Federer? From Adrian. Thanks.”

  1. ClayBuster said

    I agree with Adrian. Of course, Nadal COULD surpass Federer, we just don’t know and cannot look into the future. However, tennis history shows all too clearly that top players’ pinnacle usually doesn’t last any longer than some 5 years at the max. Taking this into account, Nadal has already surpassed this period of time. As such, I have a hard time seeing his current level of play continuing for at least another three years, which will be about the minimum of time he will need to indeed surpass Federer. But if if does… awesome, of course! (taking nothing away from Federer, btw).

    Also… wouldn’t it be wiser to wait with these kind of questions till Nadal has at least racked up a double-digit no. of GS titles? He’s “only” halfway right now. 😉

  2. Adrian said

    True, ClayBuster! But people talk about Nadal as serious competition because he is a phenomenon. Just like people wondered whether Fed would surpass Sampras when Fed only had like 6 slams!! jaja


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